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Who is a Real Lady and How to Become Her?

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 A real lady is a woman who is soft-spoken, kind and refined. The term lady is used to describe a respectful woman, someone who deserves respect because of her social position. However, any woman who possesses good manners and who can be considered an equivalent of a gentleman can be called a real lady.

 There are some things that a woman needs to avoid if she wants to be called a lady. She knows exactly what to wear to a certain event or at a certain occasion. She would never slouch or give an impression that she is being bored or uninterested. A real lady always has a smile on her face, and she is never rude to anyone.

 It’s not difficult to become a lady, but an ordinary girl would have to give up a lot of bad habits. These include fidgety behavior, telling lies, and being dishonest or fake. A real lady is someone who follows all etiquette rules, even if it’s something as small as leaving an umbrella open to dry.

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 Wearing too short or tight fitted clothes is also something a real lady would never do. If she has to wear a short dress, she would make sure that she wears pantyhose with it. When at a party or get-together, a lady would not refuse anything offered to her in the form of drink or food. And a lady would never blow on her food to cool it down.

   In this article, we will discuss who is a real lady and how to become her.

     Who is a Real Lady and How to Become Her?

 While there are a lot of things a woman can practice to become a true lady. Here are a few things a woman can do to become a real lady:

  1. Wearing Only Branded Items.

 A real lady would never wear poor quality or replica designer items. It is a well-known fact that replica or fake goods can never compete with the original items. Anyone who chooses to use fake items cannot attain the level of a real or true lady.

  1. Taking Good Care of Yourself.

 Maintaining a healthy diet and getting rid of stress are important steps when you want to take care of yourself and become a true lady. A stressful woman would take her frustration out on someone or the other, which would ruin her image of a real lady.

  1. Avoiding Cosmetics.

 Natural beauty and a face without makeup is always more attractive than one that has been made up using a lot of cosmetics.

  1. Being in Control of Her Emotions.

 Showing an impulsive reaction to an event or in a situation is something a real lady would never do. She will keep her nervous habits and emotions in check regardless of the situation. A real lady is someone who doesn’t laugh loudly or use offensive language while talking. She talks in a gentle and polite tone with everyone, regardless of their age or social status.

  1. Being Truthful.

 A real or true lady would always speak the truth. Someone who is in the habit of lying can never attain the status of a respectful lady.

Image of a bright lady in a red suit

  1. Using Cutlery While Eating.

 When eating on a table, a real lady would always use cutlery and follow all etiquette rules. She would prefer not to eat on-the-go, like most people do nowadays. Fast food is something totally out of question, especially if she has to eat out. This type of lifestyle does not suit a true lady.

  1. Keeping a Safe Distance with Strangers.

 A real lady keeps her personal details to herself when it comes to dealing with strangers. As such, she doesn’t trust that easily, especially new people with whom she has no acquaintance. An ordinary girl, on the other hand, would not feel any hesitation when dealing with new people.

  1. Being Punctual.

 A real lady knows the importance of time and that is why she never arrives late on an event. If you want to become a respectful woman, you will have to be punctual all the time.

  1. Not Getting Involved in Casual Relationships.

 A real or true lady doesn’t engage in casual flings just for the sake of fun. She maintains her relationships with devotion and dedication. And she doesn’t show for or physical intimacy with anyone except her true partner.

  1. Not Revealing Her Age.

 It might sound a bit unusual, but a real lady would never reveal her age especially to strangers. If we go a little further, a woman who wants to attain the status of a true lady would not reveal her weight or size because these things are usually considered very personal.


   Is it the royal posture or the designer clothes? What exactly makes a woman a real lady?

 There are some manners that are unacceptable where real ladies are concerned. When it comes to eating or greeting etiquette, a real lady knows what she needs to do. A real lady can be called by a number of names. She can be a classy lady or a true lady or someone who is perfectly elegant.

Image of a beautiful couple standing in the sea

 Who is a real lady and how to become her makes us explore the definition of a lady who is someone well-mannered and virtuous. She dresses modestly and smiles generously. However, at the same time, she also makes sure that she doesn’t open up with just about anyone. A real lady never reveals her personal details, where she lives, what her full name is and so on.

 She develops and maintains good posture no matter where she is sitting. She listens more and speaks less. She wouldn’t answer her cell phone in places where silence is to be maintained, such as a classroom or a movie theater.

 A real lady doesn’t whine or complain often, especially of things that are beyond her or anyone else’s control. She doesn’t interrupt conversations or discuss religion or politics, especially on a dining table.

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