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How to Develop Leadership Qualities in a Child?

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 It’s easy to spot a leader in a child when they show a different attitude towards life and have skills other children might lack at this stage. However, it is also possible to instill leadership qualities in a child so that he or she would develop a personality everybody could look up to.

 A leader is someone whom everybody looks up to and to become such a person, one has to show that they are not influenced by their own emotions. They are good decision-makers right from an early age, and their decisions are based on justice and fairness.

 It is also important to keep in mind that a leader is not a dictator. However, when he is successful in building a relationship based on trust with his people, they follow him without question.

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 In this article, we are going to discuss how to develop leadership qualities in a child and also see why it is important to cultivate these skills in kids from an early age. Even if they don’t grow up to be leaders, they can still use these skills to steer clear of hurdles and challenges in life.

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     How to Develop Leadership Qualities in a Child?

 Here are a few ways to instill leadership qualities in your child and to make them responsible citizens of a society.

  1. Involve Your Child in Decision Making.

 A child must be allowed to take his own decisions but to go one step further, it is also incumbent upon parents to engage their child in important decisions of life like where to live, which car to buy, where to go on a vacation, and so on.

 You, as a parent, need to give them the feeling that their opinion matters. This will help them differentiate between right and wrong from an early age.

  1. Let Them Lead from the Front.

 A child must be confident enough to lead a group of people whether it comprises of other kids or their own family members. While confidence is a good trait, you need to make sure your child does not act over-confident, especially in situations where he or she needs to act quite sensibly.

 Gently advise them to have patience instead of taking impulsive decisions when it comes to matters where other people’s lives are also involved.

  1. Give Them Opportunities to Negotiate.

 Every child is a negotiator, and you can see it for yourself by giving them everyday chores to do. Let them calculate how much money they would need to buy a thing, and then present them with different options to match their budget. This will teach them a very important skill for leadership known as negotiation or the “art of the deal”.

 For older kids, you can even follow the five-step process of negotiation that starts with planning and defining the rules and then goes on to bargaining and problem solving and finally implementation.

  1. Teach Them to Handle Failure with Poise.

 To learn how to rise, one must fall. Failures in life are not there to prove that we can never succeed. In fact, they are here to teach us how to rise again and fight with renewed zest and enthusiasm.

 They also serve to make us humble and not become over-confident or arrogant. You must tell your child that failure is a learning opportunity, rather than a mistake that cannot be eradicated.

  1. Encourage Them to Take Part in Sports.

 Participating in sports not only makes a child physically active and energetic but also teaches him the importance of teamwork. It is very difficult to introduce a skill without practical demonstration and for parents who want to teach their child how to work and succeed as a team, there is nothing more suitable than sports.

 Some kids may show a lack of interest in healthy activities, but it is your duty as a parent to introduce them to various sports and then have them take a pick depending on their interests.

  1. Hone Their Emotional Intelligence.

 A leader must possess empathy and compassion in order to make the right decisions for his team. If your child does not seem to understand the concepts of sympathy and kindness, you must teach them from an early age that no leader survives long if he lacks these characteristics.

 Your child must also learn that negative emotions like anger and sadness must not overshadow or dominate sound decision making. Similarly, there is no need to over-analyze a situation only to create more problems than there are already.

Image of mom and child in red cloaks and masquerade masks

 Leadership skills are beneficial for everyone whether they grow up to become real leaders or not. They help them to take control of their lives, solve problems and make positive decisions.

 They also teach them how to recognize an opportunity and work in a team to be successful in life. In order to become a good leader, your child must also learn to communicate effectively with others.

 Practice this skill in your daily life by sitting down with them and talking about various subjects, take their opinion and correct them if they’re wrong.


 If you want your child to stand out from the rest, one way to achieve this is to develop leadership qualities in him. A child must first learn to believe in himself and then make other kids follow his lead. He has to demonstrate to the world that he is capable of doing everything and, above all, he is capable of sound decision making.

 If you already see a leader in your child, you can polish their skills by following the above-mentioned tips in order to make them a “good leader”. Start teaching leader qualities to your kid by being an example yourself. Teach them how a leader must act in certain situations and how they are expected to stay calm and poised under all circumstances.

 How to develop leadership qualities in a child is a question every parent must ask to see those traits in their child and make sure they are able to overcome obstacles in life gracefully and without any trouble.

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