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American Cinematheque Award Gala honoring Charlize Theron at the Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles, USA

Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron, David Oyelowo at the American Cinematheque Award Gala honoring Charlize Theron at the Beverly Hilton, Los Angeles, USA

 The American Cinematheque Award Gala took place on the 8th of November 2019, the yearly event that celebrates the best actors in the world every year. This event is attended by many of the biggest actors and other leading figures in Hollywood and American television, as well as hundreds of journalists from leading newspaper and magazine publications from all over the United States, as well as a few foreign news outlets.

 Apart from being able to see the biggest figures in the global movie industry at this event, it is also a place for the individual who has been nominated for their contributions to the arts to be both made fun of in a light-hearted way and also praised for their achievements.

 Beloved readers, in this piece of content, we are going to be delving deeply into this awards gala and telling you all the hard to find information that you want to know.

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     Who Is Charlize Theron, and Why Is She Being Celebrated?

 Born in the city of Benoni in South Africa, she moved to Salerno in Italy at the age of 16 before moving to New York in the United States to try and become a professional dancer.

 In the 1990’s Theron appeared in hit film ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ alongside other well-known actors such as Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. Since getting her start, Charlize Theron has been relentless and has managed to become one of the most decorated actresses alive.

 Throughout her career she has won an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and Critics Choice Movie Awards to name just a few of her accolades. Furthermore, Theron has been ranked as the Top 100 Most Influential People in the world by TIME magazine.

     Who Were the A-Listers That Attended This Event?

 This event is a formal black-tie gala where all attendees must follow the strict dress code albeit for freedom to experiment with your fashion choices but if you still need to make sure that your outfit falls in the category of either suit or a dress.

 Below we have included some of the most famous attendees of the 2019 edition of this event:

  • Seth Rogen, born in Vancouver, Canada since the age of 17 has been involved in showbiz, taking roles as both an actor and writer it was until 2007 when he had his first breakthrough year in the film ‘Knocked Up’. Since then, Rogen has solidified his place as one of the world’s leading comedians and comedy movie actors with classics such as ‘Superbad’, ‘Neighbors’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda’.
  • Jane Seymour, a well-known actress who is born in Britain who has been awarded with the prestigious Order of the British Empire award or OBE for her contribution to the British film industry. Seymour appeared in her first film aged 18 with her career really taking off when she became a Bond girl for the film ‘Live and Let Die’.
  • Ted McGrath, a well-known theater performer and best-selling author that is known for books such as ‘Message to the Millions’, ‘Superstar Speaker’ and ‘SHIFT’.

Ted McGrath, Ana McGrath and Jane Seymour - American Cinematheque Award Gala honoring Charlize Theron

  • David Oyelowo, a British actor with Nigerian ancestry who is now also a naturalized citizen of the United States after living for over 10 years in the United States. Oyelowo is best known for playing Martin Luther King in the 2014 film ‘Selma’, he has also featured in ‘A United Kingdom’ released in 2016 and ‘Queen of Katwe’ released in 2016.
  • Patton Oswalt, an actor, and comedian who has had a long career spanning over 30 years since he started performing stand-up comedy in 1988. Oswalt has worked with Charlize Theron, who was honored at this event in the comedy ‘Young Adult’.

Jason Reitman, Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt - American Cinematheque Award Gala honoring Charlize Theron

     Other minor attendees of the event:

  • Kristen Stewart, best known for starring as Bella in the popular vampire film Twilight, this breakthrough role helped propel her as a world-renowned actress, allowing her to appear in many other films. In total, it is estimated that to date, all the films that Kirsten Stewart has appeared have in total grossed $4.3 billion.
  • Seth MacFarlane, arguably one of the world’s best-known voice over artists, some of his characters include Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Susanna Hoffs, Jay Roach, Adam Aron and Glenn Quagmire.

Susanna Hoffs, Jay Roach and Adam Aron - American Cinematheque Award Gala honoring Charlize Theron, Los Angeles, USA

     What Is the American Cinematheque Awards About, and Who Organizes It?

 The American Cinematheque Award Gala is a yearly event that has been running since the year 1986 when Eddie Murphy was the first leading film figure to be celebrated. The event has been held every year since its inception in Los Angeles. California at the Beverly Hilton Hotel is located near the coastal town of Santa Monica. Beverly Hilton Hotel is one of the most prestigious hotels in the area, has been a prime destination for celebrities to visit the mid-1950’s.

 The event is organized by the American Cinematheque foundation which is an American non-profit organization that aims to promote the movie industry, by hosting award evenings for all people involves in the movie industry from directors, actors to even editors. The foundation is also in charge of hosting the ‘Mods & Rockers Festival’.

    What Other Actors Have Been Honored by the American Cinematheque Awards?

 In total this award gala has been running for 33 years as of writing this article, with this particular award evening it is guaranteed that no one is ever awarded more than one year ever.

  • Eddie Murphy, as mentioned in the section above, Murphy was the first person ever to be awarded the American Cinematheque Award at the gala. During that time, Murphy was at the prime of his career due to a member of the Saturday Night Live cast and also has a leading role in the comedy film ‘Beverly Hills Cops’.
  • Steven Spielberg, to this day Spielberg is one of the only filmmakers to have been awarded this prestigious award. He was awarded in the year 1989 for works such as ‘Empire of the Sun’ and ‘Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom’.
  • Bette Midler, the first woman to win this gala award thanks to her appearances in films such as ‘Outrageous Fortune’ and ‘Ruthless People’.
  • Robin Williams, a national treasure who won the third installment of this award is 1988 for his first successful film of ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’ that was released the year before in 1987.
  • Ridley Scott, the action film director, is at least for now the oldest person to receive the award at the age of 79 in 2016 for directing and producing popular hit films such as Prometheus, Black Hawk Down and Robin Hood.
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