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Why Do Children Become Withdrawn?

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 There are so many things to consider when dealing with youngsters of many different ages. Thus, it is normal for parents to wonder the following question. Why do children become withdrawn? We will provide some insightful reasons why this happens and what to do in different situations.

     Small Kids are Tired.

 It is not hard to notice that when youngsters become tired, they can become cranky, fussy, and even withdrawn. This is because all their energy is drained, and they feel miserable. This can be a very overwhelming sensation for them to deal with, and they just find it hard to interact with anyone in a normal way at this point.

 It is a good idea to have a regular nap time for these small ones and to ensure that they also get to bed at a good time. This will help to prevent episodes of over-exhaustion and them being withdrawn.

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     Babies are Sick.

 When infants are not feeling well, they show the telltale signs, often by being lethargic and withdrawn. They do not respond in a happy way when you pick them up. You tend to notice that they cry more and that they do not smile. They seem not to connect with you when you interact with them.

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 You should check to see if the wee one has a fever and give the appropriate medication that is made specifically for that age range. If you are not sure what is wrong with your baby and what to do, take your precious child to the doctor immediately to get the help that is urgently needed.

     Kids Feel a Lot of Stress at School.

 Your children, regardless of their age, can in all reality experience a lot of stress as they are attending school, unfortunately. Maybe they are great students and really study hard. But there can be many situations at school these days that add to intense pressure and stress. As a result, such instances can naturally cause them to demonstrate episodes of being withdrawn. There can be peer pressure, school problems or bullies.

 Teachers and parents should immediately talk to the students, as this can help adults to know how to help them. The children will feel that they have someone to confide in and that they are not alone.

     Toddlers are Not Used to Certain People.

 It is quite frequent that toddlers may act withdrawn when they do not know someone who comes to your home. If you have a new housekeeper or a new visitor, then the young family member may not want to interact with the person, may become shy and may demonstrate the characteristic of being withdrawn.

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 To help him or her overcome such issues, it is a good idea to explain to the child beforehand that someone new will be coming to the home. This helps the toddler to be more at ease and not be taken by surprise. This can make it easier for the child to be ready to get acquainted with new people who come to your home.

     Youngsters are Experiencing Daycare, Kindergarten, or School for the First Time.

 When small kids are sent to daycare for the first time, they can become withdrawn from the workers and other children at the daycare immediately. This is because they are having anxiety separation issues, as they are not used to being away from mom or dad for long periods of time.

 They are not familiar with their new surroundings. Also, young ones can experience being withdrawn and having the same issues when they attend kindergarten or school for the first time. To help prevent children from having such a hard time, talk to them often several days ahead of time before going to the new place.

 This helps to build their confidence. Also, providing a new toy, a new book or a special treat is a great source of comfort and helps the boy or girl to adjust more readily.

     Teens May Feel Like They are Being Held Back.

 Parents often have restrictions in place to protect their children. But these family members grow up and become more mature. Thus, the same restrictions that are set in place for smaller kids do not make sense for older ones. But some adults forget to change the restrictions as the kids become older.

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 This is frustrating to teens and prevents them from living normal and fulfilled lives. Consequently, they can become angry with their parents, can demonstrate being withdrawn and can have a breakdown in communication. However, to prevent this from happening, moms and dads should re-evaluate the rules and restrictions they have in place and make life more accommodating for older kids.

 Of course, there still must be rules, such as a decent curfew, the need to do chores, etc. But letting your teenagers have rules that make sense for their age instead of unnecessarily restricting them will help them to flourish and will help to restore communication and interactions with parents.


 It is good to consider the issue regarding why do children become withdrawn. We have mentioned several things that can cause this to occur so that adults will be able to be more aware. Furthermore, they can be proactive in helping to remedy the situation when they implement the tips that we have shared in order to have happier and more successful kids.

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