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What Are The Most Attractive Physical Features In a Woman?

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 Men are attracted to women because of their physical features and personality. A symmetrical face, long hair, fair complexion and clear skin are some of the characteristics almost all men find beautiful in a woman.

 Before answering the question, what are the most attractive physical features in a woman, we need to find out what role does facial symmetry play in making a woman more appealing. Moreover, we need to find out what other qualities a woman must possess in order to appear more beautiful – both internally and externally.

 So, let’s first have a look at some qualities or personality traits that make a woman more physically appealing.

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     Qualities That Make a Woman Beautiful.

     Facial Symmetry.

 When both right and left sides of the face are exactly alike, the face is said to be symmetrical. A symmetrical face is more attractive, especially in women. The shape of the face is also important in determining the overall level of beauty, and it also tells a lot about your personality.

 Some of the common face shapes include diamond, oval, square, heart and rectangle. Some women have a face that is a combination of two or three basic shapes. A small jawline, an average but straight nose, wide forehead, full lips and big eyes are all features that make a woman’s face more appealing.

     Personality Traits.

 Men want to see qualities in women that are traditionally considered “feminine”, such as delicacy, gentleness, humility, and emotional sensitivity. Women who appear to be more man-like are generally not considered alluring by men. So, here the saying “beauty is only skin deep” sounds very valid. Women are truly beautiful when they are:

  • Elegant;
  • Kind;
  • Self-assured and confident;
  • Courageous;
  • Intelligent;
  • Honest.

 When we talk about self-assurance and confidence, the body language also plays an important role. The right head tilt, a good sitting posture and straight shoulders are all going to make a woman appear more confident.

 Women who are not honest or kind will lose their physical allure very quickly. Similarly, there is usually no appeal in the beauty of women who do not appear to be elegant, poised and humble.

 So, these qualities are a must if a woman wants to appear attractive and sexually appealing to a man. Surprisingly, most men also like to see qualities in women that are similar to their parents, and especially their mother. Another trait that many men would find very attractive is the right sense of humor.

Woman with beautiful long legs sits in a chair

     What are The Most Attractive Physical Features In a Woman?

 The features that make a woman attractive for a man are largely related to her overall good health. Men generally like physically fit women, mainly because they are looking for a partner who would be able to bear their babies. So, health plays a vital role in making a woman physically attractive. A woman who is active and energetic and has a bubbly personality also appears to be attractive to most men. And this kind of personality is possible only when you are overall healthy and fit.

     Here are some of the features in a woman that men find attractive!

     Healthy Hair:

 Healthy and shiny hair is an indication of good physical health. It is one of the most attractive features in a woman that can also make her look very beautiful. Long or short hair also tells a few things about the personality of a woman. Since long hair is a feminine trait, most men are attracted to this physical feature in women.

     Attractive Smile:

 This encompasses straight and white teeth as well as a smile that is genuine and quite appealing. Smiling also makes people look younger than their actual age, which is again something that makes them overall attractive. Women who laugh a lot tend to develop laugh lines on the face that tell a lot about their personality.

Charming woman attracts a man

     Natural Makeup:

 Too much makeup makes a woman appear fake and unnatural. It also causes the skin to become irritated and prone to acne and other conditions. Men like to see a face that is blemish free, and too much makeup is one thing that can conceal the natural tone and texture of the skin. Women who wear little makeup appear more attractive and beautiful.


 Taller women are considered more sexually appealing according to a study. No wonder, most models are taller than what is the average height in women. Legs are also an important feature that men particularly check out, and they also subconsciously compare the length of legs with overall height to see if the woman has a symmetrical body.


 Men find women in their early 20’s to be the most attractive and that is why the factor of youthfulness cannot be ignored. Even older women may appear to be younger, healthier and more full of life by taking care of their physical and mental health. Stressed out women often appear tired and worn out, and hence stress and depression takes a toll on their physical attractiveness.

     Symmetrical Body:

 Just like facial symmetry, the symmetry of the entire body is also considered when the level of attractiveness of a woman is being studied. Arms and legs that are in accordance with the height and body weight make a person more physically attractive. The most ideal female body shape is hourglass shape with a small waist-to-hip ratio. Women with this body shape also look attractive in any kind of outfit their decide to wear.

Pretty woman waiting for a man by the bed


 Although there is no universal standard to measure the beauty of a woman, there are some physical features that men find attractive. A woman who appears to be more cheerful, has a purely feminine personality along with sexually appealing body is definitely considered more attractive and beautiful. Overall health including optimal weight and a symmetrical face are also indications of attractiveness in a woman.

 Men generally find healthy women more appealing because they also appear to have a positive attitude towards life and are emotionally stable. What are the most attractive physical features in a woman is a question that has been addressed in this post. All the best.

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