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Male Indifference in Marriage

Image of a man who listens attentively to his partner

 You may have had the perfect marriage at the start, with great communication and also romance. However, after years of this, you may have begun to feel that this special man in your life is acting disconnected. This can be an understandably worrying development that can make you start to wonder whether your marriage is at an end.

 It is important to first educate about this topic before you start taking action as often the reasoning behind this can be a lot more complicated, and it does not necessarily mean that your husband no longer loves you.

 In this article about male indifference in marriage, we will be discussing this occurs and near the end the common signs that you should keep in mind.

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     Playing Hard to Get.

 One of the major reasons why this may occur is that your partner may be trying to get you more cautious about the fact that they can decide to leave at any time. Furthermore, it can also be a form of attention-seeking if they are not receiving enough in their opinion or are a person who happens to crave a lot of attention for a variety of reasons.

 Every person requires at least some amount of attention and admiration, after all, we are social creatures. However, in such a case, you should use your common sense to figure out whether your partner is attention-seeking or whether you have actually been negligible in terms of the amount of attention that you have been showing them.

 Unjustified attention-seeking is not a behavior that should be tolerated as it is often a sign that other issues will arise.

     Lack of Experience.

 Not everything is done on purpose or to heart you, there is also the possibility that the man that you have fallen in love with may not be the most experienced with relationships. They may not be trying to be indifferent, instead it could simply be the way that they are behaving which happens to be giving off such vibes.

Image of a man and a woman with piercing gazes

 If this happens to be the case, then you should not react with anger as this will just make a situation that is not even a problem into a volatile one.

 Patience is required in such a situation, what is most important is that your partner happens to be actually trying to make things work, you should not punish him for making mistakes as that is a natural progression in improvement.

     More Communication Needed.

 Before you start investigating what your husband is up to, it is a good idea to simply ask to speak with them about any of your worries that you may have. This is a very honest way for both of you to share how you are feeling, and then come up with a number of solutions to the issues that you may be encountering.

 In fact, communicating with your partner should not be something that you do as spouses only when there are serious issues in your marriage.

 Instead, you should try and schedule a quiet time maybe once a week or month during which you can both sit down and discuss whatever is on your mind whether good or bad. By doing so, you will defuse any issues that may be occurring before they bubble over.

     Trying to Make a Statement.

 Male indifference in marriage may also be something that occurs when males are trying to make some sort of statement to the person that they love. Acting in a very different way than your spouse is accustomed to being one of those things that a man in a relationship can do to quickly make the statement that they want.

 Connected to the point above, if you have a feeling that your man is trying to make some kind of statement then you should first try to talk to him. Then based on how they respond you should decide how you act, if he reacts in an immature way, then it may be well to tell him that you do not appreciate it.

 Subsequently, if this behavior does not change, you should think about how you can distance yourself from such toxicity for the good of your mental health.

     Feeling Hurt.

 It is also key to highlight that it is not always entirely the husband’s fault. In many cases, this behavior could be caused by the actions of their spouse. Usually, these actions are extremely hurtful such as dishonesty, talking behind your partner’s back, and even promiscuity.

 Your loved one may start to feel lost about their place in this relationship, so it may not even be a purposeful act. But instead, a natural reaction based on the way that they are feeling.

Image of an indifferent man sitting with his back to his wife

 Based on this, you should take a good look at yourself and the way that you have been acting. If it is obvious to you what you have done, then rather than trying to wait for your lover to ‘Get over it’, you should simply apologize and truly learn from the mistakes that you have done.

 However, if you do not know exactly what you have done, then you should speak with your husband to see what is going on and why they may be hurt. It is also important to note, that they may be hurt by events that have nothing to do with you, such as money problems due to joblessness or being mistreated by other family members.

     Interested in Someone Else.

 If the way your guy is acting has quickly changed, then a painful reason to consider behind this is that they have fallen for another person. Even when you are married, you will both continue to meet hundreds of other people in your life through work and also social activities, for example. It can be very easy for a person to start considering promiscuity if they are in a rough patch in their current relationship.

 This is very painful to consider! But it is a possibility, there is little you can do about this if there is no evidence and if your partner is not willing, to be honest with you. Rather than driving yourself crazy about whether this is going on or not, as there is a possibility that it may not actually be going on.

 You should instead attempt as hard as you can to have an honest conversation with your loved one to try and find out what is going on. It is also important to accept that in many cases, love fades away after many great years of marriage.

     Common Signs to Look Out For.

 Some common signs of male indifference in marriage that you should look out for are spending less time together. This is a major sign if you happen to be in a relationship where you are accustomed to spending a lot of time together, but all of a sudden, this stops.

 This could be a sign of a loss of interest in the marriage or that your partner happens to be so upset about something that they cannot bring themselves to spend time with you.

 Additionally, a lack of energy and excitement is also a big sign, it again shows that they are no longer interested in your relationship as much as they used to or that they are not happy being together with you. Furthermore, if no more effort is put into bringing you happiness or showing that they love you, then this also shows indifference and should prompt you into taking action to find out what is going on.

 Not everything lasts together, many people end up staying in unhappy relationships just because they once had good times together, but when you start to get that feeling that things are over it is best to end things on good terms and move on with your lives.

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