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Common Female Mistakes in Relationships

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 Most females are not lucky enough to be able to find their Prince charming on their first try. Usually, they have to ‘Kiss a Few Frogs’ as the saying goes. There is a tendency for people to blame the other person when a romantic relationship does not happen to work out. However, almost in all cases, both parties have made mistakes.

 In this article, we are going to go through some of the most common female mistakes in relationships that you can hopefully avoid.

     Trying to Change Him.

 You should not try to change the people that you love. Every person has their flaws which you can address, but trying to completely alter someone is not a good thing. An example of this can be dissuading your boyfriend from wanting to have children. A further example can be trying to stop him from seeing his friends just because you personally don’t like them.

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 Everyone has their limits, at the start; they may be willing to let a few things slide. Eventually, however, once the honeymoon period is over. Your partner is going to stop allowing you to mistreat them like this. At all times, you must consider that your romantic partner is also a person.

 There are certain traits to their personality and things they like which you can’t change. You have a choice, accept your partner for what they are or end things amicably. This is not to say that you should settle for less, you can refine a person, but you will never completely change them.

     Constant Comparisons to Exes.

 Having your heart broken can have a negative long-term impact on how you are as a person. You may find yourself subconsciously perceiving certain actions of your current partners as something bad due to past trauma. This can be small things such as your current boyfriend having to do overtime at work. He may be doing nothing wrong, but because of historic experiences, you are losing your mind.

 If you are not over your ex-boyfriend, then it may be better that you spend some more time healing. Some people get in a relationship too early in order to give off the impression to others that they have actually moved on. When in reality they haven’t.

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 Apart from that, you should be open with the person that you love. There is no adequate reason for you to hide away and not talk about your past with them. Once your other half understands what you are going through mentally, then he will be able to reassure you. Thus, further strengthening your relationship.

     Focusing on Looks.

 You should ask yourself, are you looking for a one-night stand or for a relationship that will stand the test of time? When choosing your partner, of course, you must be physically attracted to them to a certain extent. At the same time, you need to look for someone you will be compatible with and that truly makes you happy.

 A couple’s love life takes up less than 1% of the time that they will be spending with each other. Not being compatible will just mean that things will quickly fizzle out.

 Women that are serious about finding their true love should think long and hard past the topic of looks. If there is a guy who makes you laugh and has all of the right morals, but may not necessarily be the right height. Then you should still give him a chance.

     Being Unrealistic.

 One of the most common female mistakes in relationships is not being realistic. Women gossip often about Princes on white horses and how to meet him. No matter how perfect your significant other is, they will never be a Disney Prince. That special man in your life is human too and will make a lot of mistakes throughout your relationship.

 As will, you. So, you must not jump to conclusions too quickly. As well as not start thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side. When you do not actually know someone, it will always seem that they are perfect.

 The females with the most unrealistic expectations will usually be the youngest or the ones that have the least relationship experience. Therefore, do not worry if you are a romantic relationship newbie, but still keep your head on your shoulders.

     Always Complaining to Your Girls.

 Be careful how you paint your significant other to your friends and family members. A large proportion of females love gossiping, and there is nothing inherently wrong with that. At the same time, you must paint the full picture. It is too easy for you to be angry with your partner and go on a full-on tirade about how they are such a terrible person.

 In the majority of the cases, this will actually come back to bite you. Since, not being fully transparent and always mentioning just the negatives will give a biased impression to your girlfriends.

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 Ultimately, this will result in them not being supportive of your relationship even if things happen to be going great. This is why, before you ring up your friends to complain. We recommend that you go for a walk by yourself in order to cool down and have proper control over your actions.

     Expecting Him to Do Everything.

 A major contrast exists between your loved one being a gentleman and being your servant. Equality means that both you and your male partner are pulling their weight. Your relationship should not just be about making love and posting pictures together online.

 An effective way to show someone that you value them is by supporting them. This support can be in a number of forms, such as helping with the shopping and also paying a fair share of your household expenses. A relationship is a big investment in terms of time and also money.

Certain women have been brought up in a family where everything is taken care of them, and they are likely used to this lifestyle. Although understandable, you must fulfill your responsibilities and put in the hard work required to make things work.

     Scared of Being Alone.

 Often, many women will settle for less than they deserve. It is a prominent and one of the common female mistakes in relationships. A key reason why females will stay in a bad romantic relationship is the fear of being alone.

 There are a number of layers to this fear. First, it may be societal and social stigmas. Such as people in the local community talking about your breakup, thus putting you in a bad light. This can be further exacerbated by the family and friends of your ex-partner.

 On the other hand, there can be more serious consequences of leaving your partner. Financial difficulties are a frequent worry for women that have just left a long-term relationship. As well as fears that they may be in physical danger from their former loved one.

 You should not waste your time with someone who does not see your value. If you are worried about being hurt or your immediate financial situation. Then do not worry because there are a number of reliable non-profit organizations out there ready to help you. There is nothing wrong with staying single until you find the right person for you.

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