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Early Marriages: Pros and Cons

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 Getting married at an early age is a controversial topic, many individuals will claim that it is better to first focus on your education, career and exploring what truly makes you happy.

 On the other hand, many people’s parents have married at an early age and their bond remains as strong as ever. Everyone has their opinions on this topic, and early marriage may not be great for some, while for others it may work very effectively.

 Therefore, in this article titled Early Marriages: Pros and Cons, we are going to pay equal attention to both the positives and negatives in taking such an important decision.

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     Cons of Early Marriage.

     1. Lack of Life Experience.

 Taking such an important decision, where you are going to be dedicating your life to another person, is more likely to fail due to your lack of life experience. The younger you are, the lower the chances of you being in a serious and long-term relationship.

 Apart from that, you will likely not have been in this world long enough in order to be mature enough in order to deal with the difficult situations that are associated with taking this step in your life.

 Due to this, many people will recommend that rather than marrying early that you should instead date for a bit longer. This is so that you can get to know each other better, as well as of course be more intelligent about the real world.

     2. No Opportunity to Be Independent.

 You will also miss out on the chance to be independent in your life. Marrying early, will see you in the awkward position of growing up under the influence of your parent or care, and then quickly entering into a committed relationship with someone.

 Although you may think that you could still go out clubbing, or you can stay in your room after work playing video games all night. In reality, you will have to pay attention to your other half and will have to make compromises in order to make the relationship work.

     3. Potential Health Issues.

 A key part of marriage is usually to have children of your own. On average, the earlier that you married, the earlier you will end up having children. However, this may not be the best thing for the health of the female and her biological children.

Boy gives a basket of flowers to his school sweetheart

 Scientists agree that the best period of a woman’s life to give birth is from her late twenty-fifths and her early thirties.

 Regardless, with modern medicine, this is not a major issue, but you do need to keep it in mind as it definitely increases the health risks the younger you are that you give birth. And it is not about your health, it is about the health of your child who may suffer from physical and mental disabilities.

     4. Financial Difficulties.

 Before you tie the knot, you should also be aware of the potential financial difficulties that come with this important step in your life. For example, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $33,900. There are other costs associated with getting married, such as moving out, which a lot of couples do once they marry.

 Another aspect is that usually once you settle down with someone unless you have signed a Prenup Agreement; you will have to share your finances with them if you divorce. Even if you do not divorce, life can be very difficult if your other half is not responsible with money, which is something that you need to be sure is not the case before you walk down the aisle.

     5. It Is Not a Quick Fix.

 One of the worst things that you can do is to believe that marriage is a quick fix for your romantic relationship. This is not true, it depends on how you both act, how hard you try and whether you are actually meant for each other. This is why we need to highlight this aspect in this Early Marriages: Pros and Cons article.

 Rather than rushing in to try to claim your partner so no one else can have them, you should instead actually try to sort out the issues in your relationship. You should only propose or accept a proposal when you are in a good place in your relationship.

     Pros of Early Marriage.

     1. Quickly Mastering Responsibility.

 You will get pushed in the deep end once you marry. There will be an extra person for you to now look after, care about, and take into consideration when you are making decisions about your life.

 Furthermore, there will be a need for you to start living more independent lives. Early on, you may admittedly live together in the home of one of your parents or family members.

 Eventually, however, you will need to start looking for your own accommodation. A key part of this will be finding suitable sources of income in order to pay for rent or your mortgage as well as the other costs such as taxes, insurance, and food. It can be a good slap in the face, to wake you up and become a responsible adult much more quickly.

     2. A Sign of Dedication.

 It can be a sign of dedication, after all when you decide to walk down the aisle with someone you are literally agreeing to dedicate your lives to being together through the good and bad times. Your relationship may not be perfect, but no relationship is perfect.

 What you require to make things work is dedication, this will allow you to iron out the issues that will arise. As well as to make the compromises required to make a relationship, as after all you are two different people who will not see eye to eye on everything.

     3. You Can Help Each Other.

 You are more likely to feel confident in relying on your husband or wife compared to if they were simply your boyfriend or girlfriend. Life will not be easy at times; therefore, it will not hurt for you to have someone to support you. We are not talking about financial support, but instead more effective forms of support.

Cute married couple with a bouquet of flowers in their hands

 This can be moral support, such as by reassuring you and giving you the confidence to keep going. For example, you may be feeling demotivated to keep studying hard for your university degree that will end up improving your lives.

 It may also be about making your life a bit easier, but doing chores such as doing the cooking and washing the dishes every once in a while when one of the spouses happens to be busy.

     4. Growing Up Together.

 Another positive about tying the knot at an earlier stage of your life is that you will be able to grow up together. A major benefit to this is that you will have the time to adapt to each other’s personalities and way of living.

 It may be much harder for individuals that wed at a later stage of their life, such as in their forties to get used to being together with someone and coping with all of their little quirks.

     5. Being Young Allows You to Do More.

 Being younger will mean that you will be much more energetic and healthier to go out and have the romantic adventure of your dreams. You will be able to go on more holidays together and frequently take part in activities such as going to the park, the forest or going out exploring your city.

 Additionally, you will not be held back by a lot of liabilities as you will be young and just starting out in life; however, you still need to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to improve your life later on.

 We hope that you have enjoyed this article about Early Marriages: Pros and Cons, and hopefully, you have also learned a lot. At the end of the day, it is what is right for you as long as your decision is well-thought-out and informed.

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