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Features of Female Logic

A woman expresses her logical point of view to a man

 Women are complicated, if you have a female family member, friend or your partner is a woman then you may often find yourself struggling to understand why they are acting the way they are. Additionally, it may be hard for you to predict how they will react since you do not know.

 Do not worry because in this features of female logic we will be exploring exactly that and helping you better understand the many important women who happen to be in your life.

     The Way They Have Been Brought Up.

 One of the biggest impacts on the logic of a female will be the way that they have been brought up; aspects of this will include the type and quality of the parenting that they have received.

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 For example, if the female has got everything she wanted during her childhood this will likely lead her to develop a personality and logic where she thinks that she can get away with almost everything.

 Additionally, if the female has been brought up by a single parent then she would have lacked a male or female role model which is key. This will help to understand how a man should behave towards her and in general.

 This field of psychology is known as ‘a Father Complex’, which is how the absence of a father or an abusive father can severely influence how a woman thinks of men and acts towards them in her adulthood.

     Women Are More Loyal.

 Women tend to be a lot more loyal than men when it comes to romantic relationships. Furthermore, according to a study conducted by author Wednesday Martin, when women cheat they do it for love rather than for intimacy as men do.

Image of the astonished girl

 This is because on average women have a much lower personal drive than men do. So, they will not really feel the same amount of individual urge to cheat on their partners.

 Apart from that, women care much more about the personality of their romantic partner than men do, according to multiple well-known studies men cite that looks is the most important factor when choosing a partner.

 However, it is also important to keep in mind that this is an average and that it does not necessarily mean that all women are like this or that most of them do not value looks or intimacy as the most important characteristic in a partner.

     Less Ruthless.

 Another major factor that affects a woman’s logic is that women happen to be a lot less ruthless. The reason for this is that men are less likely to take things personally, meaning that they are less likely to hold grudges or loyalties towards other people. Instead, men are much more focused on getting results and monetary gain.

 On the other hand, women are more likely to be vindictive towards others that they perceive have wronged them or see as competition.

 This can lead women to be inefficient with her own or an organization’s resources while she is pursuing her revenge towards the other person even if she is not actually going to gain anything from pursuing such an action. Again, this is according to research and studies, and it does not mean that all women are like that.

     More Likely to Want Kids.

 A further major part of the features of female logic is that women are far more likely to want kids. There are a couple of reasons for this, such as the constant bombardment by a society that it is a natural phase a woman’s life to have children one day.

 Most females will have likely role played being pregnant and looking after toy babies when they were young girls. Due to this, it will be the dream of the majority of women to one day get married to their own prince charming and have children with them.

Image of a female face with scarlet lips

 This will affect how the average female lays out their lives, from the life choices that they make and what they look for in their romantic partners. Moreover, women want something that they can dedicate themselves to, something that they can love and cherish as their children grown up into productive members of society.

     Heavily Influenced by Other Females.

 The way that a woman thinks will usually be heavily influenced by the other women around them in their life, such as her female friendship group and female relatives such as sisters, cousins, her mother and aunties, for example.

 This is why when you lose the support of her friends or family members it is very hard for you as a boyfriend or husband to be able to fix the relationship.

 Women care a lot about what the close females to them think about them, so in order to save face, they will often stick the decisions that they have made or agreed with their friendship group.

 Furthermore, they will value the opinions of other women as they will be able to relate to them much better since they are the same gender and have likely had similar experiences throughout their lives.

     Prefer to Get Approached.

 If you are interested in a girl, then you need to understand that majority of girls prefer to be approached by the guy rather than do that themselves. One reason behind this is tradition, in multiple famous cultural pieces such as movies and music it is the guy who is chasing the girls, so girls will feel that it is the guy’s role to do this.

Surprised woman sitting on sofa and eating popcorn

 Moreover, girls may feel intimidated to approach a guy, so even if they want to they may be scared to do it because of this. So if you are a guy and have developed a romantic interest in a girl, they should simply give it a go and not be scared of rejection. Because although there is a much higher chance of the relationships failing, you still never know what will happen.

     Women Do Not Have a Different Type of Brain.

 As we have outlined in our features of female logic article, there are many differences between the way men and females think and the decisions that they tend to make.

 However, there are actually no notable differences between the brains of females and males, although on average the female brain tends to be between 8% and 13% smaller than those of men. But this is not a sign of intelligence, a good example is how elephants and whales have much larger brains than humans, but this does not mean that they are smarter than us.

 A lot of the reasons why women have a different logic is the way that they have been brought up and shaped by their families and society, additionally, women have other body parts that men do not have which produce hormones that may influence how women feel and react.

 Overall, it is important to remember that every woman is different and that they will have their own distinct views and ways of thinking about the world.

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