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How to Develop Intuition?

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 Taking guidance from the inner voice, also known as wisdom, is crucial in making important decisions of your life. This instinctive feeling that tells you whether you’re about to take a right or wrong decision is called intuition.

 Logic is not always sufficient, although it’s quite helpful; to judge a situation because so many other factors are also involved. You need your inner wisdom to guide you in certain situation depending on your own circumstances, your past experiences and your ability to evaluate.

 Intuition can be developed and strengthened over time and this is what we are going to discuss today.

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     What is Intuition?

 Intuition is not just a feeling; it’s a process that fills the gap between our conscious and subconscious. It is also something that connects our instincts with logical reasoning and finds a middle ground to take action. It is that hidden guide that only you can feel and connect with.

 There is no need to reject worldly knowledge altogether and rely solely on intuition to address the challenges of life. It would be wiser and more sensible to use both tools and seek a balance between the two to benefit from them.

 Have you ever found yourself saying, I have a gut feeling that this is going to be fine. Well, if you have nothing else to support this reasoning, be assured that your intuition has spoken up. Without any further delay, take action based on that instinctive feeling, and you won’t have to regret.

     How to Develop Intuition?

 Our success in life is mainly a combination of right decisions taken at the right time. While analytic thinking plays a vital role in this context, intuition is much more important because it helps us to make more soul-inspired decisions.

 But to be able to benefit from this inner voice, you first have to recognize when your intuition speaks and how to deepen it. In addition, it is important to learn to trust yourself first so that you can listen to your inner wisdom and take immediate action.

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 Remember, if you decide to go with your instincts, there are no delays or rearrangements. You have got to act immediately, otherwise the purpose will be lost.

   Here are a few tips on how to develop intuition and strengthen it over time:

  1. Find a Private Place.

 If you want to listen to your intuition, you will have to disconnect from the world for some time. Turn the noise off and let your emotions flow freely. You need to shut down not only your own mind, but also the inputs coming from other people or things. This will help develop clarity and space to recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Turn Off Your Inner Critic Up.

 Many a times, our decisions are based on feelings of guilt, remorse and sympathy. This is because we allow our inner critic to interfere so much with our decision making process that we fail to recognize what is right and what is wrong.

 Stop blaming yourself for things that have already happened and look forward to the greener pastures to make sure success comes knocking on your door.

  1. Feel Your Heart.

 Many people fail to feel their heart because they rely too much on rational thinking and reasoning. However, if you want to widen the channel between your conscious and subconscious mind, you will first have to listen to what your heart has to say.

 People say that listening to your heart makes you miss out on all the real opportunities. But the truth is, if you learn to feel your heart, you are able to awaken your inner self and reconnect with it for guidance.

  1. Ask Yourself Questions.

 It’s always the most straight forward way to listen to your internal wisdom. The answers to these intuitive questions will guide you along the way and set a direction in life. Many good books have been written on this topic that serve to explain how to get an immediate answer from your intuition.

  1. Slow Down and Reflect.

 It is important to slow down in life every now and then and reflect on your achievements and failures. Solitude helps one to get creative and reevaluate your beliefs and ideals. It’s time to be your own judge and distance yourself from things that keep you from achieving your goals. When you are more connected with your values, you are more confident to act upon your intuition.

  1. Trust Yourself.

 Many people revert to logic and reasoning because they don’t trust their own instincts. When you have recognized your strengths, you don’t have to justify your decisions to anyone.

 Your inner guidance will make the best use of your strengths and make sure you reach your destination with the help of your own capabilities.

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 They say that a gut feeling can never be wrong because it comes from your intuition, which is the ultimate wisdom coming from within.

 When we use only our brain to make a decision, we ignore our subconscious, which is, in fact, brimming with practical knowledge. On the other hand, when we decide to listen to our intuition, we benefit from both our conscious as well as subconscious mind.


 Regardless of what many people believe, intuition is very much real, and it is something that makes you in control of your life. It is possible to develop intuition and deepen it with the help of meditation and other techniques.

 Every one of us has an inner voice, but sometimes we get too busy with everyday life that we forget to consult that opinion when making decisions. It is important to reconnect with your inner self every now and again in order to benefit from what is called intuition.

 Logical reasoning helps us only to a certain extent because it cannot foresee the future. Intuition, on the other hand, empowers you to predict the future and make wiser decisions based on that knowledge.

 Follow the tips discussed in this post if you want to know how to develop intuition and strengthen your connection with the soul.

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