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“Outlander” Season 5 Premiere, Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, California

Outlander Season 5 Premiere, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

 The premiere of the fifth season of the “Outlander” television series took place in February at the famous Hollywood Palladium, located in Los Angeles. Outlander is a popular television series that is about a married combat nurse called Claire Randall who lives in the year 1945 but is taken back in time to the year 1743 where she needs to survive and find her way.

 The show is made for people in the United States. But is also made for individuals in other countries, such as the United Kingdom.

 Dear readers, in this piece of content we are going to be updating you on everything that happened at the premiere of this widely known television show.

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     Celebrities That Attended the Outlander Season 5 Premiere.

 Outlander’s season 5 Premiere was attended by hundreds of people, the majority of them were individuals who were directly involved with the production of the movie series. There were also other celebrities in attendance, journalists and major fans of the show.

 We go into further detail about the main attendees of the event below.

  • Sophie Skelton, Skelton is a British actress who plays the role of Brianna MacKenzie who is a leading figure in the show and is loved by fans for representing a strong woman who works as an engineer which is a rare role for a woman to have in the mid-18th century.

Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton arrives for the Outlander Season 5 Premiere, Los Angeles, California

  • Richard Rankin, a Scottish theater actor, movie and television actor who plays as Roger Wakefield MacKenzie in the Outlander who is a rich minister in the government.

Richard Rankin - Outlander Season 5 Premiere, Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, California

  • Graham McTavish, a Scottish film and voice actor who is known for playing roles in films such as The Hobbit, as well as playing Dougal MacKenzie in the Outlander.

Graham McTavish at the premiere of Season 5 of the television series Outlander, Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles

  • Sam Heughan, another Scottish actor in this film, Heughan plays Jamie Fraser who is an upper-class individual that has taken the unusual decision of becoming a soldier, Fraser is portrayed as an anti-hero at times he can be nice and helpful while at others very stubborn.
  • Lauren Lyle, a Scottish actress who plays Marsali MacKimmie Fraser. Lyle featured in her first professional role in the year 2013 in the film WhosApp before entering a competition run by the National Youth Theatre where she was noticed and managed to land her first big role.

Sam Heughan and Lauren Lyle at the premiere of Season 5 of the television series Outlander, Hollywood, Los Angeles

  • Maria Doyle Kennedy, one of the best known and successful Irish actresses, she has appeared in multiple well-known television series such as Downtown Abbey, The Tudors, Orphan Black and also the Outlander.
  • Corbin Reid, an American actress who since 2014 has been a regular on the television screens in the United States, she has featured in the Outlander as well as other shows such as Blair Witch and Words with Girls.

Maria Doyle Kennedy and Corbin Reid - Outlander Season 5 Premiere, Los Angeles, USA

  • Duncan Lacroix, a veteran English theater actor who plays in the Outlander and is the only actor to do so that has been nominated for an Emmy Award.

Duncan Lacroix at the premiere of Season 5 of the television series Outlander, Hollywood, CA

  • Stacey Dash, Dash is an actress and television host in the United States, that is best known for appearing in multiple CSI crime investigation television shows; however, she does not currently have a role in the Outlander.

Stacey Dash at the premiere of Season 5 of the television series Outlander, Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles

  • Caitriona Balfe, an Irish actress, film producer and retired model who is one of the best-known faces in the Outlander television series, having won four Golden Globe Awards and two Saturn Awards.
  • Mishel Prada, an American television actress that has appeared in the popular Walking Dead television series as well as American drama television show Diva.

Caitriona Balfe and Mishel Prada arrives for the Outlander Season 5 Premiere, Hollywood, Los Angeles

     History of the Outlander Television Series.

 The first episode of the Outlander television series was aired in the United States on the 9th of August 2014 on the Starz network which is a leading paid cable television service that people have the choice of subscribing to.

 From the outset, the show became very popular and to this day has very high reviews on the online movie review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes where the series has a rating of 92 percent out of 100 and on T.V.com where it has a score of 8.9 out of 10.

 The plot of the first episode was about Claire Randall who is a military nurse who decides to move to Oxford with her partner after the Second World War has attended, however mysteriously she is transported by herself back in time to 1743 where she knows anyone or anything about how to survive.

     What Is Season 5 of the Outlander About?

 In the anticipated Outlander Season 5 Premiere we gained a few sneak peeks of what to expect from the upcoming season, from the trailers and press releases we learn that the Fraser family is in a fight for survival to preserve their family as well as the Fraser Ridge family home.

 This sees the majority of the Fraser family members band together for the first time in a long while and forget about their differences that have been brewing in the past four seasons.

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