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How Does Our Past Affect the Future?

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 Human lives are complicated, every single person regardless if they had a privileged upbringing, how much money they have and who they know will go through situations where they will have to make difficult decisions which sometimes will turn out good and sometimes will not resulting in mistakes.

 Although you cannot change the past, the past will always be the pillar that the future will be built on at least for a considerable enough time.

 In this article, we are going to be discussing and answering the question of how does our past affect the future?

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     It Can Have a Deep Psychological Impact.

 Mental have is a complicated area that is affected by a lot of different factors; all of the factors can be grouped of things that have occurred in the past such as things that you have experienced, injuries and health conditions that you have born with.

 For the majority of people, they will experience traumatic things throughout their daily lives which to a third-party may not seem that traumatic or significant but can affect a person’s confidence and outlook of life for a long amount of time or even until the end of their life.

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 There is little people can do in order not to experience such negative situations apart from never leaving their home and never interacting with anyone. If a person is not emotionally strong for whatever reason, it is a good idea for them to book an appointment with a trained mental health professional who can assist and guide you in the right direction.

 Alternatively, if you are not able to afford such consulting, then it is recommended that you talk about your feelings with someone that you trust such as a family member or friend.

     You Will Be Better at Life.

 Throughout life, as you make both mistakes and happen to be lucky you will gain valuable experience that will help you be better at life, in other words, you will be wiser.

 This will help you to better costly mistakes in life in for example relationships, where you will be able to quickly identify negative traits in a partner or a potential partner that will help you decide if it is actually worth pursuing this relationship as based on your past experiences you will be able to judge what you actually like and really works.

 But being better at life does not just apply to relationships, it applies in all different aspects of life such as how to be more mature and employable to as well as being more capable of handling rejections in life in a way where you can retain your dignity and maybe learn something from it.

     The Internet Possesses a Permanent Memory.

 A lot of older people have a poor grasp of the internet and how it works, and many of them do not realize that in a lot of cases if you post something on the internet or someone else posts something about you.

 It can stay for a very long time if not forever with it being very time consuming and expensive to get it removed.

 This is why you should be mindful of what you write online and the visual content such as photos and videos that you post as they can be reposted by others and then affect your life in the future for a very long time.

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 There are a lot of documented cases out there of people not getting a job or even losing an existing job for things they have posted years ago when they were teenagers.

     Modern-Day Society Is Shaped by the Sacrifices of Others.

 When considering the question of how does our past affects our future it is important to take some time to recognize all those people in the past who fought and sacrificed a considerable part of their life for fighting for people’s rights.

 Some famous names that fit in this category include Martin Luther King Jr. who fought for black rights, Millicent Fawcett who fought for women’s rights in the United States and Nelson Mandela who fought for the end of apartheid in South Africa.

 Over thousands of years, human society has continuously evolved, and without the sacrifices of such figures, the everyday person will not have equal rights as they do in the majority of countries around the world to some extent. Very few people will be living to risk their lives for any cause, especially when the chances of them being successful are small.

     Words Have a Big Impact.

 There is this well-known saying that ‘words hurt more than wounds’, which in reality is true. Therefore, you need to be careful in what you are saying to others in moments where you may not be thinking rationally, such as when you are angry or under the influence of alcohol.

 As wounds can heal pretty quickly but things that you say can stick around for a long time and no matter how many times you apologize or what you say that person will remember it which can lead them to have a different way of acting and thinking towards you.

 In heated situations, it is best to be quiet and take some time to reflect and if needed, later on, come back and have a normal mature conversation with that person which will avoid causing any further rifts and problems.

     Your Financial Situation.

 A lot of decisions and actions that people take throughout their life will have an effect on their future financial situation, for example deciding to take a gap year when instead of straight off starting university you instead decide to go on a year-long holiday around the world. This will essentially set you back one year of your life.

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 Furthermore, big purchases that are not sound investments, such as splashing out on an expensive car rather than saving for a mortgage to buy your first home can have a big impact on the average person.

 Everyone wants to strike it big and become really rich, but the reality is that for the majority of people this will just remain a dream, so they need to intelligent about what they do with their money.

     Continuously Educate Yourself & Understand the Need to Move on.

 You need to keep educating yourself throughout your life and understand that sometimes you just need to move on, as understanding how does our past affect the future is one thing, but it is also key to take the needed steps to make a success of your life but more importantly that you are truly happy with your life, as you cannot change what has happened in your life in the past, but you can change what happens in your life in the future.

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