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How to Meet a Cool Guy?

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 Meeting new people has arguably become easier thanks to technology such as dating apps, with hundreds of different websites and apps out there. However, this does not mean that the success rate of dating also experiences an increase.

 Although it is now much easier to meet new people, it is not as easy to meet a guy who has the characteristics and interests that you are looking for.

 In this article, we are going to be giving you key advice on how to meet a cool guy.

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     1. At the Workplace.

 One of the most common places to meet someone is at work, one of the reasons for this is that the average person spends the majority of their time throughout the year working therefore over time people that they meet at work they will become close friends with and also potentially romantic partners.

 Furthermore, people that you work with will have the same interests as you; they may have completed the same degrees and work experience in order to get in the same industry that you are working in.

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 As well as potentially the same interests, for example, if you are both teachers you will likely both have a passion for teaching and helping people which can potentially help you bond together and find someone who shares the exact same interests as you.

 However, it is important to keep in mind that a lot of companies out there may have policies against employees dating or flirting at the workplace, so you should let things happen naturally rather than trying to flirt and ask out all the guys at your workplace as being colleagues requires you to maintain a professional relationship.

     2. Join Sports Clubs or Hobby Social Groups.

 Everyone has a hobby in life, regardless if you enjoy more active preoccupations such as playing sports or going to the gym, or you have other hobbies such as cooking or playing board games. A good place to meet a cool guy will be to join some kind of social club where there are numerous people enjoying that particular activity together.

 Also, you do not have to join a club that requires you to pay some kind of membership fee as there are a lot of communities out there that meet up regularly. A good place to find local clubs and communities in on social media networks, there you can easily search for such stuff and make sure that you are joining the most popular groups in your area.

Young man and girl in boxing gloves

 Furthermore, you do not even have to meet in person, a lot of people meet online and end up forming amazing long-term relationships, for example, you can play video games with other people in your country and if it works out with the guy you can end up meeting in person however it is also to keep in mind that this is often trickier as you truly see what the person looks like later on.

     3. Doing Charity Work.

 If you are someone who wants to help disadvantaged people in your local community or in impoverished countries it may be hard to find someone that shares that particular passion with you which is why we just had to include this point in our how to meet a cool guy article.

 You truly need to find someone with such as interest otherwise they will not be interested in participating with you in this as charitable works require a lot of effort and hard work in return for no monetary gain.

 Thankfully, charities are always looking for new volunteers and there are also a lot of charitable projects in your local communities that you can take part in such as charity shops which take in donations of second-hand items and then sell them with the majority of the proceeds going to charity with eh employees in those shops working there for free.

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 Additionally, there are food banks where you again have taken in donated food that a lot of the time is a few days out of date, and you donate it free of charge to people struggling financially in your community as well as a similar project where you cook food for the local homeless people and feed them free of charge.

     4. Religious Events or Places of Worship.

 Women that are religious often struggle in the dating world as they may find someone who for them is the perfect guy, but that simply is not religious themselves or follow their particular religion.

 There is really only one good solution to this and that is for the women to get involved in their local religious community events and regularly attend the places of worship. A lot of the time this is no problem for people as they will be doing that anyway.

 Despite this, it is also important to make an effort and get to know people, as a lot of guys will also be in the same boat as you and looking for a partner. In majority of cases, you will eventually find someone and build a long-term bond with them, research also shows that the longer you date someone before getting married to them, the higher the chance of the marriage lasting for a very long time.

 This is great as the vast majority of religious people do not practice premarital relationship which means that they will be dating for a long time because they like spending time with each other rather than just because there is a physical attraction between them as beauty fades in everyone over time.

     5. Family & Friend Events.

 Another great place to meet a cool guy that can potentially share the same type of lifestyle and interests as you are at social events set up by your family and friends where you will have other people who are not related to you such as neighbors, family friends, and friends of friends.

Girl and guy playing table football

 This is a perfect way for women to meet guys who are their type as a lot of the time families and friends will all be very similar as they would have been brought up with similar values and also there will be something they bond over for their friendship to exist in the first place. As with everything in dating, you should let things happen naturally rather than forcing it on other people.

     6. The Secret Is to Be Approachable.

 The honest answer to the question of how to meet a cool guy is that you can meet a guy pretty much everywhere; all you have to do is be approachable. For a lot of people, especially if they are shy this may be hard at first, but it is actually very easy and with time you will naturally become more approachable.

 All you have to do is smile more at people as this makes it easier for them to strike a conversation with you and also shows them that you have an interest in them and that you acknowledge. Furthermore, posture and body language are very important; if you are staring constantly at your phone or sit slouched with your arms and crossed, you will not be very easy to approach.

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