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What Is True Passion In a Relationship?

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 The right amount of passion is needed in a relationship in order to make it worthwhile and last the test of time, however, finding the right balance is far from easy as you need to show passion, but not too much, or you risk pushing your significant other away.

 There is nothing to worry about as in this article we are going to be answering the question of what is true in a relationship?

     Being Interested in Your Partner.

Charming man looks with passion at a girl

 One of the best ways to show that you are interested in and passionate about your companion is to be interested in them from the start and throughout your relationship. This interest needs to be genuine because if it is not, eventually it will become pretty obvious that you are not being genuine, and it can jeopardize your relationship.

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 The first way that you can show interest in your partner is to ask them questions about what is going on in their life, just because you may have been together for a few years or longer does not mean that you know everything about each other as new things arise all the time.

 Being together with someone in a serious relationship is not about sharing the good moments but also the difficult ones which are why you need to make it obvious to your partner that if they ever need support that they can turn to you.

 By showing that you care for them in this way you are also showing your passion for your partner.

 As with everything you need to show a healthy amount of interest in your partner and make sure that you are not becoming obsessive as that is an instant turn off for the majority of people. Signs that you are becoming ‘too interested’ or in other words obsessive is that you are starting to question the other person that you are in a relationship about where they are going or seeing when they are on nights out or even trying to look through their phone to try and see what they are doing.

 If your behavior consists of this then you should stop as it is not good for the long term for both of you as you need to trust your partner.

     Having Fun.

Girl and young man have fun together

 Having fun is another sign of true passion in a relationship that may seem very obvious however it is a trait that tends to fizzle out over time in a lot of relationships out there. To have fun, you do not have to spend a lot of money even if you can afford to, instead it is actually better to have fun doing everyday things together such as cooking, watching television and even going shopping as these activities are necessary and are going to happen therefore a lot more often than the amounts of times that you are going to go cinema or do other paid activities.

 As with everything when having fun you need to do it the right amount so that it does not negatively influence the other parts of your life before you start watching television shows or going to restaurants you need to make sure that both of your lives are in order.

 Because after the fun activities have ended you will still need to come back home and face the consequences of your theoretical ignorance.

 Another important point is that when having fun you need to have an open mind, as you will not always have the same interests as your partner so both of you will have to make sacrifices in order to make your other half happy and show them that you are passionate about making the relationship work.

     Shared Goals to Improve Your Lives.

A man and a woman together rejoice in their success

 Being in a relationship with some that you love is all about improving your lives and growing together in many different ways such as financially, spiritually, physically and mentally. It is a good idea to discuss the idea of setting common goals of your partner that you will try to achieve; these can be both short-term and long-term goals.

 One of the shared goals that you can have with your partner is to improve your health, as this is something very hard to do especially if you do not have the support from the other person in your romantic relationship. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, it is not good if they are cooking food that is not healthy.

 Your intimate life with your partner is also very important. Give this question a sufficient amount of time. You must have a lot of passion in bed. This is very important for a successful relationship.

 Additionally, having goals to improve each other lives financially, the easiest way to do this is to invest in foolproof types of investments such as property and public company shares. These methods grow your wealth much more slowly but are guaranteed to work without you needing any special knowledge.

 Alternatively, you can also start a company together which takes a lot more hard work and attention and is less likely to succeed with an estimated 50% of startups failing in the first two years. However, if it does work, it can be extremely lucrative, and it can bring both of you together.


Romantic couple passionately hugging by the sea

 You can show all the types of passion in a relationship that we have described above, but the most important type of passion from all of them is having commitment. Even the best relationships out there are not perfect, and the main reason why some relationships are better than others in the first place is there is a commitment from the side of both of the people involved in the relationship.

 Commitment is hard to show but over time as you spend more time with your partner you will be able to see if there is any commitment from the side of your partner, and they will be able to see the same in you.

 Showing commitment can be done in a variety of actions and a lot of discipline, the first strong sign of commitment is that you have the drive to resolve problems that will inevitably arise when you are together with someone.

 The way you solve these problems is also very important if someone is resolving these problems by behaving in an ignorant way where they are not trying to find a solution or to consider the other point of view that person in question is either currently too immature to be in a relationship or they just have no passion or interest in making the relationship work.

 You should not instantly break off the relationship if this is the case, instead, you should speak to your partner about this to try and make them understand the issue but if nothing changes afterward it may be time to consider ending things.

   But make every effort to save your relationship!

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