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20 Ways to Reduce Premature Skin Aging. Actual Tips.

Photo of a woman - Change in facial skin over the years

 The natural aging process causes the skin to lose its elasticity and appear wrinkled and lifeless. This usually happens after the age of 45 in women. However, some people also experience premature skin aging, which may occur due to a poor diet, too much exposure to the sun, inadequate sleep, a stressful lifestyle, and pollution in the environment.

 A term that is quickly gaining in popularity, “instant aging” refers to a condition when a person discovers wrinkles and fine lines that seemed to have appeared overnight. This is indeed something frightening, especially for women because nobody wants to see these signs of getting old before age.

 Let’s find out what are the 20 ways to reduce premature skin aging, actual tips that can help thousands of people out there.

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     Factors That Contribute to Premature Aging of Skin.

 There are some surprising factors that can make our skin appear wrinkled before age. Let’s have a look at some of the most common causes of premature aging.

     A. Poor Diet.

 Not eating fruits and vegetables is one thing but consuming a lot of high sugar foods is something that can totally destroy our internal systems. When we consume foods high in sugar (and that includes carbonated soft drinks), the levels of insulin and glucose in the blood experience dramatic spikes. This in turn affects protein molecules known as collagen and elastin, thereby causing the skin to sag.

     B. Depression.

 Most people are not aware that they are depressed and hence they don’t go for any type of therapy to cure this condition. Uncontrolled depression starts taking a toll on our skin in the form of wrinkles, fine lines and acne. Counseling and exercising can keep depressive symptoms at bay and also have the ability to elevate the mood.

     C. Weight Loss Diets.

 When people want to lose weight, they want to do it quickly. And to achieve this, they go on a crash diet and cut down on all those nutritious foods they might have been consuming previously. This sudden change of diet can make the face look aged and lifeless. If you want to lose weight, it is recommended to follow a systematic program and follow it continuously.

     D. Drug Therapy.

 There are certain medications that affect the level of collagen and elastin in our skin and cause the skin to appear wrinkled. Corticosteroids are among the most common drugs that trigger this effect. Some medicines also make the skin more sensitive, and hence even minor sun damage can lead to wrinkles and fine lines.

     E. Avoiding Sunscreen.

 The importance of a sunscreen lotion cannot be emphasized more. It is highly recommended to wear a sunscreen when you’re going on the mountains or when you fly frequently. At high altitudes, the skin becomes more vulnerable to dehydration, which causes many problems including premature aging and melanoma.

 It has been found that genetics only have about 30% role in controlling when aging would start showing its signs in our body. So, that means we can have a great deal of control over how and when we let our skin to start looking wrinkled. In this post, we are going to look at some ways to reduce and prevent premature aging of the skin.

A woman shows the well-groomed face skin

     20 Ways to Reduce Premature Skin Aging – Actual Tips.

 Here are some tried and tested ways to reduce aging signs from the skin and make it look more youthful:

  1. Try some facial exercises to reduce sagging. Exercise builds muscles and if you work out your facial muscles, they will increase in size. This in turn helps to get rid of the wrinkles, at least for the time being.
  2. Include more anti-aging foods in your diet. These foods are rich in antioxidants and therefore help in undoing some damage done by free radicals in the body. Some of these foods are spinach, nuts, blueberries, fatty fish, flaxseeds, and green tea.
  3. Use some great anti-aging masks available on the market. Most of these are hydrating masks or those that contain vitamin C in good amounts. Exfoliating clay is also good for reducing wrinkles.
  4. Start wearing sunscreen every time you go out. While it is best to stay indoors and avoid the scorching heat but if you really have to go out, and then opt for a wide-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.
  5. Stop smoking. Nicotine is known to cause narrowing of the blood vessels, which in turn affects blood flow to the skin. When the skin is not getting enough nutrition, it begins to sag.
  6. Start using over-the-counter retinols or vitamin C serums to help restore some of the elasticity of the skin.
  7. Drink lots of water as part of a healthy diet. Water not only keeps the face hydrated but also aids in digestion and hence plays a role in boosting overall health.
  8. Cut down on alcohol. Alcohol causes dehydration in the body, which affects many functions and also causes the skin to lose its natural elasticity.
  9. Use natural home remedies to rejuvenate the skin. One of the proven methods to reduce wrinkles is to whip up some egg whites and use this mixture to massage onto the skin. The process helps in hydrating the skin and is also very soothing.
  10. Stop using tanning beds or self-tanners. These products are based on reactions that serve to release free radicals. Everybody knows that these damaging free radicals attack cell structures in the body, affecting a number of functions.
  11. Start massaging your skin with olive oil on a regular basis. Not only will it make the skin soft, but also healthy and glowing. However, massage of oil on face is not recommended to people with acne-prone skin.
  12. Use an all-natural moisturizer instead of a product that may contain harmful chemicals. Some good examples of natural moisturizers include honey, Shea butter, cucumber and yogurt.
  13. Try using almond oil on face as it has been known to reduce stretch marks as well as wrinkles by acting as a great moisturizer. It contains the most important antioxidant for our skin, vitamin E in good amounts and is therefore highly recommended when it comes to reducing premature skin aging.
  14. Massage lemon juice onto the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It makes the skin feel softer by acting as an exfoliator.
  15. Cut down on foods that contain too much sugar and refined carbohydrates.
  16. Get rid of stress by adopting some helpful therapies. Stress can be damaging to overall health and well-being as it must be controlled by using meditation, yoga or other methods.
  17. Use retinoids, products that contain vitamin A, for reversing some of the aging signs. These serve to increase or stimulate the production of collagen, thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  18. Try cosmetic procedures like Botox or dermal fillers to get rid of wrinkles temporarily. However, these treatments are recommended only if all other methods fail to work. A well-balanced diet, a healthy and active lifestyle, and some natural remedies for reducing wrinkles are usually good enough.
  19. See a dermatologist or cosmetic skin specialist to discuss some other invasive procedures that may help with premature akin aging. These include laser resurfacing, deep peels, and dermabrasion.
  20. Try light source or radiofrequency treatment, such as red light therapy, to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. These treatments may not be very popular, but they can help if other treatments have failed to bring positive results.

A girl with a beautiful body lies in the sand

 Most of the methods discussed above are natural remedies to prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. However, if they have already occurred, you have the option of choosing one of the treatments from natural home remedies to invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

 An active lifestyle with little or no stress and a diet that includes all the essential nutrients is highly recommended for that youthful glow every woman desires. And finally, staying away from some harmful chemicals found in skincare products and using sunscreen regularly can help control the signs of aging.


 Premature aging of skin is upsetting for most people out there, especially women. It has been found that ultraviolet radiation is one of the most prominent causes of premature wrinkling of the skin. However, genes may also play a role in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles at an early age. Some people don’t take good care of their skin by not using moisturizer on a daily basis or not drinking enough water. This may also lead to premature aging. A poor diet with high sugar intake, alcohol and smoking is also damaging to the skin.

 While staying away from these bad habits helps in the reduction of wrinkles, there are some other ways that can be used to get rid of premature aging signs. In this post, we have outlined 20 ways to reduce premature skin aging – actual tips that are easy to follow.

 They have been found to be great when it comes to taking care of your skin properly and without spending a lot of money on expensive products and cosmetic procedures. Try these methods to reduce wrinkles and get that youthful glow back!

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