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Why Don’t Men Want to Legalize Their Relationship?

Young woman makes a marriage proposal to her man

 Getting married is widely seen in society as an important step in life that everyone will eventually take, even though not everyone is lucky enough to get married. But many modern men are not too interested in getting married, which may be shocking to many people.

 In this article, we are going to be deconstructing why don’t men want to legalize their relationship?

     Not Interested in the Associated Responsibilities.

 One of the biggest reasons why men do not want to get married is that they are not ready or simply cannot be bothered with the extra associated responsibilities that come with getting married. Marrying is a major step; it means that you are committing to one person until the end of your life, although you can get a divorce if you wish to.

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 When you get married you will usually have to move in together in the same home if you haven’t already, which for most people will also include taking out a mortgage that the man and his partner will need to make sure to pay every month without fail, or they risk losing their home.

 Thus, your cost of living will greatly increase when you get married as you will be pooling your money together and caring for two people instead of just for yourself. Due to this, you will have less money to spend on yourself and the things that you like to do, such as partying with your friends or spending money on your hobby.

     Missing the Chase.

 Another reason is that some men simply enjoy the chase. Meaning that they enjoy the process chasing of chasing potential romantic partners that they happen to be interested in rather than settling down with a person.

Image of a man with a crown on his head

 One of the reasons for this is that it is far less complicated to simply have short-term relationships that do not get serious. Serious relationships come with many natural issues and obstacles that you need to tackle in order to make things work.

 At the end of the day, it is a personal choice, but if you happen to be with a guy who sees himself as a player then you need to be cautious otherwise you risk getting hurt. Just because you are in a relationship with someone, it does not necessarily mean that they are interested in taking things to the next step like you are.

     Focusing on Their Career.

 Life is a lot more hectic than it used to be a century ago or even 50 years ago, with rents rising in all major cities around the world and a lot more people to compete with in order to progress successfully in your career. Getting married is a big-time commitment that for some people is better spent working hard at their chosen career path, so they can advance.

 In such cases, the men will postpone getting married and even getting in a serious relationship until they feel financially secure, or they are able to take things easier as they have managed to get their foot into the door as the saying goes.

 Later on, once they have achieved those things they may be more open to the idea of getting married and settling down. This may be a good thing for the man and their future partner as it is better to be 100% committed at something and give it your all rather than being a bad partner.

     A Stigma Around Not Getting Married No Longer Exists.

 A big reason why men don’t want to get married is that there is simply no longer a stigma in society around not getting married. Today it is okay for men and women too not to get married at all. This does not mean that people no longer get in serious relationships and have children but instead, it means that they do not want to get married.

 For some people getting married is just an unnecessary step, they feel that getting married is not necessary to show that you love each other or want to be in a serious relationship.

 Many people have likely felt this way for centuries, but now the world is far less religious and people would not suffer any consequences or shaming if their personal choice is not to be married.

     Do Not Plan on Having Children.

 Furthermore, men may not plan to get married as they do not want to have children. Getting married is an important step and takes a romantic relationship to the next level.

 However, in today’s world people are having far fewer children then they used to do, for example, the birth rate in the United States in the 1960s was 3.65 children per couple, but today the birth rate is just 1.77 children per couple.

Children are a big responsibility that many people may not want to partake in; instead, they may want to do what they want to do whenever they happen to want to.

 Such people who are not interested in extra responsibilities will thus likely not be interested in the additional responsibilities that come with getting married. After all, you don’t need to be married to someone in order to love them.

     Yet to Find the Right Person.

 Moreover, it is important to consider the fact that the male in question is yet to find the right person. Not everyone is lucky enough to have yet found someone that they really like, and also for those feelings to be reciprocal.

Cute man and woman in warm clothes and hats

 Although you may be in a relationship with someone you may not necessarily feel that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person through thick and thin.

 This can be a difficult topic for many reasons as the man in question may not want to admit to their partner how they really feel because they may not understand themselves that they are not 100% happy, and also they have put in so much time in the relationship that they do not want to let it go to waste.

 Also, the partner of the man may not want to face the fact that their partner is not that into them. But it is an important point to keep in mind, as there is a chance that this may be the case.

     Fear of Divorce.

 Why don’t men want to legalize their relationship? One reason for this is divorce. Getting married to someone is a great experience; it is a celebration where everyone involved will be happy and enjoying themselves.

 However, as with any relationship, this is not 100% guaranteed to work. In the United States, the divorce rates of 2020 are 39% of all marriages.

 Divorce can lead to major emotional distress, but the major fear of men seems to be the financial loss aspect. Many men will fear that they will lose a significant percentage of all their assets, including businesses and possessions, if they get divorced.

 But this in reality should not be a big fear for men as they can sign what is known as a prenuptial agreement with their partner where you pre-agreed the asset location if a divorce occurs.

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