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What Are the Best Feminine Qualities?

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 As a woman, it could be difficult for you to figure out how you should behave with so many differing views that may be coming from your parents and family, friends, and society as a whole. Being a woman is still not easy.

 There is a lot of ongoing feminism around the world which can lead to difficulty for a woman deciding how she should behave in order to succeed in the workplace, in relationships, and in life in general. Furthermore, it may be hard for third-parties such as potential partners and friends to figure out if someone is a good person to form a relationship with.

 In this article, we will be answering the question of what are the best feminine qualities?

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     The Smile.

 As that saying goes ‘A Smile Can Open Doors’, a lot of females out there are very reserved and struggle with opening up. However, this is not a good approach, although it can quell their insecurities in the short term, smiling is a great way to attract people to you.

 Often shy people will forget that the people around them may also be shy and may struggle to approach you and get to know you even more if you give off a cold persona that is not welcoming to others even if that is not necessarily your aim.

 Smiling is fairly easy to do, and it costs you absolutely nothing to do, although at first, it may require a bit of practice and get used to, but do not worry because you will quickly get the hang of it. Also, smiling should be done in moderation; after all, you do not want to look like there is something mentally wrong with you. It is a good idea to smile when you make eye contact with someone.


 It is also a great feminine quality to be confident, but again it is easier said than done. You will face many different challenges and problems in your life, being confident will help you to overcome them. Additionally, it will make the majority of men more attracted to you, as they will find you more interesting and more of a challenge.

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 Furthermore, being confident will allow you to be happier in life since you will care less about what other people think and how they act towards you.

 People that are not confident will often spend a lot of time thinking about what other people have said about them, why that is and what they can do in order to reverse that which is the majority of the time just a massive waste of time in the grand scheme of things.


 Beauty is of course one of the most sought-after feminine qualities, both by women themselves and by their potential romantic partners. Every society has their own ideas of what being attractive is, in some societies, for example, it is considered more attractive to be skinny while in others it is better to be on the heavier side of things.

 Furthermore, according to multiple studies, men care much more about the beauty of their potential partners than women do. So, it is little surprise that the appearance of a woman is a very valued characteristic of a woman in the world that we live in today.

 But you should also remember that you should not settle with someone who just loves you for your physical beauty, but it is instead about whether you have that connection and can see it lasting for a very long time.


 To be honest when considering the question of what are the best feminine qualities we need to highlight honesty. This is very important, but it also has its problems, as you are not able to initially tell if someone is honest or not when you initially meet them.

 So if you are not an honest person, it may take some time for the other person to figure that you, but when they do, it will likely mean the loss of that relationship or at best a deterioration in relations.

 Often the reason why a person may lie is to compensate for things that they are not happy or proud of. So instead of lying it is much better in the long term for you to work on those areas that you are not proud of rather than embarrassing yourself since everything, sooner or later, is revealed for what it actually is.


 Being supportive is key, regardless if it is a potential friend or boyfriend they will be searching for someone that will support them through thick and thin. At the end of the day, it is very easy for someone to be loyal when times are good, but the real sign is when someone is loyal and supportive to the people that they supposedly care about when times are not so easy.

 Every person is different, and you should not be supportive of every person in your life. For example, if you are not feeling happy with a way that a relationship is going then it is best, to be honest, and call it quits rather than putting on a false front in order not to upset a person.

 Furthermore, you should not be supportive of someone’s stupid decisions, as that is not helping actually helping them and even if initially they may be unhappy about what you are telling them then they thank you in the future.

     Being Fun.

 Life is too short to be serious all the time; sometimes you need to have some fun in order to be able to ease off from the stress that is associated with everyday life. It will also increase the number of people that want to hang around with you and be in a relationship with you.

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 As with everything is great when done in moderation, for example, if you do not take anything seriously then your quality of life will eventually start to deteriorate, and it will have the opposite effect, you will be less fun to hang around with.

 It can be hard to have a fun life if you do not schedule an exclusive time, for example, every week or month for you to take part in interesting and fun activities either by yourself or with other people. For example, you can schedule a movie night once a week or go to your favorite restaurant once, twice a month.


 Finally, in our what are the best feminine qualities article we need to talk about kindness. It can be very easy for someone to start to treat people in a bad way just because they have become wealthy or are now seen by society as good-looking. This is a terrible approach to take, as it will only attract bad people that share the same skewed views as you may.

 You should also be kind and respectable to people, this can sometimes be hard to do as they will be people that would not act in a kind way towards you. In such cases, you should always remember not to drop down to the same level as them, but instead remember your moral standards of how to treat people.

 This will help you to attract other kind and good-meaning people that will be beneficial to your life and overall make you happier.

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