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Psychology of Female Gestures and Facial Expressions

A woman shows a gesture of victory by hand

 Women are very complicated, there are not like most men who simply want a partner that they find attractive. Having knowledge of what certain gestures and facial expressions by women mean, you will be able to better understand what they are thinking and what they want.

 You are welcome to read more about the psychology of female features and facial expressions below.

     Look at the Eyes.

 The eyes are one of the biggest giveaways of how someone is feeling and thinking. There are a lot of factors that you should take into account when taking notice of someone’s eyes in order to figure out their feelings at that particular moment. One of those major factors is blinking; research shows that people tend to blink a lot more when they are nervous or are feeling distressed.

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 But it is important to keep in mind that some people may suffer from a condition that may cause them to blink more often than average. Therefore, it is important to figure out the normal blinking rate of a girl and then compare it with other moments to figure out if she is feeling unhappy for whatever reason.

 Other factors to take into account when considering facial expressions involving the eyes is whether the person is looking into your eyes. When a female is looking into your eyes, this shows that they are interested in what you have to say.

 Furthermore, the size of the pupil which is the black circle in the center of your eye is a good indication if someone is attracted to you, generally the larger the pupil the more a female likes you.

     Mouth and Lips.

 The mouth and lips are also a big giveaway; if a female is biting their lips it generally means that they are nervous or not happy about something. Although it can also mean that they are trying to potentially seduce you or signal something, although that is rarely the case and if it is will be obvious due to other additional gestures and dialogue.

Woman with kitchen utensils shows various hand gestures

 Furthermore, if the lips are tightly together this can be a sign of disapproval and not being happy with what is being said or is going on. A sign of disapproval can also be placing the tongue over the bottom teeth and firmly on the floor of the mouth.

 While in regards to happiness you have the obvious pointer of smiling which can also be sarcastic, so you should take note of that when making your assumptions.


 Touchy-feely is a phrase used to describe when someone is being physical, touching a person more than usual, or trying to initiate a form of physical contact with another person.

 A girl will never be touchy-feely with a person that they do not happen to like when a girl is touchy-feely they are trying to show the guy or girl that they are romantically interested in that they like them and to try and initiate a reciprocal behavior from the other party.

 A girl can do this in a variety of ways such as shoulder bumping you, leaning on you, pretending to fall over you, and touching you. The number of times that she does this while you are both together will vary from girl to girl. Therefore, it is important to compare how she behaves around different people to see if there is a major difference.

     Arm Positioning.

 Another major pointer to look out for when taking into account the psychology of female gestures and facial expressions is the arm positioning of the female. If she is not feeling comfortable around a person to simply does not know them that well, she will most likely have her arms crossed.

 But women may not always have their arms crossed; instead, they may take some other position where their arms will be together in front of their body. This is a common gesture that men also do. It makes people feel more comfortable as they feel more shielded against the things that make them uncomfortable for whatever reason.

The cute girl smiles and spreads her hands

 On beforehand the other hand, if a female is happy in the setting that she is in, she will likely have her arms to her side in some position where they are too her side instead of crossed in front of her body. This will show that she does not feel the need to cradle herself to feel secure.

 It is also very important to keep in mind that the personality of the female is also very important in this regard, a girl who is an extrovert is more likely to take up an ‘open’ arms position stance even when she is in an awkward situation.


 The eyebrows should also be noted, they are located on a part of the face that is known as the brow ridges. It is a bone structure located on the face that is known for being very expressive.

 When someone raises their eyebrows it is a sign that they are surprised about something, it can also, however, show that someone is happy or being welcoming, especially when the eyebrow raise is accompanied by a smile.

 By taking notice of the way the eyebrows of a person move you are able to catch them out if they are not being genuine, for example, if you meet someone they may be smiling and acting pleased to see you, but this may all be faked.

 If the eyebrows are lowered, however, this means that the girl in question may be angry, but it can also show submissiveness.


 Women are very smart and good at hiding their true feelings and emotions, but every single person no matter how smart there are they will make what is known as microexpressions. These are very small facial expressions and gestures that happen subconsciously without the individual in question having any control over those actions.

Image of a woman wagging her finger at a man

 In order to catch out microexpressions you need to look very closely, and they can often only be noticed when you are standing close by to those individuals. Furthermore, it is very important to know beforehand what to look for and to know what these microexpressions may reveal about the psychology of that particular female.

 You should watch closely the main parts of the face such as the mouth, lips, eyes, and eyebrows as well as the gestures such as the body language and positioning of the arms.

     Showing Happiness.

 Understanding the psychology of female gestures and female expressions is not something easy to do. Often you will not be able to hold a quality conversation with a girl while also concentrating really hard to try and see if she is making any microexpressions that last on average for just 0.5 seconds, making them very easy to miss.

 Therefore, it is often good to simply rely on your gut feeling, because even if you become an expert at reading the facial expressions and gestures of a female. And then understanding what they mean, you will always know much more about that person’s psychology, but by spending more time and getting to know them much better.

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