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How to Overcome Your Laziness? 10 Helpful Tips.

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 What Is Laziness?

 Laziness is a state of being passive. In itself, it is not a problem. We all need to chill-out sometimes and just relax. The problem is when the passive state exceeds the time that you can spare and becomes the default state. Here are ten of what, we think, are the most effective ways of overcoming excessive laziness.

 In this article, we are going to advise you on how to overcome your laziness 10 helpful tips that will put you on the right track.

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  1. Make a Big Task Into Smaller Tasks.

 Sometimes we start our day and look at what we need to achieve that day and groan. There seems such a huge task ahead of us that will just take forever. It can be demoralizing and can lead to us finding ways to delay the start of the task.

 It is far better that we divide the task into a series of smaller ones that are not so daunting. We can then “reward ourselves” with a small break after we complete each of the small segments.

 When we look at the small task we are reassured that this task can be done quickly and our mental state is improved to be more positive.

  1. Accept You are Human and Will Sometimes Stumble.

 It is possible that your fear of failing a task is holding you back. You choose instead to do easier things and then feel guilty because you feel lazy.

 You cannot see that it is the fear that is stopping you and that laziness is not the issue. You can tackle this using some of the other tips we give you.

  1. Start with a Small Target.

 So, you have a lot of work to do today. It can feel intimidating and has put you into a negative frame of mind. This negativity is actually going to make your task much harder to accomplish.

 The trick is to identify a small, easier to accomplish part of the job and tackle that task first. Your success in completing the small task should make you feel much more positive.

 Give yourself a small reward before you select another task to do. You will soon complete that, and it will reinforce your positivity. In this way, you can get a large job done one step at a time.

  1. Do What Matters First.

 In another scenario, you may have several jobs to do in one day. There is a great temptation to do the job you enjoy most before tackling any of the others.

 It becomes so easy to leave the more unpleasant tasks until the end. Possibly, that unpleasant task is actually the most urgent, and it gets pushed back and pushed back as you do the more pleasant jobs first.

 Get into the habit of doing the most urgent job first and get it out of the way.

  1. Switch Off Distractions.

 You may have a long boring job to complete. You think that maybe will leave the radio on while you do the job, to make the job less boring.

 Because the job is so boring you will find yourself thinking more about the radio than the job, and the job will actually take even longer than ever.

 Similarly, if a job is boring, it is tempting to keep checking your social media and once again more time is spent on that than the job. You are simply extending the unpleasant job. Get rid of distractions and get the job done.

  1. Rest, Sleep and Exercise.

 Being lazy might actually be a symptom of not getting enough sleep. I know that this may seem a contradiction in terms, but there is a difference between quality sleep and just resting in a comfortable chair or watching TV Shows.

 In addition, not getting enough exercise can just slow your metabolism and reduce your energy levels. Leaving you to become lethargic and unable to get things done.

  1. Get Rid of Clutter in Your Life.

 Sometimes it is possible for life to become cluttered. We have filled our life with so much that we struggle to decide what needs to be done.

 At home, our social life becomes too hectic and complicated. At work, we find ourselves voluntarily extending the number of tasks we do and find ourselves neglecting what we are supposed to be doing.

 We do this because those other tasks are much more interesting. People then react and call us lazy because the essential work is not being done.

 Be selective both at work and home about what you do. Get the essential stuff done first.

  1. Visualization.

 When you are feeling particularly lazy you need to change your attitude. You can do this by visualizing you doing the job that you are procrastinating about, and imagine yourself doing it easily and efficiently.

 Your mind is extremely powerful and if you spend time with this visualization you will convince your mind that the job is really easy and something you can do well.

  1. Think About Benefits.

 We are all pretty mercenary when it comes to what we do. By focusing on the task ahead as being unpleasant, boring and something that you have to get done, even though you do not want to, we are building a wall which we have to climb.

 Stop thinking about the job and instead focus on the rewards. Think how getting these jobs done will help with your promotion prospects. Think of the wages you receive from your work and how you could be putting that at risk by not getting it done.

 Think how once this big and unpleasant task is done and out of the way, you can take it easier and do other things instead. Stop focusing on the negative side of the task and think about how you will benefit.

  1. Truly Appreciate and Enjoy Your Lazy Time.

 Once you have got your work done. Once you have got your chores done, then you can just relax and forget about it. No more stress and no time pressure. It’s done, and now your time is yours to do what you want.

     Final Words.

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 Your next step is to review your day and/or your week and to consider how this new way of doing things has panned out. When you discover that by following these tips you end up with less stress and more relaxation time, you will start the following week with even more positivity.

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