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How to Manage and Manipulate a Husband?

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 “In the family library of our childhood there were many interesting old-fashioned books, and one of them was” – “What a Young Wife Ought to Know”.

 Emma Frances Angell Drake was born in New York in 1849 and became a Medical Doctor, Social Reformer, and Author, writing this book in 1902.

 An extremely engaging book that provides valuable information about married life and how to manage and manipulate your husband.

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 Manipulation is defined as behavior designed to exploit and influence others, to your own advantage. Once our purpose as women is made clear, achieving our own way appears to be the ultimate goal. Mrs. Emma Frances Angell Drake goes on to say that “From the wedding day, the young matron should shape her life to the probable and desired event of maternity and conception”.

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 Fortunately, times have changed, and not everyone is looking forward to conception, as safety and having a roof over your head is very important in the modern world.

 Managing and manipulating a husband can be achieved by exercising a positive influence over him by allowing him to think that your ideas are his ideas without him being fully aware of what you are doing. This allows for increased control over your daily life.

     How to Manage and Manipulate a Husband?

 For example, in order to keep you in the manner to which you have become accustomed, it is important that your husband earns a good wage.

 If he is not a particularly ambitious person, it will take some effort from you to get him where you want him to get a big salary or create a big business. Who could forget Samantha in the TV show bewitched using Witchcraft to manipulate her husband Darren, (Dick York), often aided by her mother, Endora (Agnes Moorehead) who, always appeared and interfered and left.

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 Of course, the real message here is if you have the power, use it, and we could all benefit from some re-runs of bewitched. There were 8 seasons in all, and many of us learned a lot from watching the show.

     Watch Vanity Fair.

 A TV remake of William Makepeace Thackeray’s Restoration comedy about the ambitious Becky Sharp during the Napoleonic Wars in trying to advance the status of her husband to gain her own ends.

 Needless to say, it did not end well, everyone around Becky became collateral damage as she vainly tried to manipulate her way to a position of strength.

     Read the Self-Help Books.

 Relationships are at the basis of a successful life, and if you are going to manipulate your husband, you need to have his best interests at heart.

 Trust and acceptance are important in every area of life, and building positive relationships both at home and at work is essential. Understand your partner’s strengths and weaknesses through communication and active listening.

 Practice conflict resolution skills were required. Show empathy when needed, and both of you need to develop good social skills and be able to talk to people from all walks of life about most subjects. This way you are sure to be noticed at social functions, and the boss will soon have your husband in mind for promotion.

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 Emotional Intelligence will enable you to be more self-aware and have the ability to regulate your own emotions while keeping your long-term goals in mind. Once your husband has the promotion, thanks to your ongoing management and manipulation, you will be able to move to a better area and live in a lovely house, depending on your needs and priorities.

     Hard Work Reaps Rewards.

 Whatever we decide to do in life, we have to do it properly, and as you can see, “How to manage and manipulate a husband?” is no exception.

 There is another English Comedy that comes to mind called Keeping Up Appearances, a British Sitcom where Hyacinth Bucket aspires to climb up the social ladder, nearly driving her poor husband Richard insane by continually manipulating him to her own ends. The 1990s comedy is still relevant today, and when it ends, poor Hyacinth never quite manages to achieve her aim!


 The point is that there will always be manipulative people in the world, and with a bit of practice, they may just succeed. Good luck to you women in your tricky manipulations!

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