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Should You Always Tell the Truth in a Relationship?

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 No one likes to get lied to; it makes a person feel like they are not valued by the other individuals in question. One of the most common reasons why a relationship will break down is due to some form of dishonesty.

 Dishonesty can come in many different forms, from lying to try and paint a better picture of yourself, so your partner is more interested in you, to cheating.

 In this article, we will be focusing on the interesting topic of, should you always tell the truth in a relationship?

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     Honesty Is Important.

 First of all, it is important to truly highlight how important honesty is in order for you to have a quality and successful relationship that will last the distance. On average, individuals lie to people that are important to them, a study by Dr. Bella DePaulo found that around 64% of serious lies that a person makes are to the closest people in their life. And for experience and new knowledge, you can read many different books about relationships.

 Once the trust is gone, you will no longer be able to trust each other over the smallest things, even if there do not happen to be any signs that one of you is lying in that particular situation.

 Moreover, it tends to have the effect of making the lover who was initially honest, to start lying as a form of revenge or because this has become the new norm in their love life.

     Recognizing White Lies.

 A white lie is a harmless lie about something trivial. It is a tricky area, as a lot of people may advise you to be 100% honest with the important individuals in your life. However, it is not always needed or the best policy for you to be truthful.

 Sometimes your partner may not want to know the truth, but instead will be looking for reassurance or a confidence boost. An example of this may be if your girlfriend is asking you whether she looks good in the clothing that she is trying on at that time.

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 Furthermore, if honesty is going to hurt the feelings of the other individual or lead to them having confidence issues, then it may be good to bite your tongue. This can be a confusing point for many readers, what you have to keep in mind is that it is important to assess the situation and the potential effects of your actions.

 It is very important that if you sense that your partner is feeling suicidal or down, that you try to delay things until they are in the right headspace.

     Consistency Is Key.

 Being truthful is something that requires a lot of hard work to keep up, in order for your other half to trust you, then you need to be honest about what is important in your lives. Honesty becomes much harder if your relationship deteriorates; moreover, you or your loved one may become scared of being upfront if the other person reacts to the truth in a very bad way.

 If you happen to be experiencing such fear of telling the other person what is actually going on, then it is recommended that you share those feelings with them. This is especially important for early marriages.

 They will understand if they truly love you, and will try to make things better. But simply trying is not enough, it is best to set up a scheduled period in which you regularly sit down and discuss things over.

     Personal Safety.

 Should you always tell the truth in a relationship? The answer to this is usually yes, but in the uncommon situation where you are worried that you are going to be physically or emotionally hurt by telling how things stand, then it is best not to do so.

 In such a situation it is best to start thinking about how you can leave the relationship as soon as possible as it is likely too late to fix things.

 This does not mean that you should continue lying to your partner, but it instead means that you should work towards the truth eventually coming out, but doing it more cautiously if needed. You could always cut the unsustainable connection and then later on when things are no longer as emotional you can reveal what is playing on your mind.

     Finding the Right Time.

 To add to this, it is very important to find the right time to be transparent. Usually, in most situations, the sooner, the better. However, for example, if the individual is not in the right headspace due to a number of reasons such as financial problems, then it may be good to figure out the right time to tell them what is actually going on.

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 Often the transparency will be appreciated, but at the same time will lead to a huge blow that may pile on the pressure that is already exerted by other parts of the individual’s life.

 On the other hand, you should not end up continuously pushing back the time when you are going to tell things how they are. It is much better for your loved one to hear how things stand from you rather than to learn about it through other means.

     Is It Something to Do With You?

 Another intriguing situation is that of whether the secret that someone does now know about is actually anything to do with you. You are not a news outlet, so you should know when it is not a good idea with things that actually have nothing to do with you.

 To make such a decision, it is also needed to evaluate the situation, meaning whether it is urgent for the individual in question to learn about what is going on.

 Furthermore, when you find yourself in the position where you have learned about something that doesn’t concern you, but you reveal it to your loved one. There is always the possibility that the third-party involved may deny what is going on, and then you have involved yourself in an argument.

 If something does not happen to be worth your time or is not as important for your loved one to find out about instantly, then it is best to leave it for the time being. The truth will always come out sooner or later.

     Acknowledge Your Dishonesty.

 In this article about the question of, should you always tell the truth in a relationship, in this final part we will talk about the importance of acknowledging your dishonesty?

 No one is perfect, you will make mistakes, and you will lie as that is the easiest thing to do. Rather than trying to forget or pretend that you never behaved in such a way, you should instead own up to your mistakes.

 By doing this, it will make you a stronger person, and it will also increase the chances that whoever you love will trust you. Many people like to act like they and their lives are great, but for the majority of people that is not the case, and there is nothing wrong with that.

 Telling the truth and owning up to your dishonesty may backfire, that is a reality that you have to keep in mind. In the short-term, it is easier to be dishonest, but in the long term, you will undoubtedly see the benefits of telling the truth.

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