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How to Recognize a Gigolo at the First Acquaintance?

Image of a gigolo man who removes his deceitful mask from his face

 A male gigolo can be thought of as someone who is very much similar to a mistress who is being paid to offer continuous companionship. It is a sort of partnership, but one that does not involve love or attachment of any sort. And since it is a paid service, it can be called off as and when there is a need to.

 There are professional gigolos out there looking for women to pay them for their services. A woman needs to be aware of such personalities in the crowd, but it is often difficult to detect one at your first acquaintance.

 Although gigolos are quite attractive and well-groomed (they are actually trained to be one), there is something about them that simply doesn’t make sense to normal people. First off, they are not after serious and long-term relationships, and therefore if a woman accidentally falls in love with a gigolo, her heart is bound to be broken.

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 Agencies that groom and provide gigolos to women claim that the companionship is not all about intimate relationships. There is much more to it, and many women (especially middle-aged married ones) are willing to spend thousands of dollars on gigolos every month.

 While the profession may benefit a percentage of our population (comprising of both men and women), it’s definitely not for everyone.

 So, in this article, we are going to find out how to recognize a gigolo at the first acquaintance. This helps to be cautious of their intentions and save heartbreak in the future.

     How to Recognize a Gigolo at the First Acquaintance?

Image of a rich woman and next to her a chained handsome man

 If you came across a gigolo and failed to recognize him, here are some tips to be cautious in the future.

  1. He Would Always Be Well-Dressed.

 Gigolos take their profession seriously, and therefore they try to appear well-groomed and impeccably dressed up every time they go out. If you see a handsome man in a suit at a nightclub or a spa, there is solid reason to believe he might be a gigolo.

  1. He is Mostly Spotted at Nightclubs and Expensive Resorts.

 The right places to find gigolos are mostly nightclubs, spas, and resorts. Happily married and settled women are usually not seen frequenting these places. The ones who do visit nightclubs and casinos are those looking for part-time companionship that doesn’t involve any serious attachment.

  1. They Always Have Wealthy Women on Their Side.

 Gigolos are most of the time frequented by wealthy and well-reputed women of the society. If you spot handsome and well-dressed men escorting rich but physically unattractive or mature, married women, congratulations; you have been successful in spotting a gigolo in real life!

  1. They are Trained to Be Thoroughly Attentive and Manipulative.

 Gigolos are trained to spot vulnerabilities in women; loneliness, heartbreak, depression, and sorrow are some of the areas that they always keep an eye out for.

 Women who are going through a difficult time in their life are usually looking for a warm and friendly companion/escort who would take them out of their current situation. Since gigolos are only after money, they don’t really care about the real emotions. So, don’t fall prey to such a manipulative, insensitive brat.

  1. A Gigolo Would Always Be Great in Bed.

 Years of practice and training are not wasted when it comes to satisfying women in bed. These «soulful men» surely know how to please a woman pleasure. And while it may feel very tempted to be with one of them, it surely is not what any sensible woman would want.

  1. They Hate Women.

 While this may not be very apparent during your first meeting, it gradually starts to dawn as time passes. Gigolos have no real love for women; in fact, they foster the opposite feelings in their hearts for years and finally decide to become a gigolo to take their revenge. Once a gigolo would be successful in getting a woman’s attention and emotional hold, he would immediately transform into a manipulative and aggressive beast.

Man and woman against the wall with different thoughts in their head

 A gigolo is certainly not someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with. He is going to drain not just your energy and your time, but also your bank accounts and God knows what else. You need to be wary of them as dating predators, particularly if you spend a lot of time on online dating sites.

 As they say, a gigolo never rests. So, you can actually come across one at just about any place, even if it’s not a hotspot for gigolos. Women who have money and power are the most viable targets of most gigolos.

 If a man wants you merely for your money, would you want to spend time with him or even see his face? It’s better to sniff out the truth at the beginning of your relationship than to be sorry later on.

 I hope the tips discussed in this article would prove to be helpful in spotting a gigolo in your life and step away – once and for all.


 Whether you have only seen a gigolo in movies or have also come across one in real life, it’s good to know how to spot one in order to be wary of their intentions. With this profession thriving in many parts of the world, there might be many gigolos on the loose out there.

 How to recognize a gigolo at the first acquaintance is therefore very important in order to stay away from their ulterior motives.

 Some women may claim that they can tell when they have found a gigolo, but they still decide to keep things going in the hopes of changing the person or making him realize that money is not everything. But that rarely happens.

 So, it’s better to be aware of such «soulful men» than to fall prey to their hidden, bad intentions.

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