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What are Female Phobias? 10 Main Types.

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 Many people are terrified of certain things. Some are scared of the water, while others are afraid of the darkness or closed spaces. These are known as phobias, and they are among the most common psychiatric disorders among women. According to an estimate, about 10% of Americans suffer from some type of phobia.

 These fears develop from an early age and continue into adulthood if proper treatment or intervention is not practiced. Behavioral and cognitive therapies are generally adopted to address the issue of phobias. Since women are more likely the victims of phobias, in this article we are going to explore what are female phobias and how they can be treated.

     What are Female Phobias?

 Phobias need to be controlled otherwise they may develop into serious panic attacks. Some of these are categorized as “anxiety” disorders because they are closely linked with anxiety and stress. If a particular object or situation is involved, the fear is termed as specific phobia and there are many types of these phobias.

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   Let’s have a look at some of the most common phobias among women.

    1. Acrophobia.

 Acrophobia is the name given to the fear of heights or high altitudes. Some women develop this kind of phobia after going through a traumatic experience that involved falling from a height or any other accident. Anyone might feel scared of the height, but when this fear develops into a full-blown anxiety attack, it becomes a phobia.

     2. Cynophobia.

 The fear of dogs is termed as cynophobia, and it is surprisingly quite common among women. People with this type of fear often lead a very cautious life, as they avoid places where there might be a dog present. As a result, this phobia affects their daily dealings and activities, such as going to work or school, and must therefore be treated.

     3. Social Phobia.

 There are many people in the world who are afraid of social gatherings and situations where there is a crowd of people. This phobia is also known as social anxiety disorder, and it has more to do with psychological illness than a common fear. These people are afraid of speaking in front of people, and they try to avoid confrontations at all costs. It can have a negative impact on the person’s ability to function and fulfill responsibilities.

     4. Mysophobia.

 If you’re familiar with OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder, it will be easy to understand this type of phobia. It involves extreme fear and hatred of germs and dirt. Women with this type of phobia are often found washing their hands frequently or avoid physical contact with others. This type of fear can affect a person’s relationships, as he or she tends to be obsessed with cleanliness.

     5. Trypanophobia.

 This is again a very common fear found among women, and it involves the fear of injections. Women who suffer from trypanophobia tend to avoid medical treatments, especially those that involve the use of a needle. It is estimated that about 30% of women in their adulthood are scared of injections and doctors in general.

     6. Astraphobia.

 If someone feels extremely scared when there is thunder and lightning, they probably suffer from a condition known as astraphobia. Their heart rate increases, and they sometimes start having respiratory issues. Some women even become so obsessed with the weather that they keep checking their local temperature and forecasts to avoid stormy weathers.

     7. Claustrophobia.

 This is a relatively less common phobia, and it involves fear of closed spaces and confined areas. Women who suffer from this type of phobia think that they are unable to escape from such a place. Crowded places and closed doors and windows can also trigger claustrophobia in some people. Some women start experiencing other symptoms like numbness, nausea, headache and dry mouth.

     8. Hydrophobia.

 The fear of water is termed as hydrophobia, and it is also sometimes referred to as aquaphobia. It can be a result of a traumatic experience in childhood that involved drowning. Some women are also fearful of drinking water; however, it is very rare. Hydrophobia also occurs as a result of rabies because the person suffering from this disease start having difficulty in swallowing and hence fears water.

     9. Aerophobia.

 Aerophobia is a name given to the fear of flying, and it sometimes accompanies other types of fears like claustrophobia or acrophobia. People with this type of phobia are afraid to travel by air in any kind of flying vehicle. Therapy and medication are used to treat aerophobia, especially when it starts affecting a person’s daily life.

     10. Autophobia.

 Autoophobia is also known as monophobia, and it is the fear of loneliness or being alone. It can be considered the opposite of social anxiety disorder, as these people always want someone to be with them in order to feel safe. Women who suffer from this type of phobia fear that they are being egotistic and that people might hate them for this. It can also be termed as another anxiety disorder.


 The 10 phobias discussed above are the most common types of fears found in women.

 These fears exist, but they are nothing to be afraid of unless they severely impact a person’s life. There are treatments available for almost all types of phobias, and an early intervention is usually recommended for better results.

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 Phobias are quite common among women, and they are sometimes accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, weakness and breathlessness. Any type of phobia can greatly affect a person’s life and therefore there is a need to identify this kind of fear and follow a proper treatment to get rid of it.

 What are female phobias addresses the most common types of phobias that are found in women. Once a phobia or fear is identified, proper therapy must be adopted that may comprise of medication or cognitive intervention to lessen the fear. It is important to discuss the patient’s history because most of the phobias develop as a result of some traumatic experience in the past.

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