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How Can I Help My Child Choose a Career? Overview of Modern Profession.

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 In this article, we will be looking at “How can I help my child choose a career, an overview of modern professions”. First, we need to be sure exactly what a profession is.


 Can we describe a job working at McDonald’s to be a profession? I doubt if many people would regard this type of work as such. Where then does a “job” become a “profession? “

 Looking at “official” definitions of a profession, they all seem to have a common set of features.

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  1. The occupation is full-time.
  2. A training school is set up.
  3. They establish an official training school.
  4. They form Local professional associations.
  5. They establish a national association to consider ethics.
  6. The state will introduce licensing laws.

 Regulation may be “self-registration”. In the past, the professions used to regulate themselves, and some still do. We refer to these organizations as “Professional Bodies”. Recently, there has been a trend towards “State Regulators”.

 Non-Professions will not have the benefit of these features, although they may have one or two of them.

     Understanding Change.

 Help your child in finding a Career or Profession. You can best help-them by being aware of how technology is replacing many roles. Roles that might now seem to be great opportunities.

 To assist your child to choose a profession or career, you must understand change. You should understand that some professions and careers may not exist in a few years’ time.

 Others that do not currently exist will arise. Our civilization is going through a period of change. Change both in technology and society. Society will develop new high-level specializations. These will serve new technologies and social changes.

 There is no point in investing time and money preparing for professions that will be gone in ten years. Far better to try and prepare for careers that will be needed in the future.

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    Social, Cultural, Economic, Environmental, and Technological Changes.

 There will be changes in all parts of society. We know this is the case. These changes will need people trained to handle the new challenges.

 A study in Australia found that almost 60% of students in Australia are wasting their time. They are studying for careers that will soon no longer exist. This is an incredible waste of time and resources, as well as taking the students up a blind alley.

     Some Jobs That Will No Longer Exist.

     Travel Agents.

 There once was a time when we planned our travel with the help of professional travel agents. Those days are over, the majority of people now booking tickets and researching destinations online.

 Even the world’s first travel agent, Thomas Cook, recently collapsed and closed down. Another victim of our change to online culture.


 There will always be books in the world, but the trends have been towards eBooks such as Amazon Kindle.

 Computers can also, Cataloger books. They do it much better. Libraries automate Borrowing eBooks from a library. Cost-cutting by local authorities has also resulted in many libraries closing. Of the remaining library staff, many are volunteers.

     Postal Delivery Staff & Couriers.

 In many countries, postal services are closing down. They offer reduced services and reductions in the number of post offices.

 Many of the letters we used to receive are now delivered by email. Postal services are not competing. Yes, at the moment, couriers still have a role. Self-driving vehicles and delivery drones on the horizon will not be much longer.


 Bank tellers are replacing ATMs. Other functions that managers carry out like loan applications are being automated.

 Cash is being replaced by cards and electronic money. They can be served far better by computers than real people.

     The Print Industry.

 Newspapers and Magazines are moving online. Junk mail is being turned into spam emails, and less and less need to be printed for offices. This is an industry in terminal decline.

Those are just a few examples of everyday jobs that are disappearing.

Children in costumes of various professions

     Professions are Also Under Threat.

 You may think that the only jobs that will disappear are in routine process type jobs. You are wrong. Law & Medicine are both very much under threat by new technology.

 This comes as a major surprise to parents of today’s teenagers.

 Up who regard law and medicine as the pinnacle of all professions.


 You may not realize that in the early stages of any lawsuit there are a huge amount of documents to process. (Thousands, maybe tens of thousands) of documents have to be sorted through. They have now developed special databases that can do this whole process.

 They are also talking about artificial intelligence programs. These may even review these papers and make decisions. It’s not only the lower grades of a lawyer at risk. Michigan State University has now been able, in 71% of cases; predict the outcome of US Supreme Court Cases. Law, which was once such a secure and respectable profession, may also now be on the way out.


 Computers can carry out some parts of a doctor’s job better than the human can do it. The programmer “Watson” can analyze MRI scans and diagnose lung cancer. It does this better, and faster, than humans can.

 Johnson and Johnson have a device that is FDA-approved. It can replace anesthesiologist for some anesthesia tasks. Pharmacists have also been replaced by robots in two hospitals. The robots dispense prescriptions based on barcodes that nurses present.

   It is not only Medicine and Law that is at risk.

  • Insurance underwriters;
  • Brokers;
  • Architects;
  • Journalists;
  • Teachers;
  • HR professionals;
  • Police, Law Enforcement.

They have started to replace these roles in certain functions. Experts agree that they are under threat.

     So, What Careers Can Be Possible?

 It is easy to define which jobs no longer have a future. Many people have predicted that certain jobs will disappear. Most of them predict the same jobs.

 When it comes to suggesting what the best future jobs will be, there is very little agreement. To be honest, nobody knows. Why can this be?

 The reason is that it is not just technological changes. But also there things that will decide about jobs, it will be the very concept of work itself that is in question.

 Changes are happening now. Experts believe that by 2027 over half of Americans will be freelancers. If you look at Millennials, then we have reached that figure already. The Gig Economy is a major part of how we work already.

 Large companies like Pfizer and Samsung already heavily rely on Freelancers. People will no longer see themselves as Marketing Men, Lawyers, or any other single role.

 Freelancers will be people who have a variety of skills that they can use to fulfill requests. They will always be retraining to add new skills to their library of talents.

 According to the Harvard Business Review. Universities should be preparing students to work in the Gig Economy. They claim that 30-40% of the workforce is already working as freelancers. It was revealed recently that most of Google’s workforce is made up of freelancers.

 40% of companies have said that Gig workers will be the major part of their workforce in the next few years. The trend is unstoppable. Gearing your child towards expectations of a regular job and career is not serving them well.

 Encouraging your child to appreciate that learning new skills is a lifelong occupation. Managing your own work according to what they need and identifying current requirements. Then learning the correct skills is essential.

 One stream of thought is that it will be an important role of local government to work with Universities. Working to ensure training is locally available in Gig Economy skills. The local authority will also supply Hubs where people can come to work as freelancers. Working on a casual basis where they can network with other freelancers. Hubs with fast broadband and comfortable workspaces.

 When Amazon announced they were planning a new headquarters, they had lots of offers. Offers of tax breaks etc. One Mayor from San Jose, California. Mayor Sam Liccardo simply said, “we have the freelance talent”.

Children are sitting at computers

     Are there any Suggestions for Future Careers?

 As we said, there is a lot of conflicting opinions, but perhaps the three most promising areas are.

   1. App and Software Development – Demand for this is likely to continue.

   2. Health Services Manager – Baby Boomers are starting to get old and seeking care homes.

   3. Caregivers – Computers cannot replace this role where human interaction is so necessary.

 The best help a parent can provide. Encourage their child to learn high-level computer literacy.

 They should also suggest courses in basic business skills. Teaching them efficient ways to run their future freelance business better.

 That ends our look into “How can I help my child choose a career?” We hope that you have found this Overview of modern professions to be thought-provoking. So many of them will no longer be required and some new ones that we cannot even imagine yet will be the new highly regarded careers. Perhaps the most important thing to take away from this article is to understand that the traditional “Job for Life” where an individual is a company employee is a thing of the past. This is not just some future idea, it is happening now.

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