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Female Pride in a Relationship with a Man

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 You must have heard the saying that, “Pride Comes Before a Downfall.” Pride, especially in relationships, has never been encouraged. This is because pride does have a high tendency to cause more harm than good.

 Pride is mostly attributed to men in relationships because men naturally have that male ego, which makes them not want to address issues or apologize even when they are at fault. However, this doesn’t mean females are off the hook.

 In fact, in some relationships, females show off a proud attitude more than their male partners. It all boils down to an individual’s character or personal attribute.

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 Let’s discuss the female pride in a relationship with a man, its pros and cons, and how to handle a proud female lover.

     Female Pride in a Relationship, Good or Bad?

 So, we first start with the question is female pride in a relationship good or bad? The first answer that will come to mind is that female pride in a relationship is bad. The ego doesn’t really go very well with love.

 Most times, pride is drawn out of the fact that we seek recognition. Most people that exhibit pride in their connections only do that because they want to be respected and don’t want their partners to see them as weak or vulnerable.

 Pride is usually not accommodating and doesn’t allow a female to make compromises for the partner; it is more of a negative emotion. This quality fights for superiority. Pride makes you want to maintain some balance, which is not always good because relationships don’t always come with a manual.

 Your partner might not text you today because you texted them yesterday. Pride tells you not to text again today because you texted yesterday, and to strike a balance, your partner should be the one to text today. Such an attitude likely to destroy everything.

     How Female Pride in a Relationship Can Be Healthy?

 Sometimes, something good might come out of what seems to be bad. While we preach sacrifice and tolerance in relationships, it is also important to know when to set healthy limits. Female pride makes it all easier for the female to say “No” to a partner if she doesn’t like the partner’s actions or behavior. It stops the female from accepting things she isn’t meant to accept from a man.

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 A proud female will know when she can’t take certain things in the relationship and when to call it quits. A proud female will hardly sit back while the partner abuses her. Also, pride enables a female to voice her disappointment or discontentment; thus, telling her partner how she feels about any issue. This can aid communication between partners who understand each other.

     Signs of Female Pride in a Relationship with a Man.

 Arrogance has killed love even more than infidelity. You might want to save yourself the stress of entering into an ego-filled relationship because it can be toxic. But now, the question is, how do you tell a proud female?

   Below are some telltale signs of a proud female.

  1. She Doesn’t Admit She is Wrong.

 One major sign of female pride in feelings with a man is the failure to admit to being wrong. She always wants to prove to be right and will want to blame the partner each time something goes wrong in the relationship.

  1. A Proud Partner Hardly Apologizes.

 Aside from not admitting her wrong, a proud female also finds it difficult to apologize even when she is at fault. Not using the words, “I am sorry” is one sign of a proud person. It’s just like telling the other partner, “I don’t care about how you feel and have no regrets whatsoever!”

  1. She Doesn’t Leave Room for Correction.

 A proud partner doesn’t want to hear that she is wrong and doesn’t want to be corrected. For such a female, no one, not even her partner, has the right to correct her. She would look down on another and see herself as the best.

  1. A Woman Doesn’t Value or Respect Her Partner.

 A proud female thinks she knows it all and so won’t value what her partner says. She hardly heeds her partner’s advice and has little or no respect for her partner.

  1. She Always Finds Faults.

 While proud people don’t admit to being wrong, they also derive satisfaction in finding fault with what other people do. Since she is so full of herself, it is difficult for her to see the good side of her partner or see the good in what her partner does.

     How to Handle a Proud Female Lover in a Relationship?

 The fact is that every one of us has some element of pride within us. The only thing is that for some people, their pride is so much that they allow it to get in the way of things, destroying their contacts with people.

 How do you handle female pride in a relationship if your female partner is the proud type?

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 Give room for tolerance: It might help to endure your partner’s ego sometimes. Understand that it is the nature of humans to want to feel important then, give some room to her excesses and learn to tolerate her. Pride is good, but you need to be softer and more welcoming with your close partner.

 Healthy confrontation: If you have a proud female partner, you must know that one of the things she hates is confrontation. However, at some point, a confrontation might be inevitable as no one is above mistake. Confront her, but do so wisely and tactfully.

 Understand your partner: Understanding is needed as much as love in every relationship. When you understand your partner’s nature, it will help you avoid some immature arguments. Even when you argue, you’ll still be able to handle the situation before it gets out of hand.

     The Final.

 Pride and ego destroy not only romantic relationships, but the interpersonal relationship between people. Sometimes, it is wise to act like the bigger person. You might just have to apologize and let down the ego, even if you are not the one at fault.

 If you are a female reading this, understand that female pride in a relationship with a man does more harm than good, and then try to change your attitude.

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