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How to Raise an Intelligent and Educated Child?

Image of two children doing research and education

 How to raise an intelligent and educated child starts early, and we need to put a few strategies in place to help this happen.

     Cooperative Behavior.

 To have a happy life, we need to learn how to cooperate and get on with other people from an early age, and taking responsibility for our actions is part of being successful in doing this.

 In fact, cooperative behavior is a basic social skill, and sadly something that a few adults have never learned and yes, we can teach it to our children. It is within the family that the child learns to interact with others, and the bigger the family, often the better negotiating skills the child develops.

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     Problem Solving.

 When dealing with a problem that is affecting your child, always separate the child from the problem.

Make the problem the monster, it could be a tantrum monster a very specific problem for the 2-3-year-old, and before the child can attend early learning the tantrum monster has to be tamed. This can be done using some space or time out, and when the child feels a tantrum coming on, or when the tantrum starts, they can go to their own room for some quiet time, and to lose the tantrum monster.

 This allows the child to calm down in their own space, and to gain control over the behavior. Some children are very fearful of many things, the dark, separating from Mum, and this must be worked on gradually. Attending early learning is really important, as this is a later predictor of educational outcomes, we learn so much in the early years.

     Starting School.

 Before your child starts school, a lot of gains are achieved through play and help the child focus on the positive. Make time every day to spend half an hour of a positive, enjoyable time with your child. It can be reading aloud, or a special game.

Cute girl with a lot of books in her hands

 This is a subtle way of improving the cooperation skills of your child. Before your child starts school, he will need to learn a few social skills, and a child with good social skills will have fewer problems than those without social skills. The child needs to be able to listen to instructions, take turns when playing games, manage emotions and solve simple problems.

 When he is in class, his attitude to learning is dependent on whether he is cooperative with the teacher or not, and he will be required to follow instructions and not become easily distracted.

     Skills Needed for School.

 He/she also needs fine and gross motor skills, like holding a pencil and drawing, cutting out paper with scissors. He also needs to be able to go to the toilet and dress and undress without help.

 Good language skills, a child needs to be able to listen and express himself in class. Cognitive development requires the child to have some basic general knowledge of letters, ABC, and numbers, count to 100.

 Children who lack all these skills will find school difficult. Children also need to be able to join in with play, and ball games are very good for hand-eye coordination. Team sports help with development and teach taking turns and sharing.

     Teach a Child to Take Responsibility for Their Actions.

 To teach a child to take responsibility for their actions takes time, and like most behavioral changes, it requires consistent parenting. Every child’s temperament can have an impact on how they are parented.

 Sometimes a fractious baby will turn into a difficult child, making the parents tired, stressed, and not sure where to turn. This is where nurture over nature can make all the difference, with a caring predictable environment, where the child feels supported and loved.

 The way that children are looked after every day has a significant impact, and a child only needs one consistent, reliable parent to see them through the early years when the brain develops. Recent research has changed how we bring up our children.

     The Intelligent Child.

 We get very worried when hear a parent say to their child, ‘You can be whatever you want to be’ as there are certain limitations to this statement.

Image of a young girl with a book in her hands

 It will be very hard to become a surgeon if you can’t master primary school math, so there is work to be done.

   Ways You Can Help as a Parent Are:

  • Read to and with your child. Reading develops communication skills, grammar, and vocabulary.
  • Keep television time-limited, especially on school days.
  • Purchase toys that stimulate your child’s brain.
  • Encourage your child’s interests.
  • Feed your child a healthy diet.
  • Keep your child motivated in learning.
  • Arrange for psychometric testing to see where your child’s abilities lie.

 How to raise an intelligent and educated child, can depend a lot on the school they attend. If you are paying for a private school, you will be in the fortunate position of being able to send them to the best school.

 If any weaknesses in learning are detected, it is worth paying for private coaching to get your child up to the required standard before exam time. Of course, a lot depends on the child’s attitude to learning, and if the child is resistant to learning, it can be very hard to change the attitude.

     Preparing for a Brilliant Career.

 In many workplaces like HR and recruitment, the Myers-Briggs Indicator of personality type is still used. It consists of 4 self-reporting quadrants where you answer the questions and then score the results. It is normal to find that you are much stronger in two of the quadrants, the results can suggest a career path that would suit your personality type.


 There is so much involved in how to raise an intelligent and educated child, and if you start early, you will certainly achieve the best results.

 Some parents push too hard, so be careful to get the balance right, as children can ‘Burn out’ if too many demands are placed on them when young. It is better just to learn at a steady pace right through life.

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