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How to Develop a Sense of Humor?

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 There is nothing better than having the ability to cheer up in a room full of people. A sense of humor can help drastically improve your life, beyond simply just messing around. For example, multiple authoritative studies show that a sense of humor is great for your mental as well as physical health.

 Underneath, we will cover some important points that will help explain the question of how to develop a sense of humor?

     Cut the Nerves.

 The first thing you should do is to work on cutting your nerves. In order to be able to freely laugh at other people’s jokes as well as make jokes yourself. You will need to care very little about what other people think about you.

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 Self-consciousness is an interesting phenomenon. Where people constantly worry about what others are thinking about them. When in reality those people have their own problems. So, they are definitely not spending their time sitting there thinking about you in particular.

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 Becoming more confident takes time and a bit of practice. The best way to achieve it quickly is through the right mindset. Individuals suffering from a lack of confidence will heavily consider every single action that they take. A better mindset is simply doing things without caring about what others will think. Of course, this does not mean that you should totally disregard the feelings of those around you.

     Just Be Yourself.

 There are a lot of comedians out there that have been caught out stealing jokes from their fellow colleagues. You should not go out of your way to memorize material from others in order to regurgitate it to others. Although, there is nothing wrong with you using jokes that you have heard from other people. It is really about relentlessly using jokes from others to make yourself seem funny.

 The truth is that anyone can be funny. And the best jokes are usually the ones that apply to a particular situation that has occurred at the time. You need to be confident. As well as knowing that you are a funny person, you just need to get a bit more practice. Furthermore, no one is going to find everything that you say funny. There will be jokes that flop, while at the same time jokes that make the entire room belly laugh.

     Keep It Appropriate.

 Humor is also about what you should not be saying. Some jokes should simply be avoided in certain situations. For example, you should not be cracking jokes at a funeral. Even though the joke may be funny, its inappropriateness will result in the opposite effect. At the same time, you should not allow the fear of being inappropriate to stop you from making any jokes at all.

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 Being humorous will always carry the risk of you saying something that others will interpret as out of touch or rude. This is something that you really need to keep in mind and be prepared for. If you decide to be the person in the room that will constantly be making people laugh.

     Laugh Yourself.

 You have already made it halfway through this article, so without a doubt, you are intrigued by the question of how to develop a sense of humor. A major step in this is actually just laughing yourself. Laughter is a great relationship remedy and a way to make people more comfortable with you. A lot of people are shy when they first meet someone. Therefore, even if they do happen to find you funny, they make actually happen to be too shy to laugh at your jokes.

 By laughing yourself, you will provide them with more confidence to show their true colors, as the saying goes. It will also provide them with the support required for them to make jokes themselves. When others are making jokes as well, this will provide you with additional opportunities to say something hilarious.

     Take Time to Think.

 The best jokes are those that are witty and smart. You do not have to be like a machine gun, blurting out low-quality and often unfunny remarks. Instead, it is better to be like a sniper. A joker, that delivers a few fatally funny lines with precision and great effectiveness. So do not be scared to prepare your joke in your head in silence. Before eventually revealing it to the other occupants of your room.

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 Doing so takes a lot of patience and discipline that only the most experienced comedians truly master. This does not mean that you have to spend 10 minutes thinking about the joke in your head over and over.

 Instead, you can spend 20 seconds in your head thinking about what way of phrasing it will make the joke funnier. Also in regards to this, you have to use a bit of decision-making. As comedic timing is a thing too. In some situations, it is better to deliver a swift rebuttal.

     Make Fun of Yourself.

 In a friendly atmosphere, your friends will poke fun at you. There is nothing wrong with it. There are right ways and wrong ways to handle it. The wrong way, of course, is to get upset and start making rude remarks with no comedic traits. On the other hand, the way that you should be handling it is by accepting it as the fooling around that it is.

 See the funny side of things and even laugh at yourself. You can even take things a step further by actually making digs at yourself. Showing that you have a sense of humor and also providing additional enjoyment to the occupants of the room.

     Don’t Overdo It.

 Taking the role of the office or family comedian is not a bad thing. However, too much of anything good can turn out to be bad. Due to this, the last point we want to make in this how to develop a sense of humor article. It is that you should not always be trying to make funny remarks? There is nothing wrong with being serious sometimes.

 The best way not to overdo things when it comes to humor is to simply keep the flow of jokes natural. Do not force things, by constantly trying to say something amusing. If anything pops into your heading that is comedic, then feel free to say it. However, do not be sitting there attempting to blurt out jokes every single minute.

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