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Why Do Women Love Expensive Gifts?

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 A recent study’s shows that women are able to experience pure gratitude more easily than men. So, why do women love expensive gifts?

 The management team of a large workplace with a staff of around 100, nearly all women, always gave each of us an expensive annual gift at Christmas. When the company changed hands, we eagerly awaited the first Christmas gift.

 Imagine our horror when we opened our gift and found we had all been given a cheap glass jar containing about 10 messages, each one expressing some form of gratitude! Needless to say, there was no pure gratitude expressed on receiving what management quaintly called a gratitude jar.

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     Why Do Women Love Expensive Gifts?

 The preferred gifts that women enjoy receiving are jewelry, chocolate, clothing, and flowers. One of the reasons that we like to receive gifts is because it makes us happy. The other things that we need to experience happiness are:

  • Strong supportive relationships.
  • Ability to experience the moment, rather than living in the past or future.
  • Gratitude for what we already have.

Cute girl with a big gift in her hands

 Most Mothers express thanks and gratitude when their child makes a lovely card or gift for Mother’s Day.

 However, if our husband or partner just gives us a card, we would wonder where the special gift was as we have an expectation that special occasions will be remembered and celebrated.

     Women Like to Receive Gifts.

 We think that some of the gender differences are a result of the past when women mostly stayed at home, cared for the family, and were financially dependent on their partner or husband. This made them very happy to receive an expensive gift, as they never would have been able to afford to buy it themselves.

 However, times have changed and many of us now have more money than our partners and are entering an era where we can buy whatever we want for ourselves.

     How Women Respond to Gifts?

 Women do not appear to feel much anxiety or pressure when they are purchasing gifts for their partners, and mostly we manage to choose the right thing. If a man wants a new car, he doesn’t wait for a special occasion, he just goes out and buys it.

Image of a man who gives a gold ring to a girl

 As a woman, I would ask my husband for advice on the car I want to purchase, and I wouldn’t feel confident to go out and buy it without his input.

     History of Gifts.

 Native Americans in the Northwestern region of North America would hold celebrations called ‘Potlatches’ to exchange gifts, and this was considered a sign of the giver’s status in their community. Some of this attitude is present in today’s culture.

Pretty girl sits with gifts near the New Year tree

 Where certain groups of people try to outdo one another with their lavish gifts, often in an unnecessary display of wealth. Most of us can live perfectly happy lives without resorting to this.


 Another theory is that gifts are a lovely symbolic gesture, and to receive them is a sign that we are continually marking occasions important to us, and our families throughout the year. When we think about it, we can receive a gift like jewelry at any time and be happy.

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