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How Do Parents Influence the Fate of Children?

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 Parents are the role models of their children, which is a saying that has been told over and over again. Yet, many people do not fully understand the importance of their actions and the influence that they can have on their kids. Children are very impressionable, and take a particularly high interest in how their parents behave as a way to learn.

 If you are a parent or a guardian, then you can learn a lot by reading this article about how do parents influence the fate of children?

     Educational Success.

 The educational success of the child will be greatly affected by their parents. If at least one of the adults has taken part in advanced education such as a university, then the child is far more likely to attend university than kids whose guardians have not.

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 This is because university-educated guardians are more likely to see the value of high-level education in improving the quality of life and increasing the opportunities of a person. Moreover, they will be able to offer higher quality expertise and help to their kids, thus helping them in their education.

 However, what is most important is that the children are being promoted and rewarded for their efforts in school, This will reinforce the fact that education is very important, and that it should not just be pursued in order to please mum and dad but because it is actually for the good of the kids.

 Even if your offspring do not end up pursuing higher education, they will still value the power of knowledge by gaining key skills for their job and continuing to learn throughout their life by reading books and the news.


 Even the personality of the children can be shaped by the behavior of the mother and father. Research shows that guardians who are overprotective of their youngsters are likely to lead their kids to develop anxiety as well as self-conscious personality traits. The reason why this happens is that the kids are not being exposed to any situations where they will need to take initiative on what to do.

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 The early period of a person’s life is when they are being shaped; it is when their habits are being created. Therefore, it is important to allow youngsters to experience the good and bad of life.

 You as the guardian should also focus on forging other aspects of a youth’s personality, such as teaching them that you need to work hard in life for the things that are valuable.


 Furthermore, the overall wealth of your offspring will be heavily influenced by the wealth of the individuals who happen to be looking after them.

 After all, the majority of adults will eventually leave their money and assets to their offspring after they have paid their tax. Based on this, it is clear that the youngsters of rich individuals will have a head start, as they will on average inherit a much large amount of money and valuable assets.

 Unfortunately, this is a characteristic of the world that cannot be avoided. However, it can also serve to be a massive advantage to those who are not as fortunate. The good thing is that people who have not been brought up by rich guardians will be less wasteful and will have that drive to succeed in life, while a lot of the youngsters that have grown up in rich households will have already experienced the better in life so will lack the motivation to work hard.

     Religious & Political Beliefs.

 How do parents influence the fate of children? An influential aspect of this question is that of religion and worldview. A study conducted by the Pew Research Center showed that someone who has been brought up by a guardian who is a Protestant while the other guardian is an atheist is 63% likely to be religious in their adult life.

 Furthermore, an adult who was brought up by two Protestant guardians is 84% likely to be a follower of the Protestant Christian denomination when they grow up.

 Moreover, this influence from the guardians transfers also in the political views of a person. A mother and father, as well as their descendants, are much more likely to vote for the same political party than someone of a similar age and demographic that is part of another family.

     Learning From Their Parent’s Mistakes.

 Not even parents are perfect, they are humans after all. From a very young age, kids are observing everything that their idols are doing, with their guardians being their biggest idols for most of their early life. As the youngsters mature, they will begin to take note of the negatives of the behavior of the people around them.

Image of children with parents at sunset

 Not all adults will be able to overcome their issues or even to own up to them. Regardless of this, it will still act as an example to your youngsters about how to not act in life and how not to treat people, for example.

 This is a painful way to learn, and it will often lead to resentment that will be very difficult to overcome unless the guardians directly address their mistakes and discuss them with their offspring.


 Love is a natural part of everyone’s life, we learn about it from a variety of mediums such as music, movies, books but one of the biggest examples of love is the relationship of your mother and father. The positives, as well as the negatives of the relationship of the adults looking after you, will make sure to shape how your youngsters will view romantic relationships.

 For example, if your romantic relationships as the guardian happen to be a promiscuous one, then it very likely that the kids in your family will also be involved in promiscuous relationships.

 Promiscuous relationships, themselves, are not a bad thing, what is bad however are abusive relationships where there is both physical and mental abuse going on. Therefore, you need to be very cautious about what examples you are presenting to your young ones.


 Finally, we will discuss the topic of morals in this article about how do parents influence the fate of children. Money, fame, and success at the end of the day do not matter if your kids do not grow up to be good people.

 The moral compass of your youngsters will greatly be influenced by the individuals looking after them. In fact, youngsters end up adopting most or if not a large number of the moral aspects of the adults that are in charge of looking after them and thus idolizing them.

 Morals are very important as they help to shape the type of person that you become. Your morals also act as a magnet for the people that you attract, if you are not a nice person, then you are likely to also end up attracting people that are not nice. This is why it is very important to instill good moral values into your kids.

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