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How to Manipulate a Woman? Secret Tips for Men.

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 Romance and love are part of our life. The attraction between the opposite sex is common and regular for years together. However, some men attract women easily and some are not. Even a handsome man sometimes fails at attracting a woman whom he likes most.

 It’s common to see that men love knowing the tips to attract women or manipulate a woman whom he likes most. The men usually employ some tips or tricks to make a woman fall in his line of attraction. However, many men fail at these tricks and hence they love to follow some tricks for attracting women.

 Men will always search an answer for the question: How to manipulate a woman? Secret tips for men.

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  1. Prime Tip to Manipulate a Woman.

 Seeking attention: A major tip for men who try to attract a woman who is worldwide is not paying proper attention to her. Yes, you can pretend that you do not have any interest in her and hence simply ignore her, but be polite in your actions. She must be surprised at seeing your approach, which is apparent from her eyes.

 You should watch her eyes of disappointment when you ignore her. If at all she has an interest in you, your behavior should make her upset. She would be keen further and make her attention fully on you, which you can use it for your romance.

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 If you want to manipulate a woman just say No to her requests if he asks for drinks or food. This will increase her anticipation more on you, which would make her fall in your line easily.

This is a simple technique because most of the women look at men who are tough and disobey. Hence, understand her by rejecting her simple orders and requests this is one of the answer for the question: How to manipulate a woman?

  1. Make Her to Listen to You First to Manipulate.

 Dull look and sad face: If a woman who sits in a public place says a bar alone, you can sit next to a door with a dull face without listening to her or looking at her face. Your dull face at the bar itself attracts her and hence never turns to her. Simply order a drink and finish the task sitting next to her without speaking anything to her.

 This will make her eager about you and hence she might try to speak with you. However, you have to give her a sad look with your drinks without speaking anything to her. This will make her more intense and curious about you, which will eventually let her speak with you. You have to grasp the chance of mingling with her easily.

  1. Traditional Technique to Manipulate a Woman for Your Line.

 Old wine in new bottle yes old technique of attracting: Another perfect manipulation technique to your woman is the tip Zealous. Yes, you need to speak a lot about other girls or a particular girl whom she knew very well. You can speak about the girl’s cute face and her attraction in a praising way to your woman a lot.

 If she loves you more, your words of appreciation would make her zealous and angry. You can easily manipulate the woman by understanding and playing on her emotions by this tip. The zealous tip is very famous and worldwide followed by males. Telling a sad story, even it is not true, to the woman who listens to you.

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 You can tell a sad story that is too worrying and pitiable about you to manipulate her. If she listens to you for a sad story for a long time, it will make her feel sorry about you. The story deviates her attention and her feelings about you change into so soft. You can use this for your romance by adding a strong reason for your sad life. She would become emotional and get attracted to you for your soft heart.

  1. Be so Nice to Her, Praising Her in All Aspects, to Manipulate.

 Do make flattery speech: Another familiar tip for men to manipulate women is a flattering technique. Yes, you need to praise her for her beauty; even it is not, her words, her actions and whatever she does. This would enhance her love more on you and this would make her fall in your line of romance forever.

 You need to make her attend you with full love and sympathy because of your flattering words. Yes, her heart melts due to your praising words and this would make her feel more about you. Try to be nice and easy-going with all the people except her. She must think that there is some problem with her due to your behavior.

 This would make her speak with you, or she would try to be so soft to attract you. Be stiff, even she tries to be kind to you for your attention. This will increase her eagerness to be with you and make your friends.

  1. Secrets are Not Opened at Her, Keep it with You for Your Benefit.

 Keep secret with you: Never open all your secrets to you since women love knowing the secrets of others so eagerly. Whenever you are with her, do not reveal all the major secrets of you to her, but she has to know this behavior. Hence, her curiosity increases about knowing you fully, which would make you manipulate her.

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 To lure her to be open-minded during dating times. Yes, say I love you to her whenever you perfectly get time to attract her. Women’s heart melts if you romantically say the words I love you at best place. She will listen to you and more attached to you for a long time.

  1. Alert and Brave to Attract Her Forever.

 Fast and furious to attract: Never behave like a lazy or a person who is afraid of real life. Behave like a person who is ready to face anything for the sake of love and rights. This behavior makes her feel about you, a great man’s attitude. This is another way to manipulate a woman easily and make her fall in your line.

 Behave as if you are so confident in anything and never show your ignorance at her. Women do love and attracted to men who are jovial and easy-going men. Hence, you should be cracking jokes at her and behave like a gentleman with good behavior. Make her feel very light whenever she is with you and this would make her be with you.

 The above answers for the question: How to manipulate a woman? Secret tips for men help you to manipulate women to your ways easily. Be wise and smart on using these tips successfully. All the Best.

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