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10 Tips How to Spend Time with The Child

Parents spend time together with their child at sea

 In this article, we have put together 10 tips how to spend time with the child. We hope that you will find them useful.

     1. Go On a Scavenger Hunt.

 A scavenger hunt is a game where participants have to find some items from a list provided by the organizer. Organizers can set this up for teams or individuals. The winner is the individual or team that finds all the items first or finds the most items in a set period.

 You will need a large area to do this, a park is ideal. It works best if the players cannot see the whole area. Otherwise, one individual will spot where the other individuals find things.

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The age of the participants will decide how large an area that children can be free to roam in.

     2. Cook Dinner or Bake Together.

 Cooking or baking together a fun activity to help the parent and child bond. It is also a way of ensuring that your child will be comfortable with a variety of foods.

 Children use all their senses to learn and in the kitchen, they get the opportunity to use all their senses. They also get to practice reading, with the recipe. They learn measurements and some basic science. This is all done while having fun with the parent.

     3. Try a Children’s Theater.

 A child can watch a TV show and forget it five minutes later. Going to a movie is better, and the memory will last longer. Yet, nothing beats the live experience of a theater.

 Do not think that theater is for adults only. Apart from the fact that theater is jolly good fun, it has many benefits:

  • It encourages empathy;
  • It is early exposure to literature;
  • It encourages critical thinking;
  • It promotes a sense of well-being.

 They are staging more children’s shows than ever before. Shows that will remain in your child’s memory. They will always associate this with spending quality moments with you.

Children play and painted their face with paints

     4. Do Crafts.

 Crafts are fun. Children love to be creative, and they love doing something with you. Doing some sort of craft together has many positive aspects to it.

 When a child makes things themselves, they will appreciate the work of others. It teaches a child to think about the work they produce themselves, and the work of others.

 Crafts are fun because they involve both doing and thinking. They will enjoy it all the more, competing with you, to see who can do it best.

     5. Integrate Together Time Into Your Daily Schedule.

 Sometimes the pressure of work means that we do not always have enough availability for our children. We know we should devote more moments to them, and we want to devote more time to them. Unfortunately, we know that in the short term, we cannot.

 The solution is that we try and integrate them into our schedule. If working at home, we know that we should take a short break every hour and get away from our computer. Use that time to focus on them. Look at your schedule for the day and adapt your breaks to allow tie with your kids.

Dad teaches his daughter to dance

     6. Family Game Night.

 As we work through this list of 10 tips how to spend time with the child, we realize spending time with our children is about creating memories in their heads. Memories they will have to build on in their future lives. Family game nights create memories. Being with the entire family sitting around a table creates a sense of belonging.

 Ask your kids to sit around a table and have an evening chatting. You can guarantee within a few minutes the mobile phones will start to appear. Occupy them with games, and they will chat at the same time, without any sight of a mobile phone.

     7. Go For a Walk.

 Taking your child for a walk sounds simple, but it does no good unless you spend time focusing on the child. You risk walking down a footpath without challenging the child. You should be pointing at things, asking the child about them, or telling stories.

 The idea is to connect with the child and not ignore them. You must not get your mobile phone out to chat or text. Be focused 100% on the child. Play a game as you walk; see who can find a certain object or animal first.

     8. Virtual Time.

 If there is a day when you cannot spend time with your child, try to spend “virtual time” instead. You do this by planning a sequence of little surprises that they will receive throughout the day. This lets them know that you are thinking about them.

It could be a note in their lunchbox, or the previous night, when they are asleep, set an alarm to go off as they walk to school. Send them a text when you have a moment or two, or phone them before they go to sleep.

     9. Exercise Together.

 You need exercise; you should have been allowing time in your schedule to exercise. You also need your child to exercise. What could be better than to exercise with your child?

 You get to spend time with them while you both get the exercise that you need. Make it a routine that will continue as your child grows up. Not only will you be instilling good and healthy habits, but you will also be ensuring that you stay fit.

 In time roles get to turn around, and your children are grown up. With luck, they will still have time to keep you exercising and remaining healthy as you age.

Mom and daughter play sports together

     10. Free Play.

 The final idea is to follow your child’s lead. Ask them to decide what you are going to do. Let them introduce you to their world. Ask questions, let them explain their ideas and how to play the game or carry out their planned activity.

 As with all these ideas, it is important to focus 100% on the child during this time. Your child will love to be in charge.


 So many parents regret they never spent enough time with their children when they were young. By spending just a little time with these 10 tips how to spend time with the child, you will never have these regrets.

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