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What is Femininity and How to Develop It?

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 Recently, there have been talks surrounding feminism, patriarchy, masculism, and other gender-related topics. Women now want more for themselves, and this has spurred many conversations surrounding gender, gender roles, and gender behavior.

 This has led to the question, “What is femininity and how to develop it?” People, even prominent figures, have defined femininity in different ways.

 Scientific research said femininity is a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles generally associated with women and girls. In other words, femininity is the feature that confirms that “Yes, you are indeed a female, or you act like a female.”

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     What Truly Makes a Woman Feminine?

 Teen magazine in 1965 asked some popular actresses to explain what it means to be feminine. Sandra Dee, the Golden Globe Award winner, associated feminism with beauty. She went with lines like this, “You must be meticulous in your clothing, make-up, clean skin, fresh…”

 Barbarella Star, Jane Fonda, on the other hand, focused more on how the feminine characteristics appeal to men. She went like this, “Femininity is knowing how to listen – men love it!” So, does femininity simply have to do with beauty, and what effect women have on men? What is femininity?

Three attractive women with a bouquet of flowers

 Maybe those descriptions given by Dee and Fonda are part of femininity, but femininity has no straightforward definition. Femininity is living your life freely as a woman without the rules and people dictating how to sit, the types of jobs to apply to, who to be friends with merely “Because you are a woman.”

 Some people have painted the picture that femininity means you have to be weak, emotionally weak, dull, and dependent on a man but, is it? No, it is not. Femininity is being a lovable, sweet woman irrespective of the type of job you do, the outfits you love putting on, regardless of whether you have your hair cut low or not. Femininity is having a beautiful heart as a woman.

 Femininity means that even though you are a female, you can live out your dreams; you acknowledge people in your life, appreciate them, love them and accept help from them when needed, but not depend on them. Femininity is you being a smart woman!

     How Do You Develop Femininity?

 Let’s clear you on what is femininity and how to develop it. Being a woman is different from accepting and embracing your full potentials as a woman, which is what femininity should be about. Even as a female, are you aware of the magical and powerful energy you carry around you?

 This is the time to awaken and activate that powerful female side of you. Start with these:

  1. Enjoy the Physical Pleasures of Life.

 Your body anatomy and physiology are even more complicated than that of the males, you know. This is more reason why you should treat yourself more. Pay attention to yourself and do those things that make you feel good physically.

 Some of such things that will help you unlock your femininity are doing yoga, getting massages, dancing, and other activities that allow you to move freely.

  1. Be Open to Both Giving and Receiving.

 Don’t be stuck up on one side. Don’t be comfortable with just being on the receiving end, and definitely don’t be only a giver. Remember, you have the freedom to give, receive, and to amplify. Feel free to ask for favors or support when in need. It is okay too.

  1. Eat and Wear What Makes You Feel Good.

 Femininity also entails feeling good about yourself. You shouldn’t think that because you are a female, you are inferior. No, eat good food. Go out and put on an outfit that makes you look and feel good.

  1. Bring Out That Creative Side of You.

 Why are you into hiding? Some women have some talents and skills within them, but are scared of bringing them to the open, simply because they have the notion that they are against the “Femininity code.” No, don’t do that. Femininity is even more about creativity and co-creating. Put in life, fun, and gentility into that which you do.

  1. Combine Both Smart and Playfulness.

 You know you can be smart, zealous, and playful at the same time, right? It is all about knowing the right thing to do at the right time. Face business when it’s time for business, and have fun when it is time for fun. Remember not to overwork yourself while you are out getting the things you want for yourself. Remember to leave out some time for relaxation, leisure, and fun.

Beautiful woman in a lush red dress

     There are No Rules to Femininity.

 We talked about how to develop femininity, but you should get this part; you can develop femininity, but there are no rules to it! Don’t go about living your life by some rigid rules. Remember to be yourself; that is the most crucial part of a happy life. However, if you want to play it by the rules, just know that there are a million and one rules for femininity.

 For instance, the rules include not cutting your hair, making your nails always, you don’t fight, you don’t shout back at people, especially the opposite sex, you walk gracefully, wear dresses all the time, depending on a man to take care of you, cry and let the tears out, be or act shy, etc.

 Now, you see why we say femininity is not about rules. Rigidity doesn’t define femininity; free yourself! Feel free to love and be loved. With femininity, there is the freedom to lead and follow, freedom to live life and enjoy it. A feminine nature attracts not only the opposite sex.

 It attracts everyone because it has a good heart and is being true to itself. If you are feminine, make no mistake about it, both men and women would be attracted to you.

     Femininity is from Within.

 Here is the part that many don’t understand; it has been hinted above anyways, femininity comes from within. It’s not really about your physical appearance. You can wear trousers, hoodies, and tailored suits and still ooze feminine characteristics.

Image of male and female hands with a flower in their hands

 People usually take the visual aspects like wearing dresses, heels, long hairs, perfumes, and ribbons as a visual cue for femininity; however, femininity is not just confined to that.

 Do men find that the visual aspect of femininity stimulating? Yes, many men do. But, trust us; you can encourage men to be better mentally, intellectually, spiritually, and even romantically using your real personality as a female so long as that personality is a sweet one.


 In this article, we looked at what is femininity and how to develop it. Femininity is what many people look out for in females, and while it can be developed; there are hardly any rules to it. It starts with acknowledging your full potentials as a woman.

 Femininity is a lot of things, but most of all, it is an energy that is attractive. The femininity energy is compassionate, intuitive, creative, kind, smart, intelligent, receptive, nurturing, radiant, goal-oriented, and unstoppable!

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