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What Does It Mean When a Guy Thinks About You?

The guy thinks about the girl and writes her a message on the phone

  Many times, you will be texting a guy, either someone you are dating or someone who has been up until now just a friend, and they will say that they’re thinking about you. Of course, this is generally a good thing, but what specifically are they trying to say? In this article, we’ll think about some of possible subtexts the guy could be trying to communicate to you.

     You’re Always On His Mind.

 So, what does it mean if a guy thinks about you? If a guy tells you that he is thinking about you, the most literal thing you can infer from this is that you are, quite literally, always on his mind.

 If common sights trigger memories of you when he sees them, this means that you are generally at the forefront of his attention, wherever he may and whatever he may be doing. This is a great sign of friendship and of an intimate connection, whether friendly or otherwise.

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 If you are interested in a man, you will definitely take kindly to the notion that you are often in his thoughts, even when you aren’t with him. This is a sign that you excite him to the point where he daydreams about you, which is a great sign for any relationship. Even if it’s not sexual, it’s still a sign of a close friendship. It may even be a sign that the guy would like to take that friendship to the next level.

     He Wants to Form a Deeper Connection.

 Often, a guy will think about you when he thinks over the relationships in his life that he feels need more attention. If the guy feels that there is more that he could be doing or would like to be doing in the relationship, he may instigate the conversation by saying that he’s been thinking about you recently. In this case, what the guy is trying to say is that he thinks there is potential for a deeper connection in the relationship.

 This is common when the guy is someone you’ve been casually dating, or someone who is just a friend. When they tell you that they’ve been thinking about you, what they really mean to say is that they would like to potentially take the relationship to the next level. Typically, this means they feel the relationship has been going good up until this point.

Couple in love

     He Wants to See You.

 Whether friend, boyfriend, or just someone that you are currently dating or have dated in this past, when a guy says in conversation that he’s been thinking about you, it’s generally a safe bet to assume that he misses you and would like to see you. Steady boyfriends may tell you that they’ve been thinking about you when both of you have been really busy, and you haven’t had the chance to get together in a few days or even a couple of weeks.

 If it’s someone you’ve been causally dating, they may tell you that they’ve been thinking about you as a way to say they’d like to see you a little bit more often, and maybe even would like to initiate a more long-term relationship with you.

 If it’s a friend who you potentially haven’t seen in a while, when they tell you that they are thinking about you, it may simply mean that something they thought or saw triggered a memory of you, and it occurred to them that it’s been a while since the two of you have sat down and caught up with each other. Any way you look at it, if a guy is telling you that they’ve been thinking about you, it’s a safe bet that, if the feeling is reciprocated, the two of you should get together.

     He’s Feeling Lonely.

 While more often than not it is totally innocent when a guy tells you that they’ve been thinking about you, sometimes the point he wishes to get across is merely a mating call. We all know that humans have needs, and sometimes, if those needs haven’t been fulfilled in a while, they can lead to tempting thoughts of lovers, both past and present.

 Sometimes, an ex-boyfriend will get in contact with you and say that they’ve been thinking about you. While this can mean that they really want to give the relationship another try, sometimes it just means that they’re lonely and are defaulting back to a recent partner they may have split ways from.

 Also, the advances can just as easily come from someone we just met and gave our number to at the bar. If someone you’ve recently meant is telling you that they’ve been thinking about you, there’s a very good chance that there thoughts are purely lustful and sexual, as you haven’t had the time to develop much more of a connection to them than that.

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 In these cases, you should be weary, as not everybody is down for what is known as a “booty call”. Be sure that you fully comprehend what the guy is trying to say. If he’s thinking about you in a way that you’re not thinking about him, this might lead to an awkward situation when the two of you finally meet up.

 So, hopefully, we answered some of your questions. What does it mean if a guy thinks about you? It could mean several things, it could mean that they’re a little lonely and just want some company for the night; it could mean that they feel a very close connection to you and think about you often, it could mean they miss you, or it could mean they’d like to take the relationship to the next level.

 It could also mean several other things, as human beings are complicated and thoughts aren’t always entirely within their control. Whatever it means, be sure you are putting some thoughts in there, as well, and make sure that neither you nor them are getting the wrong idea about the other person.

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