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How to Understand That a Relationship Has No Future?

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 Most relationships would ultimately fail sooner or later, this is not a bad thing, it allows us to learn what we actually like, and in the future, it will save us a lot of time as we will be less likely to commit the exact same mistakes.

 The difficult part of such a situation is knowing if it is a good time to end things for good or whether you should give it another go. It is even more difficult when you remember that a couple will have strong feelings for each other, so often their judgment may be clouded.

 In this article, we are going to be helping you with this very topic and answering the question of how to understand that a relationship has no future?

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 If you or your partner has cheated, then it is best to call things off as it is a major blow to your relationship that will lead to many instances of doubt throughout your relationship that such activities continue to happen.

 Regardless of which party happens to have cheated or if both parties are guilty of this, it shows that whoever has been involved is not ready for a serious relationship.

 Moreover, it is a big sign that the person who has cheated is not truly in love with their other half. If they really happened to care that much about their partner, they would have not acted in such a way in the first place, as they would have valued the relationship too much to risk it.

     You Don’t Believe in the Long-Term Prospects.

 Eventually, there comes a point in a relationship where you have to start thinking about whether you are going to make things work in the long term.

 If you feel that the partner that you currently are with is not someone you would like to get married to.

 As well as whether you would like to take important steps with them such as starting a family and getting married which will have massive impacts on your life.

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 Rather than being unhappy by forcing yourself to continue with how things are because you may be scared of change or not wanting to hurt the feelings of your partner. However, you should think of it in terms of the long term, as it is important for you to be truly happy rather than attempting to please the people around you, as that will never last.

     Lack of Seriousness.

 Another aspect that you should note is if the relationship that you currently find yourself in does not happen to be serious. This can mean a lot of things, such as constantly breaking things off over small, petty issues that you encounter.

 Such an affair will likely be very toxic, and it is not by accident. Usually, it is very hard to transform a particular romantic relationship that is not serious into one that is.

 The majority of the time, both sides will have not been serious and instead would have been looking simply for intimacy and companionship. Overtime, what someone is looking for will change, and they would want something more serious as they get older where they can support each other and actually care for each other.


 A great point to consider in regards to the question of how to understand that a relationship has no future is compatibility. Even if there is that physical attraction, in the long term this will not be enough to make things work as looks will overtime fade. Apart from that, intimacy is a minuscule part of the time that you guys will be spending together.

 It is why it is very important for you guys to have compatible personalities. This does not mean that you should have the exact same interests and personality traits.

 What is important, however, is for you guys to be able to get along with each other and to be able to make compromises. If your personalities are too different, it will be very hard to consistently make compromises, which can cause a severe strain on your relationship.

     Not Being True to Yourself.

 You should never change in order to please the person that you happen to be together with. If your other half truly loves you, then they will be with you for who you are. If you find yourself constantly worrying about not being good enough for your partner or your partner is setting some forms of guidelines on you, then it may be time to move on.

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 Although you could hypothetically alter yourself in order to make your partner happy this is not the way to go as it is not really the real you meaning that you will not be happy. Furthermore, it is not healthy for you to be putting on a false front, sooner or later, the real you will appear out to the surface.

     More Important Priorities.

 Often it may not be a matter of love, but it simply not being the right time for romance. If you are trying to flourish in your educational or career endeavors, you will need to dedicate a lot of your time to guarantee that you succeed.

 Which in turn will not leave a lot of time for you to invest in have a high-quality time with your partner?

 Rather than putting yourself under a lot of pressure and hurting the feelings of the person that you love. It may instead be a better idea to just be honest and call things off. There is always the opportunity in the future if the time is right, and you are both single to rekindle things or alternatively start something new with someone else.


 In this article about how to understand that a relationship has no future, it is important to discuss abuse. Regardless if you are experiencing physical or psychological pressure, it is important to seek help and work towards leaving the abusive relationship as soon as possible.

 Everyone deserves to be in a loving relationship where they are not hurt or coerced into doing things that they don’t want to do. It is important to remember that things will only get even more awful if you are together with an abusive partner, so it is key that if you identify signs of pressure that you cut things off promptly.

 You should not make any excuses or compromises towards such things as it only enables the abuse to continue and even worsen.

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