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What are Female Eyes Talking About?

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 Women are usually very expressive when it comes to their emotions and viewpoints, but at times they like to keep their feelings hidden. If this is the case, the other person may find out what they are thinking by looking in their eyes.

 Female eyes are very communicative, and they also expect the other person to make eye contact with them. In fact, a man can let a woman know that he is interested in her simply by using eye contact.

 Women who hold prolonged eye contact with opposite sex, it is usually assumed that they are flirting. What are female eyes talking about therefore tells us a lot about what a woman is thinking and what she wants to convey to the other person.

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 In this article, we are going to explore how to read a woman’s eyes, especially if you are in doubt.

 It is possible to detect if a woman is lying simply by reading her eyes or observing that she is avoiding eye contact. Reading eye or face expressions can be confusing, and you definitely can’t apply the same rules to everyone. It is therefore a good idea to clear your confusions before jumping to any conclusion regarding what the eyes are telling you. Here you will learn some basic rules to interpret eye expressions correctly.

     What are Female Eyes Talking About?

Picture of woman with piercing eyes

 There are some eye expressions that can let a man know what a woman is thinking if he studies them closely. Not only the eyes but also the movements of the eyebrows, pupils and even her eye shape can tell you a lot about her personality and what she wants.

 Eyes can reveal if a person is sad, happy, angry, excited, interested or surprised. But before you could read a woman’s eyes, you need to know some preliminary rules. If you are not aware of these rules, you might end up incorrectly interpreting what the eyes are revealing.

   Here are a few steps to read female eyes properly:

     Step #1 – Make Eye Contact.

 If you don’t look her in the eye, you won’t be able to study her deep feelings. It is recommended to hold the contact throughout the conversation to take some ideas and cues from her eye movements and behavior. It is not polite to give intense stares, so try to look into her eyes when she is speaking.

     Step #2 – Listen to Her Attentively.

 It is not sufficient to make eye contact alone if you don’t listen to what she is trying to say. Sometimes the eyes may defy the spoken words, and in such a case you would need cues from what she is saying. You also need to listen to her attentively to detect if she is concealing some of her emotions. If she avoids eye contact or fidgets with her hands, it’s an indication she might be lying or is uneasy or afraid to reveal her feelings.

     Step #3 – Watch Her Pupils.

 The pupils are quite revealing when it comes to body language. They can dilate or constrict when someone is excited, frightened, interested or trying to focus on something. You can watch her pupils to get a cue that she is keenly interested in a topic.

     Step #4 – Read Her Eyebrows.

 The language of pupils can be combined with the language of eyebrows as they both go hand in hand. For example, if a woman raises her eyebrows and has constricted pupils at the same time, it may be an indication that she is shocked. A single raised eyebrow could indicate that she is being sarcastic or might be irritated about something.

     Step #5 – Consider Her Eye Shape.

 Natural eye shape may tell a lot about a person but what is even more revealing is how a person changes the shape of their eyes while speaking. A woman may squint her eyes or open them wider to indicate mistrust and excitement, respectively. Squinting could also be a result of something else that might be bothering her.

Image of a young girl who shows with her hand a sign all is well

 In addition to the above-mentioned steps, there are many other ways to read a woman’s eyes. If a woman closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, it is an indication that she feels strongly about something you have just said or done. It is often advised not to trust the eyes when it comes to romantic relationships just to avoid heartbreak later on.

 A woman may show through eye contact that she is interested in you, but it could also be an indication that she is only interested in flirting for a short time. You could also understand what she might be thinking at the moment by following where her eyes go. A woman who is romantically interested in a man also blinks frequently in his presence or when he is trying to speak to her.


 Body language plays an important role in communication and especially when it comes to a romantic relationship. If a woman is not being very expressive through her words, the easiest way to look into her heart is to read her eyes. Cues like frequent blinking, dilated pupils and raised eyebrows are signs that a woman might be interested in you.

Image of a woman with a sharp look

 If she raises one eyebrow in suspicion or have constricted pupils, it is an indication that she is irritated or frustrated about something. In addition, the shape of the eye as well as the direction of her vision may also reveal something about her emotions.

 Some women are more expressive through their words but at times those words may not harmonize well with her eye expressions. You can look directly into her eyes to see if they defy her words. Women are also good at hiding their feelings, but if you know how to read her eyes properly, you may reach at a conclusion about her thoughts.

 What are female eyes talking about is an interesting topic and many men would like to study it deeper so that they can understand their partner better and develop a strong bond with her.

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