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20 Signs of Female Jealousy

Woman is jealous of her man

 Women tend to do some weird things when they are jealous of one another. This type of jealousy is given a number of names, such as professional jealousy when two women of the same professional stature come face to face, friend jealousy when a woman fears losing a close friend or sibling jealousy when one of the sisters is jealous of the other because of some physical differences. Another very common type of jealousy seen in females is when two women start romanticizing the same man.

 Sometimes your coworkers can be jealous of you and sometimes there is a woman who feels insecure of losing her partner, so she obsesses over every single woman he talks to. In this post, we will first find out if jealousy is a normal emotion and what are the conditions under which it is considered abnormal or harmful. Then we will look at some typical signs of female jealousy to diagnose if someone is suffering from this condition.

     Is Jealousy Normal?

 Feeling jealous is a very normal emotion; in fact, in some situations it is considered a positive emotion particularly where relationships are concerned.

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 Women are supposed to be possessive of their husbands, children, parents and siblings. If they find someone interfering with the relationship, it is quite a natural response to feel jealous of that person. Most girls get jealous because they are afraid to lose the other person, which is mostly their partner or husband.

 However, jealousy that concerns abnormal or unacceptable reactions is considered psychotic. It is not considered normal, rather something that involves unreal or delusional motives. This type of jealousy makes people do all sorts of crazy and at times dangerous things. This usually happens in relationships that involve romance, love or marriage. Women who suffer from pathological jealousy always have this idea in their mind that their partner is being unfaithful to them.

 Women who feel intensely jealous of other women are actually constantly comparing themselves to others. They are fearful, insecure and of the opinion that they are simply not good enough. These are negative feelings that one must overcome if they want to live a happy and satisfied life. People who suffer from delusional jealousy must seek medical help to find out if they’re depressed or suffering from some other type of mental illness.

Woman and man find out the relationship

 There is another type of jealousy known as obsessive jealousy that often goes unnoticed. People are more concerned about delusional jealousy that they fail to notice that someone is suffering from a severe case of obsessive jealousy. There are studies available that serve to compare these two types of conditions and give suggestion of possible medical treatment for their cure.

 In any case, it is not considered normal to have too many negative emotions about the same person consistently. It could be related to your own fear, which indicates that the other person has nothing to do with it. Overcoming this jealousy is usually the best way to start feeling normal again. It benefits both parties and gives way to healthy relationships both in personal and professional life.

     20 Signs of Female Jealousy.

 If you want to find out if someone is feeling jealous of you, there are some signs to watch out for. You can also diagnose your own jealousy if you’re being protective of your relationship with a friend or a partner. It is important to know that such emotions do occur, but it’s our job not to entertain them for too long. This is because sometimes the same emotion that came because you’re feeling insecure about losing someone can actually make that person become wary of you.

Girl recalls a man

 Let’s have a look at some of these signs so that you can take some measures to prevent more damage whether it’s your own jealousy or someone else’s.

  1. When a woman is jealous of another woman because of a man, her mood changes swiftly when that woman is around. This is a sign that could tell a man about her being romantically interested in him.
  2. Girls who are jealous of one another because of being physically more attractive or something like that, they tend to ignore one another and pretend that they don’t care.
  3. If a girl tries to imitate you every time she gets a chance, it’s a sign that she might as well be jealous of you!
  4. A jealous woman tends to talk a lot about her happy life (or fake happiness) in front of the other woman in hopes of getting her jealous of her instead.
  5. When women are jealous, they pretend to be busy when plans of meet-up are made. They give you a thousand reasons why they are unable to attend.
  6. Women who feel insecure because of another woman tend to become clingy to their partner and try never to lose the sight of him.
  7. Jealous girls start stalking their partners on social media by creating fake accounts or dummy profiles to find out what he is up to.
  8. When a woman is jealous of another woman, she feels the urge to overdo everything, from posting selfies to dressing up too ostentatiously just to show that there is simply no comparison between them.
  9. Some women start posting derogatory comments about the girl they are jealous of. Sometimes they do it directly, and at other times they hide behind a facade.
  10. A man can easily spot a jealous partner when she starts checking all his messages, photos and other personal things obsessively and repeatedly.
  11. Most women who are insecure in their relationship start lying. When they lie, you can easily guess that they are being jealous of someone in your circle of friends or acquaintances.
  12. Professional or workplace jealousy can be spotted if a woman starts downgrading her colleague in front of other colleagues or their boss.
  13. Another sign to identify workplace jealousy is when the girl gives no notice to your success, or at times downplays it.
  14. When someone gossips about another person, they are more often than not feeling jealous of them. So, this is yet another sign that can show female jealousy.
  15. Women start faking illness when they want their partner to be with them all the time. This can also be easily pointed out.
  16. Friend jealousy can be spotted when the woman almost always talks sarcastically with the other woman. The sarcasm is meant to degrade her.
  17. Some women fake laughter just to gain attention of the man because of whom they are feeling insecure. This is a sign that clearly shows their envy for another woman.
  18. Envious girls start mentioning other men in front of their partner to see if he gets jealous too. This also happens when the man is in the habit of making her jealous deliberately.
  19. When women are jealous in a romantic relationship, they start flirting with other men to see the reaction of their partner. If he notices and mentions, they get a feeling of accomplishment.
  20. Jealous women would never give a sincere advice to the woman they are jealous of. This may happen in sibling or professional jealousy, and it can be easily spotted.

Female rivalry at work

 All these things might sound crazy to some people, but girls actually tend to do them when they are envious of other women. It might be a jealousy of any type, but it’s an emotion that cannot be kept secret for a long time. Female jealousy is not uncommon; it exists in every culture around the world. All women, regardless of their level of attractiveness, professional position, or financial standing, tend to get jealous of other women.

 The important thing is to identify this emotion and try to let go of it as soon as you can. Sometimes jealousy can destroy relationships and therefore despite being perfectly normal, it is not encouraged to feel envious of others’ accomplishments, success, physical beauty and attractiveness and worldly belongings.


 Female jealousy is very common as women tend to be very emotional, especially when it comes to relationships. Sometimes women can obsess over trivial matters, and jealousy is usually not the reason behind it. These girls are naturally obsessive. But when it does concern jealousy, the best way to interpret it is to watch out for some signs that show that a girl is jealous of another girl. Men can use these signs to their advantage, especially to find out if a particular woman is showing interest in them. Some of the 20 signs of female jealousy discussed in this post might sound quite suitable to a lot of people out there.

 We all experience similar kinds of emotions every now and again, and we also show reactions according to our personality. However, there is one type of jealousy that must not be ignored, and that is known as abnormal or psychotic jealousy. This type of emotion or reaction is based on unreal or delusional events, and if someone you know feels like that, you should advise them to see a psychiatrist.

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