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Signs of Female Selfishness

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 It is not unusual for most women to come across as being pleasant and nice at first. But underneath all that charm, there can eventually arise some women who are actually quite concerned only about themselves. They can have ulterior motives and are thus really selfish beings.

 Thus, for your insight, we will provide some details regarding signs of female selfishness. Then you will be able to hopefully avoid being entangled in the plots of such persons.

     Women Visit without Telling You they are Coming.

 There are those people who think that they should be welcomed with open arms at your place without even telling you they plan to visit. They do not consider your busy schedule and that you may need some quiet time to relax after a hard week at work.

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 These folks may not want to understand that someone may need time to catch up on some projects that are required for an important business meeting. They may not want to admit that you are a busy father taking care of children. Such females just want to bombard you with frequent visits without considering what is going on in your own life.

     The Person Acts Like it is a Bother when You Want to Visit.

 While you realize that other women are busy, it is normal for you to want to visit with them sometimes. You are a social creature, and you want to have some friends.

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 But it is really bad when you do everything to work around someone’s schedule and the person still puts you off. The individual is totally selfish when she does not try to arrange for you to come over to visit at any time.

     Ladies are Always Short on Money.

 Do you know those who just seem to always be short on money? These people work with you, or they have decent jobs. But they always seem to indicate that they left their wallet at home or are short on cash.

 These women promise to pay you back if you can pay for whatever they want, such as the restaurant tab or some items from a shop. But then you never see any repayment from them, even when you politely remind them.

     They Take Credit for the Work You Do.

 At first glance, it may seem that the woman is working as part of your team. The boss may think that she is contributing to the project. But you know the truth that: you are doing all the work. She only complains about your contributions.

 However, when it is time to turn the work in to the boss, this bold female lies by telling the boss that the work that you did was actually her work. Thus, she tries to steal all the credit for your own contributions. This is truly one of the problematic signs of female selfishness.

     Women Constantly Praise Themselves.

 Do you experience having to put up with those ladies who seem to have big heads? Their conversations are jam-packed with telling others how great they are. Such women seek compliments from other people all the time.

 But they do not ever want to acknowledge nice things about other coworkers, and they never want to give compliments. You are certainly dealing with someone who is selfish if the person never wants to say you look great or did a good job, and so on.

     Individuals Put You Down when You Need to Depart.

 You do not have to guess if someone is selfish when the girl condemns you for leaving. Someone may invest a lot of time with the person, but it is never enough. The woman just wants to continue to ramble on only about herself, her ideas, her problems, her aspirations, and her accomplishments.

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 She does not want to let you talk about anything in your life, and she gets angry when you finally need to move on to your other responsibilities.

     People Demand Gifts, but they Do not Give You Any.

 There are those women who love to sound the trumpet for all to hear regarding the date of their birthday, anniversary, graduation, or other special events. They let you know directly that they want you to remember them with a lovely gift.

 Such folks may even be bold and direct regarding exactly what they expect others to buy them, and even how much people should spend on the gifts. However, though they may know the date of your birthday, anniversary or other special events, these ladies do not provide any presents for you.


 It cannot be denied that there are, unfortunately, some women who are selfish. They want to control those around them. Such females live to use people for their own gain.

 They want to promote themselves by praising themselves and talking about themselves incessantly, without any regard for others. But now that you know the signs of when ladies are demonstrating selfish traits, you can be better prepared to avoid them and live your life in peace.

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