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Why Do Women Cheat on Men?

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 Stereotypically and statistically men are more likely to cheat with the Institute for Family Studies saying that the data they have collected since the 1990s on average over the years 20% of men and 13% of women have had a romantic relationship with another person while being married. It may be hard when in a relationship with a woman that you love to then find out that she has cheated on you.

 In this article, we are going to answer the question of why do women cheat on men in order to be able to tell the signs and know what to do in order to limit this happening to you.

     Some Women Crave Adrenaline.

 When anyone cheats on you, it is important to consider the fact that it may not be your fault, as you may have behaved entirely differently, and they still would have cheated. In a lot of cases, the woman may be happily married and still love her husband. However, she may be looking for some more excitement that she believes she can get from cheating where she has to keep it a secret from her husband and potentially the individual she is cheating with.

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 According to research done by the online publication the Huffington Post, 67% of women who have cheated or are thinking of cheating claim to do it because they want more passion in their relationship. This can mean two things that they do not get enough passion with their husbands, which does not mean that they do not love them, just that things are no longer as interesting for them as there were at the beginning of the relationship.

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 This may not be because you are necessarily doing something wrong, but because once you have known a person for so long, there is no longer that initial nervousness and excitement of getting to know someone new. Furthermore, once you know a person for a long time, you are able to predict how the relationship will be with them.

     Bad Treatment by Partner.

 As with everything there is a limit, even the nicest and most loyal girls may eventually cheat if they are treated badly by their current partners. After all, a lot of people seem to forget that a relationship is not about yourself but also about your partner, so your priority should not be about making just an individual happy, but to make sure that the relationship is working for everyone involved.

 Bad treatment can be a lot of things from the most obvious examples such as being exploited or physically abused which although rare still affects an estimated 1.4% of all women in the United States. If this is the case the woman will start looking for someone that can support her which may very well turn out to be another man, usually in such cases the woman will not stay with the man who is abusing her and will, sooner or later, move on with someone else.

 However, it can also be things that may be less obvious such as the feeling of being desired, every woman wants to be told regularly that is ‘beautiful’ for example and also feel desired by the way you behave towards her. If you are not providing her with that, then she may turn to another man on the side who will. Regardless of this, it is important to note that this, although required, should be in the right amount, if a girl is insecure and requires extreme amounts of reassurance than the issue does not lie with you.

     She Wants Freedom.

 Admittedly, in a lot of relationships that have been long-term people will start feeling like they are in a virtual prison where they cannot be themselves and do what they want. You may be doing everything by the playbook by treating her right and giving her what she wants, but a woman may still feel embarrassed to reveal what she really wants to do, as she may be scared that you will judge her or simply not approve of it and not allow it to happen.

 In a lot of long-term relationships, there will still be a lot of insecurities where one of the partners will not be happy with allowing their other half to go out partying, drinking with work colleagues and staying out without asking for permission and notifying their boyfriend about where they are going to be and what they are going to be doing.

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 Because of this, a woman may eventually reach a stage in her life where she misses the memories from her teenage years up to her early thirties when she could do whatever she wanted without someone being involved in the decision making. This is also known as a mid-life crisis, which is where someone is stuck in the same old job and is coming to terms that this is something that they will have to do until they retire.

 One thing you can do in this situation if you are the man is to talk to your partner to try and find out if that is the way she is feeling and then to address it otherwise you risk this happening to you.

     Looking for Younger Men.

 As with a lot of men, the reason why some women cheat maybe because they are looking for someone younger who is naturally better-looking thanks to not starting the aging process yet. Again, this is related to women who are missing or feel that they are not being satisfied sexually in the relationship.

 There is nothing you can do in such circumstances as everyone will eventually start to age and will not be as appealing to the eye as they once were while they are young. It is best if you discover that someone is cheating on you because of this that you just move and find happiness by living your life in the way you want to and potentially one day finding a partner that truly loves you.

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