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Why Do Men Compliment Women?

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 Compliments are something that the majority of women enjoy receiving. Although it is important to note that according to multiples studies, 45% of women feel uncomfortable when being complicated. However, this can be down to a number of factors, such as being complimented by a person that they dislike or do not know that well.

 Moreover, men are far more likely than women to give out compliments to people. The majority of those compliments that the average men give out are to females.

 In this article, we are going to be taking a look at this very topic, of why do men compliment women.

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     To Make Them Feel Better.

 A big reason why men like to compliment women is to make them feel better. Not every woman that a man compliments, the man in question will necessarily have a romantic interest in. They man be complimenting their family members such as their sisters and mum or alternatively a friend who happens to be female.

 People enjoy compliments, it makes them feel better about themselves, and it can be a way for them to more easily recover from stress or the difficulties that they are encountering at that particular time.

 Furthermore, the positivity that someone radiates translates to those around them, which is again another great influence that makes them happier.

 In such a sensitive situation if the female is currently on a strict diet and is having her doubts. Therefore, it is best to provide compliments that are sincere as they will have a bigger positive effect on your loved ones.

     Showing Romantic Interest.

 One of the most obvious factors that motivate a man to give out compliments is when they happen to be romantically interested in someone. Man will not put themselves out there and have a go at forging a romantic relationship with the female that they happen to be attracted to.

 Often men will play up to the ego and insecurities of the female, which may sound bad. But it helps to make the female take an interest in them.

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 If a man is complimenting a woman that they are attracted to, they will give a certain kind of compliment that they will not give to other females that they happen not to be interested in. These compliments will usually be targeted at the appearance of the female because the guy will likely not know much about the woman in question.

     Presenting Approval.

 Compliments can also be employed to show approval of a certain action such a positive action in your relationship such as the male’s female partner starting to get more involved in the chores of the house such as the shopping and washing of the dishes.

 This is used to show to the other person in the relationship that you are happy and grateful for the efforts that they are making to improve the overall quality of your relationship.

 Moreover, the compliment can be used in order to further motivate someone to keep going, for example, if the female is currently on a strict diet and is having her doubts.

 Compliments noting the positive results will help to further motivate the female to not give up and also see that her hard work is actually paying off.

     Giving Attention.

 Another reason we need to highlight in this article of why do men compliment women is that it is a way to give attention to another person. The majority of people enjoy receiving attention; it makes us feel valued and appreciated. It can also be very fun to be valued, as it is exciting and intriguing for females to receive attention.

 Despite this, you need to be cautious with this, as a female, you can be swept away pretty easily, but be interested only in the attention that you receive rather than the person who is showing you this interest.

 Moreover, if you are a guy, then you should be cautious that a female is not using you only for her cravings for attention. Everything should be done in good moderation and should not be the main aspect of the relationship itself.

     Proving That It’s More Than Just Looks.

 Furthermore, compliments can be a great way of showing that you are not just the stereotypical guy who is solely interested in the looks of a female. For example, you can complement the personality of the female, her laugh, and her intelligence.

 Women prefer serious guys for their serious relationships. Although every woman goes through a phase where she values only the appearance of her other half, this phase quickly ends.

Two women with admiration read compliments from men in a mobile phone

 Instead, women are in the hunt for a guy who has a great personality, which can include a great sense of humor and being hardworking which is key for their career and making their family life a success.

 Focusing solely on the looks of a female can be a major turn off for many females as it may show that you are only interested in the short term and are likely to not stick around.

     To Build a Rapport Faster.

 Using compliments is also a great way to build a rapport with someone, with rapport meaning a close relationship. This close relationship can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as for your career and also simply for your social life. The rapport does not simply have to be for romantic connections.

 Building a close relationship quickly will mean that the other person will be more likely to trust you more, as well as make it much easier for you guys to become friends with each other.

 The compliments that are suitable for building rapport can simply include things such as complimenting the outfit of the person or their hairstyle. It is important to not use any inappropriate compliments, such as compliments about certain parts of the body, for example.

     Painting Themselves in a Positive Light.

 A further reason for the question of why do men compliment women is that they are trying to paint themselves in a positive light. A person who is respectful to others and appreciative of their positive aspects will be more accepted by others.

 When you treat someone well, they will likely share this with the other people who are close to them which may be work colleagues, family members, and friends.

 Therefore, it can be a good idea to hand out compliments to the people that you care about; it is a great way to get to introduce yourself to someone as well as the people that they themselves value. Handing out compliments is not a foolproof activity. However, the worse that can happen is that you get rejected.

 Additionally, as a female that is receiving compliments, you should be mindful of the efforts that the guy is making and the pressure they are overcoming in order to compliment you.

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