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Female Psychology Secrets

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 Men have long polarized women and have used this polarization that they are opposites to explain any relationship problems that they may encounter with women. The truth is that women are a lot like men. Although they may have different lifestyle choices and ambitions, the gender gap is narrowing as women become more androgynous and men become more submissive. Let’s consider some female psychology secrets below.

     1. Women Want an Emotional Connection.

 Estrogen can have a profound effect on moodiness. Women tend to feel things more than their analytical, testosterone-fueled opposites. A lot of things that a woman has to tell you can be told to you in silence. Trying to guess what a woman is thinking is the wrong approach. Women may have undefined thought processes that sprawl on like a spiderweb. That emotional foundation is where you have to key-in if you want to understand them.

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 Women can overreact, feel scared, become lonely, sad, depressed, paranoid, and pessimistic in a greater dimension than men. The estrogen tricks their minds to make them feel vulnerable, uneasy, and like men are stalking them like wild beasts. Men can suppress and drown out their emotions to look at things in a technical and analytical fashion. They are not down and out over the hardships of life. Instead, they look at the technical aspects of the project and get to work on it.

 This heightened sense of emotional awareness is what makes women so mysterious. They don’t operate on a logical foundation and can be hard to figure out because they can change their minds like the wind. This also allows them to be more empathetic as caretakers of children, injured, sick, and others who need their help.

     2. Women Are Family Oriented.

 Women are happiest when they are around other women and children. They like to add sisters and friends like increments to their Borg collectives. This inclusive nature is what makes them great with children. They have the multi-tasking skills to manage large families and to form large cliques.

 Female psychology is inherently family oriented. Advertisers know this and use pictures of children, puppies, flowers, large events, and family photos to get their attention and market them products. A women’s psychology is heavily influenced by childbearing and fantasies of planning this grand and glorious future. This is why many women are traditionally focused on looking at the father-figure and chief hunter and provider status of men than immediate sexual intimacy.

Married couple and child

     3. Women Love Money and Gossip.

 Women love money. They love the false security of wealth and feeling as if they can live a comfortable and stress-free life that is full of friendships and family events in perpetuity. It is instinctively not healthy for them as mothers to be forced to raise their offspring in unstable situations.

 And in obtaining money, women can be manipulative. They can use their mystery, sexiness, and exclusivity to charm men and lovers out of their wealth in marriage contracts, expensive dates, or long-term relationships.

 And of course, they love to gossip about what how lavishly they were treated or how lucky they are to their girlfriends. Women are total gossipers because they love to network and stay informed about all the intimate and dirty laundry of everyone. And if you treat one woman badly, the whole town will know about it the next day.

Woman and money

     4. Women Love Nest Eggs.

 One of the other female psychology secrets is that women love houses and squirreling away money for a rainy day. Men would rather roam around aimlessly and experience new things while burning money with frugality. Women typically desire to sit at home and nest so that they can develop the friendships that they have and live a more predictable life.

     5. Women Are Less Competitive.

 The male ego seeks adventure, thrills, travel, and the thrill of the hunt for new relationships and experiences. Relationships with women typically just happen because they have an arbitrary setting that allows the relationship to evolve naturally at a comfortable pace.

 Men like to conquer things, want instant sexual gratification, and are a lot more competitive than women. This is changing a lot, however, because more women are taking on a domineering ego due to their status of employment and higher education levels.

     6. Women Are Attracted to Worldly Status.

 Women are now finding that it is difficult to find men that they find financially attractive because they are more educated and financially independent than American men. This may be due to the fact that more women can charm their fathers into paying for their college educations because they are more behaved and responsible. Men are typically expected to rough things out and to struggle through life like they are soldiers. Men are more attracted to youthfulness and sexiness and don’t put as much stock in a woman’s education or financial abilities.

     7. Women Lie in Riddles.

 When women lie, it is usually obvious and is used to convey an emotional message that comes from their irrational subconscious minds. They may claim that a man is stalking them even if it is a mere perception that is lacking in evidence, if they have a subconscious fear that they cannot resolve. When women make up weird stories and are plainly lying, it is important to see these narratives as folk tales and excuses that are based on emotion and suspicion rather than serious empirical evidence.

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