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World Premiere of “The Call of the Wild” at the El Capitan Theatre, Los Angeles, USA

Harrison Ford at the world premiere of "The Call of the Wild", Los Angeles, USA

 “The Call of the Wild” is a film set to be released in February 2020, with the premiere of the film taking place a week before the official release in cinema theaters internationally. The premiere was attended by hundreds of people which included the key members of the movie production team, journalists and also fans.

 According to press reports and trailers, the plot of this adventure film is about a man and a dog that go to the northern Yukon region of Canada in the hope of becoming rich after huge deposits of gold are discovered in that area.

 Below in this article, we are going to tell you about everything that happened at this movie premiere and give you more information about the entire event.

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     Who Were the Celebrities That Attended This Event?

 This is a major film that is produced by 20th Century Studios which is one of the best-known movie production studios in the world, the biggest stars of the premiere were the star actors who played the main roles in this film.

  • Harrison Ford, one of the best-known actors in the world, known for leading roles in films such as Star Wars and of course Indiana Jones. Ford plays the leading role in The Call of the Wild movie.
  • Karen Gillan, a Scottish actress and film producer that first became prominent when landing a role as Amy Pond in the popular BBC series Doctor Who, since then, she has appeared in multiple popular films such as The Avengers Trilogy and also Jumanji.
  • Cara Gee, a Canadian film and television actress that plays the role of Francoise in The Call of the Wild film, she has appeared in other popular productions such as the Empire of Dirt and The Expanse.

Karen Gillan and Cara Gee at the world premiere of "The Call of the Wild", El Capitan Theatre, Los Angeles

  • Lara McDonnell, a rising film star that is only 17 years old and was a regular at the West End theater productions in London before landing prominent roles in films and television.
  • Terry Notary, an actor, and stunt coordinator that is generally known for playing the roles of animals and non-human creatures in movies that are then altered using advanced computer generation graphics.

Lara McDonnell and Terry Notary - premiere of The Call of the Wild, Los Angeles, USA

  • Alexis Knapp, best known for playing Stacie Conrad in the Pitch Perfect movie series that run from 2012 to 2017, she has also been a voice actor for such Family Guy.
  • Jadah Marie, a young actress who is best known for voice-acting in the Descendants animated television series, aired on the Disney Channel from 2015 to 2017.

Alexis Knapp and Jadah Marie - premiere of The Call of the Wild, Los Angeles, California

  • Colin Woodell, Woodell is an American actor and theater performer who has appeared in numerous television shows such as The Originals, The Purge, and The Flight Attendant as well as movies such as Unfriended: Dark Web and Searching.
  • Ed Begley Jr., a veteran actor that has appeared iconic movies such as Blue Collar, Pineapple Express and the Ghostbusters in 2016. It is estimated that over his long career that started in 1969 that Begley has appeared in over one hundred movies and television shows.

Colin Woodell and Ed Begley Jr. at the world premiere of "The Call of the Wild", Los Angeles, California

     General Information About the Call of the Wild Film.

 Call of the Wild is based on a fictional adventure of the same name published in 1903 by American novelist Jack London. 20th Century Studios which is the studios behind this production originally announced that they have begun production on the film in October 2017 with the main recording process ending in late 2018 and then the movie being heavily provided by ads and various trailers that have been released.

 The story revolves around the growing friendship of a poor man and a dog that he finds that has been kidnapped from California and taken to Canada by other characters to be used to help them in their quest of striking it rich by finding gold.

 It received a lot of praise by film critics who described the film as emotive and also that it had a great story however there was some criticism on the quality of the CGI used in the movie.

     Where Was the World Premiere the Call of the Wild Held?

 The world premiere of The Call of the Wild was held at the El Capitan Theatre which is located in Los Angeles in the heart of Hollywood surrounded by numerous studios and cultural landmarks that represent the different mediums of the American creative industry such as movies, music, and television for example.

 El Capitan is owned by the Walt Disney Company which is the parent organization of 20th Century Studios which is the production company responsible for this movie; it has a capacity of 1,100 people in the cinema hall making it suitable for world premieres of big movies such as The Call of the Wild.

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