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What Does Every Woman Dream About?

Image of a woman lying on the grass and dreaming

 What does every woman dream about? When this question was posed, it became clear that nobody could state with certainty what every woman dreams. Surely people of different ages, and cultures, would dream differently.

 What we did discover is that women dream more than men, dream longer, and remember their dreams better than men. Women tend to dream about familiar people and places. This differs from men who dream about strangers in an outdoor setting.

 The difference between male and female dreams is something we would expect as men are biologically, emotionally, and physically different from women.

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     What are Dreams?

 Dreams are simple stories and pictures that are created by our minds while we sleep.

 There are a variety of theories about why we dream. These include:

  1. They are unconscious desires.
  2. An interpretation of random signals from the brain.
  3. A consolidation of, and processing of, the day’s occurrences.
  4. A form of self-administered psychotherapy.

 Scientists see dreaming as a processing activity where our brain does its housekeeping and review of gathered information.

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     Lucid Dreaming.

 There is a special kind of dreaming called lucid dreaming. During lucid dreaming, the individual has a degree of control. Often this lucid dreaming will occur in the middle of a regular dream, when suddenly the sleeping person becomes aware they are dreaming.

 For most people, lucid dreaming is a random process, but some people claim they can develop their own ability to enter lucid dreaming.

     Dream Studies.

 We dream about two hours a night. We may or may not remember those dreams, but they still take place.

 Recent studies find that men and women dream differently. The content of men’s dreams will differ from women. The study showed that a man’s dream would have more aggressive material and physical actions than that of a woman. A woman will contain more exclusion and rejection, as well as more conversation than activity.

 A woman will spend longer dreams, and they will be more complex and have more characters. A woman will include an equal number of men and women, whereas men will dream more about men than women.

 In another study that lasted forty years, researchers found that our dreams may encompass many differing emotions. The most common feelings were anxiety and other negative emotions. There are far more negative than positive emotions in our dreams.

   Finally, certain “types” of dreams are universal:

  1. Being chased.
  2. Falling.
  3. Feeling like you are frozen.
  4. Naked in public.
  5. Someone attacks us.
  6. Being late.
  7. Able to fly.

 People all over the globe seem to experience the same types of dream. We are not 100% male or female.

 Having made some bold statements about what male and female dreams are like, we have to stop and think further. Scientists have proved that gender is not black or white. We are all individuals and differing degrees of male and female within us. Consequently, dreams may be more masculine in some women and more feminine in some men.

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  Another way of looking at the question!


 So far, we have considered the process of dreaming and how we dream. We have accepted that men and women are not the same and have different types of dreams. We will now turn to what we imagine women want.

   It is true that men and women mostly have common life goals:

  1. Good health – 92% Men / 96% Women.
  2. Financially secure – 74% Men / 81% Women.
  3. Fulfilled at work – 73% Men / 72% Women.
  4. Children – 60% Men / 66% Women.
  5. Religion – 58% Men / 68% Women.

 When dreams are studied, it has been found that women will dream of emotions, relationships, and members of the family. This differs from men who dream of violent scenarios, strangers, and sex with unknown partners.

 More important than the subject of dreams is how we understand them and handle them. Women will remember more of their dreams. They take them more seriously and discuss with those they are closest too.

   Now we link everything together!

     Genetic Expression.

 We know from studies that men have an inbuilt genetic predisposition to try and spread their genes amongst the highest number of women. We also know that women were genetically molded to try and keep one sexual partner so that their children are protected. If we extrapolate this, women have a far more significant investment in a relationship than men.


 Historically, when relationships break down, it has been the woman who is left to raise a child after the significant breadwinner has left – facing financial and emotional stress. This outcome is still, to a lesser extent, the same today. Again we see that women have a more significant benefit from a secure relationship and keeping the male interested.

 Taking into account genetic expression, experience, and all the other studies we have looked at in this article, we can make the deduction that the following topics are LIKELY to feature in the dream menu of women.

  1. Family Members.
  2. Relationship issues.
  3. The expression of emotional goals.
  4. Ways of attracting the known male target (kissing, flirting, etc.).
  5. Verbal aggression.
  6. Losing a loved one.

 From research, we also know that these topics will be expressed more colorfully than in male dreams. The dreams will be longer and involve more characters. The dreams will also comprise of more conversations.

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     The Answer to Our Original Question.

 We started this article looking at the question, “What does every woman dream about?” At the beginning of the article, we established that everybody is different and that there was no way to answer the question.

 But now, by looking at different aspects of the article, we seem to have established the menu of “Types” of things that women want, if not a definitive list of exactly what all women want.

 The types of things that women will dream about are on the menu that appears in the last paragraph. The exact interpretation of the list will be tempered by the individual’s male/female mix and their experiences in life.

     Final Words.

 In the last but one paragraph, we switched from looking at the individual subjects to the types of topics that all women dream about. When we brought in the sliding gender definition (not all male or all female), it became clear that even stating what topics women dream about is very vague.

   We wish a Better Dream!

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