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How Does Having a Baby Affect Relationships?

Image of a happy couple with a baby

 Having a baby for the first time in a relationship will change your life completely, there will be both bad and good times. Bringing up a baby is a great responsibility that needs to be taken seriously, which can lead to a lot of people not being able to live up to the pressure.

 By knowing what is likely in store for your relationship after having a baby, you can better plan and prepare to deal with the major changes that come with having a child.

 You can inform yourself about these changes in this article about how does having a baby affect relationships?

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     New Priorities.

 Your priorities will very quickly change when you have a child, for well over the first decade of the child’s life you will need to be the guiding star that makes sure that the baby will grow up to be a good person. A big factor in whether they become a good person is the quality of their childhood, and the values that they have been exposed to.

 This is easier said than done, especially during the first years of the child’s life, you will have countless instances of having to wake up in the middle of the night in order to look after your child. Moreover, all of the choices that you will be making in your life and relationship will need to take into consideration your newborn.

 For example, you will have to keep in mind who will care for your little one if you decide to go out on a date together, as well as making sure that your home and all the objects inside your home provide for a safe place for your newborn to reside in.

     Potential Money Problems.

 Looking after a baby is not cheap, it is estimated that in the United States, it costs an average of $233,610 in order to raise a child up to the age of 17; this number, of course, being much higher for parents that continue to financially support their kids beyond that age, which in reality is something that applies to most parents.

Joyful and beautiful young family with a child

 Unless you are happy to be very wealthy, you will notice that a big part of your income will be redirected to purchase essentials such as baby food, diapers, clothes, and of course toys to keep your little one mentally stimulated.

 Initial money problems can be a good thing as they can be a wake-up call to become more responsible with your money rather than spending it on things that you do not need or even end up using.

     Diverging Views on Parenting.

 Your first step into parenting will also likely reveal the different view of parenting that you and your other half will likely have about bringing up a newborn. Therefore, the influence of parents on children will be very important.

 The views that an adult will have about parenting will have been influenced by a number of different factors, such as their own upbringing, which may have been good or bad. Additionally, they may have decided to educate themselves about parenting by reading quality literature by experts in that field.

 If you and your partner happen to be disagreeing about what the best step forward is, then you should sit down and talk about it. By doing this, you will both get a better idea of the reasoning behind your beliefs. It is important to note that you should not experiment with your newborn’s upbringing, instead you should learn from what leading professionals recommend.

     Postpartum Depression.

 A very important topic that we need to discuss in this how does having a baby affect relationships article is postpartum depression. Postpartum Depression is a type of depression that affects mothers who have just recently given birth, it is estimated that around 1 in 10 mothers happen to be affected by postpartum depression.

 This mental illness occurs due to a mix of major changes affected by hormones and also the extra pressure that is associated with having a child. Moreover, although much rarer, fathers can also suffer from postpartum depression, it is more common in men that have previously suffered from depression.

 You should not be embarrassed if you happen to feel down after having a child, it does not mean that you are weaker than everyone else. If you have any worries, then you should get in contact with your doctor, who will be able to properly diagnose you and offer you effective treatment.

     Reduced Feelings and Romance.

 A major difference in your romantic relationship that you will quickly notice after your little one arrives is that there will be a lot less feelings and romance.

 For some couples, this can be a very big issue if they have become accustomed to a certain type of interaction and way to go about your relation with your other half. And it may not even be an issue of you guys not having the time to do so; it can also be an issue of being too tired in order to get involved.

 You will have no other choice but to get used to your new reality; however, it is important to keep in mind that this is just for the short term. Your loved one as well as yourself will quickly adapt to your new reality and over time will become better at being a parent, which will leave more time for you guys to have the bond that you want to have.

     More Involvement in Your Life from Others.

 Having a little one is a very exciting moment not just for the couple, but also for those around them such as their friends, family, and even their work colleagues. All this attention can also have a negative effect, as it can lead to increased pressure on the couple from everyone who is trying to get involved in the relationship.

 This can be in a variety of forms, such as the parents or other loved ones that have already had the opportunity to have children, who will likely want to offer their presumed expertise to you. These different opinions coming from all directions can in reality do more harm than good.

Image of a married couple with children playing sports

 Not everyone will feel uncomfortable due to such attention; however, if you do, the best thing to do in such a situation is to be vocal and honest about it. The people who are close to you, who truly value your relationship, will understand and give you the space as well as the time that you need to adjust.

     Having a Baby Is Not a Magical Fix.

 Finally, in this article where we addressed the question of how does having a baby affect relationships, it is important to highlight that having a baby is not a magical fix for your special connection.

 In fact, many couples that are experiencing difficulties in their love life actually believe this. Instead, it is good to be realistic with the situation that you are in. Every child is a gift for their parents, but not everything is meant to be.

Having a newborn with the partner that you love may not make your partner love you more or to stop treating you badly. Sometimes it is best to end a romance for the good of yourself as well as the child that you are expecting or have already brought to this world. Sooner or later, you will find another person that will love you as much as you love them.

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