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Why Do Children Want to Become Adults Faster?

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 It is very common for adults to miss their childhood and early adulthood days when they had the freedom of not having to go to work, to worry about paying bills and making a living as well as all of the other stresses that naturally come with adult life.

 On the other hand, you have children who want to be adults so bad, and it is one of the paradoxes of life that so many children want to grow up fast but when they do, they want to become young again.

 We will be discussing the very interesting question below of why do children want to become adults faster?

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     Misunderstanding What Freedom Comes With.

 Children will without a doubt have a lot of misconceptions of what the freedom that comes with being a grown-up person is, although when you reach a certain age which in the United States is 18.

 You can do a lot of things without the permission and approval of your parents but when you such freedom you are essentially in charge of looking after yourself in a larger capacity because many young adults may now be able to get a driving license and car insurance.

 But will still be living with their parents for the foreseeable future, but they still need to now get a job in order to fund all the bills that come with owning a car as well as having various types of social lives unless their parents are willing and able to fund their adult lives which is extremely rare.

     Life Seems Easier Than It Actually Is.

 On the outside to children, life seems very easy, you simply go to a high paid job that you love and then come home to enjoy yourself with your family and many children while being able to afford all of the seeming necessities of life such as having a car. However, not everything is that straight forward in life, or does everything go to plan.

Teens look at each other fondly

 For example, if you want to have a high-paying job you will either have to have the necessary talents or spend years in advanced education with the chance that you may not even graduate after you have graduated from the university you will likely also have student debt depending on what country you live in and what grants you have access to.

 Alternatively, you can take the big risk, investing all savings or parents’ money of founding your own business which is statistically most likely fail within 2 years, and it is not guaranteed that it will generate enough money for you to make a sustainable income.

     Not Understanding That You Need to Have a Job.

 Another major problem is likely the fact that children especially young children may not understand that jobs are not something people do as a hobby but are instead a necessity for the overwhelming majority of people.

 And not always you will be able to get a job that you enjoy doing, for a lot of people, especially when they are starting out they will need to take the most low-paying and unglamorous jobs so that they can fund their lives as they are studying or training towards the jobs that they want.

 There is also very high competition for most jobs out there, so it will take on average multiple interviews and some rejections to get the job that you are qualified and experienced for but may not genuinely want to do.

     Goals of Changing the World.

 All of the most successful people in the world such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates were from a very young age very ambitious, very few people manage to reach such heights of greatness, but looking at the question of why do children want to become adults faster it is very important not to view children as delusional or to not have developed their intelligence because it may not actually be that.

The girl wants to quickly become an adult and measures her height

 The imagination of children is much richer than that of adults since children have not got knowledge of how the real world actually works, so they will all believe that they can change even if that is a very hard task that is statistically near to impossible of them being successful, but the important thing is that at least some of those people who set out to change the world actually will do that.

     Overcoming Restrictions.

 A lot of restrictions are put on children and rightly so as it is important that your children grow up in a safe and productive environment, and although they may want to do some things such as stay out late at night with their friends and drink alcohol this is not actually the best thing for them to be doing.

 Many children will want to be free from that and do whatever they want however this is not a good idea for multiple reasons, the first of which is that it is not healthy for children to drink alcohol as well as there being multiple pieces of research conducted that shows that children need to sleep more than adults need to in order for them to be able to grow and stay healthy.

 Furthermore, it is essential to teach children the discipline that they will need to be a productive member of society in the future.

     Limited Amount of Memories.

 Moreover, children will not have a lot of memories like adults do which will make them reminisce about the past memories of, for example, playing with your friends and enjoying your time at school where you had no care for the world.

 Instead, children will have no such memories because they are currently making those memories, and they will in the future without a doubt have a longing for what happened in the past and will want to come back to it.

Drawing of parents and children playing on the grass

 And this trend will continue throughout their entire life, for example, when they are teenagers they may miss being children and when they are adults they will miss their teenage years and finally, when they are elderly, they will likely miss their adulthood where they were discovering what it takes to be an adult and making their way in the world.

     Taking Things for Granted.

 Why do children want to become adults faster? One of the biggest reasons behind this is the fact that they take things for granted such as the fact that they are able to live without having to worry about paying for any bills, for food and most importantly for rent which for the majority of people living in developed countries is the biggest cost that they have to put up within their everyday life.

 You should tell and remind your children how lucky they are that their only responsibilities are potentially to clean their rooms once in a while and mow the lawn when it has re-grown. This will help to ease their urge and want to grow up fast and can stop them from making detrimental decisions that can ruin their progress in life.

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