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Why is Politeness Mistaken for Flirting?

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 Men tend to show friendliness to women to whom they are attracted on a different level. As far as women are concerned, this affability is seen as mere politeness and nothing else, especially if they don’t share the same feelings.

 Men think that they would be able to convey their message through such a conduct but women, on the other hand, do not understand this mentality, and they continue to be friendly and polite to men even if they have no underlying connotations. Unfortunately, men confuse this politeness with flirtation and set expectations for something deeper and more meaningful.

 This confusion often leads to heartbreaks and frustrations and therefore one has to understand why men and women behave in a manner they do and what could be done about it.

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 In this article, we will look at why some women show politeness and courtesy to men they are actually interested in, and also explore why men tend to miss the point when they are just being flirty for the sake of entertainment only.

 Either way, one needs to act very cautiously as it can lead to confusion and misunderstandings. At times, a true friendship is also ruined when either of them starts nurturing romance under the guise of companionship. If the other person is not interested, this attachment will also come to an end sooner or later.

 So, let’s find out why is politeness mistaken for flirting and address this issue once and for all.

     Why is Politeness Mistaken for Flirting?

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 Both men and women like to believe that their feelings are reciprocated with the one they are attracted to. That is why, even if the woman is only being polite with them, they mistake it for flirtation or romance. If you would like to know if the person you’re attracted to feels the same about you, you need to study not only their body language, but also some other things.

 Here are a few ways to be sure if politeness and courtesy a woman shows towards you could mean something more.

  1. Show Flirty Body Language.

 This is probably the best way to find out if someone wants to take your friendship to the next level. However, you must not entirely depend on flirtation because some women do like to play games with men just for the sake of fun and enjoyment. If they are truly attracted to you, they will always mimic your body language and actions.

  1. Support Your Point of View All the Time.

 If a person extends support in each and everything you do or say, it’s a sign that they are actually attracted to you. Nobody goes out of the way to support anyone unless they feel deeply about them.

 Friends also tend to support each other, but the same behavior is adopted for everyone else if this is the case. If you suspect they support only you and sometimes even go out of the way to do it, understand that this is being done for something deeper and more meaningful than mere friendship.

  1. Like to Keep in Touch.

 Do you receive a lot of texts from the person you are attracted to? If the answer is yes, they may be hiding something deeper behind the veil of friendship. They might just be checking in on you to say hi or ask how things might be going. This is a sign that they are not being polite and friendly just for the sake of it.

  1. Sincerely, Make an Effort to Make You Laugh and Have a Good Time.

 Anyone who is into you would use humor often so that the two of you could have a great time together. Since people do crack jokes out of habit, it may not seem like a guaranteed sign, but you can look for hints when the person goes out of the way to please you.

  1. Appreciate and Compliment You Often.

 People who have secret feelings for someone often appreciate them in front of everyone. They want the other person to be happy and make a sincere effort to achieve this purpose. This could be your sign to know if the woman who is showing politeness towards you might have some hidden feelings.

  1. Be Nervous Around You.

 Awkwardness and nervousness are guaranteed signs that the other person has some secret feelings towards you. If they are also being polite, courteous, and friendly at the same time, this kind of behavior may have some underlying connotations for you to get.

  1. Jealousy for Other Women.

 If you want to know if a woman’s friendliness is more than just casual companionship, you ought to mention other women in front of her. If she gets jealous easily, it means she is interested in you on a different level.


Young man and girl watching a tablet together

 Women are most of the time “naive” and “imprudent” when it comes to things like flirting and being friends with the opposite sex. However, there are times when they are the wiser lot and tend to play games with men under the guise of romance. Even if they are not looking for a long-term relationship, they still try the tactics of flirtation simply because they enjoy male attention.

 Why is politeness mistaken for flirting is a question that many women ask. But at the same time, there are women who like to hide their feelings behind the veil of friendship before they are certain that their feelings are reciprocated.

 Relationships do change over the course of time, and mostly it’s the friendship that develops into love if both partners share the same feelings.

 However, the last you want is to mistake the other person’s friendliness for love. It is only going to lead to heartbreak and disappointment, and therefore you must confront this issue with honesty and openness.

 We have outlined here some ways to detect if the other person feels the same about you. If you don’t see some of these signs, it’s better to keep your emotions to yourself – at least for now.

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