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Why is Our World So Complex and Contradictory?

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 Our world is getting increasingly complex with the addition of so many things, although they are being invented to make our life easy. When we look at our past and compare our current life to the life of our grandparents, we can only infer that the world is now more contradictory and paradoxical.

 The human population is increasing drastically and as a result, our environment is suffering badly because of our own actions. This environmental and especially climate change has started to threaten our race. In addition to this, the planet we live on is also constantly facing wars and political instability, not to mention the nuclear uncertainty that disturbs us all the time.

 Despite all the advancements, we are depressed, uneasy and restless. This is what contradiction means; all our actions are meant to improve our lives, but on the contrary they have made our lives more complex and challenging.

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   Why our world is so complex and contradictory is what we are going to discuss today.

     Why is Our World So Complex and Contradictory?

     The Economic System.

 Despite record economic growth in the present era, a large percentage of world population still continues to live below the poverty line. These people are unable to enjoy even the basic necessities of life, let alone think of buying the luxuries. Only a handful of people compared to the entire world population is currently enjoying a luxurious life.

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 Still, many of these people suffer from depression, sleeplessness and other mental illnesses. They live in constant fear of losing all they have earned in their life.

 There is a race all over the world between order and disorder. If you try to introduce order through technology advancement and economic development, you push the world further towards chaos and disorder. And that is how the world has become paradoxical, and we have simply no control over it.

 Rapid growth in the economic sector has made us very busy and stressful. As a result, we seldom find time for our family traditions or a chance to revisit our values. The advancements have somehow destroyed our beloved ways of life that had been passed down from generations. We no longer seem to connect with our loved ones.

     The Living Standards.

 The worst part is, even with so much wealth and prosperity our standards of living as well as health and nutrition are declining. No matter how much money we are able to make, we can’t control the way our body reacts to this materialistic approach to life.

 We are no longer active, rather spend a lot of time procrastinating and as a result, our health suffers a lot. In many parts of the world, the local culture is no longer there. People can’t get access to the housing market because of the sky-high prices of houses and villas. This is the imbalance that our own actions have brought to the planet, and it is now very difficult to reverse it.

     Disadvantages of Capitalism.

 Some experts might suggest that inequality is crucial to economic development and prosperity. However, what they miss is that, everyone deserves to have a house, food, jobs and access to education and healthcare? Capitalism is not really concerned with equality or equal opportunities. This economic system is only for those who are the most powerful and most skillful.

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 When capitalism was brought in to replace socialism, people had not been warned that this change is about to occur. As a result, they were not prepared or trained to survive in the new world. It was a sudden change for some communities, and they are still struggling to get up and take their deserved share from the economic system.

 Today, a number of people are of the opinion that this system has to change. They want to make this world a better place to live in – both environmentally and economically. In a globalized world, everyone has to listen to other people’s views and ideals and accept them as they are. If values are shared, they produce friends and partners who can work together for improvement.

 Globalization can be constructive but if it is not constant, it may destruct the planet completely. If we keep making things global at this rate, we may even lose all control over our future.

 We may not know what is going to happen ten years from now if we don’t control the wave of globalization. People now travel from country to country in search of a better life.

 Soon they will be allowed to move freely and if they ever decide to come back to their homeland, the place might seem very strange and indistinct because of the transformed norms, values and people. The life they used to live will no longer be there. And this is what our children and their children are going to experience very soon.

     Impacts of Globalization.

 While globalization is good for innovation and economic development, it has also made us strangers on this planet. We no longer feel connected to our own homeland and our roots. And this is what makes this world so complex and contradictory.


 Why our world is so complex and contradictory is a question many people ask because despite all the luxuries that we are surrounded with, we are still not satisfied.

 Social inequality is one of the most prevalent reasons for this contradiction, which results from uneven distribution of wealth, gender inequality and discrimination among different races.

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 As a consequence, we experience increased crime rate all over the world, poorer healthcare, and more political instability.

 In order to simplify our lives and get rid of the paradox, we will have to address these issues in addition to controlling the environmental damage. The economic system of the world has now been transformed to capitalism from socialism, which itself has brought on many changes, as there is a huge difference between these two.

 Capitalism has widened the gap between the rich and the poor because there is no way to redistribute the resources from the wealthy to the less privileged. As a result, not everyone has access to equal opportunities, and this further increases the gap.

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