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Why Is Love Blind?

Image of a couple in love

 Everyone has been in love some moment in their life, even if those feeling were not shared by the other person. Often people will ask what another person finds so appealing in the person that they fancy, and they may never be able to fully understand. This is where the common phrase ‘Love Is Blind’ originates from.

 In this article, we are going to be taking a look at this very phenomenon and asking the question of why is love blind?

     Beauty Bias.

 Research shows that people tend to view their romantic partners or people that they fancy much better looking than themselves even if that does not actually happen to be the case. This raises how attracted someone will be to the person that they fancy, even if that person does not meet the conventional beauty standards of the time or culture that the individuals find themselves in.

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 Furthermore, this is a major reason why third-parties may not be able to see what is so special about that person which you happen to be romantically interested in.

 This beauty bias is a psychological behavior that is believed to occur in the majority of people, it cannot be controlled and is not done on purpose. Therefore, it can be a very powerful emotion. It will also make people who happen to be in love much more likely to develop a very strong desire for the person they are attracted to.

     Inner Beauty.

 Most of us even if we may disagree, we are not supermodels. We have not been blessed by the genetic lottery to have the most desirable features in the society that we find ourselves in. Furthermore, most of us are not that interested in working out and maintaining ourselves to fit into those standards.

 A lot of the time people will be most attracted to not just what the person looks like on the outside, but also other characteristics such as their personality.

Man enchanted by blind love runs with flowers after a girl

 After all even if you happen to be very attractive you will not remain so for all of your life, eventually, your looks will fade as you age. Therefore, it is not good to get in a relationship with someone just because of the way that they look, but instead whether you can make things work in the long term.

     Most Females Don’t Prioritize Physical Looks.

 On average females that have been surveyed in multiple studies have cited the physical looks of a potential partner, while men value how their partner looks much more on average. Therefore, from this data, we can see that females are much more likely to be blinded by love when they develop an interest in a person.

 If you are a guy who should give you more hope, as it is not about looking a certain way, but it is also about much more than that. However, you need to still be yourself, and not try to compensate for areas that you lack in by lying or misrepresenting yourself.

 Lying after all is one of the biggest factors of why relationships end up ending. Instead, if you are single, you should work on being more open, so people can get to know you better and thus increase your chances of finding a potential partner.

     Ignoring Negative Traits.

 A major answer to the question of why is love blind is that when someone falls in love with someone hard they will most likely ignore the negative traits of that person.

 The starting period of a relationship is called the honeymoon period for a reason, this is because it seems perfect, and both parties believe that they have finally found the one and that they will be able to make things work. However, the major issues that often cause the relationships to disintegrate are already there, but not a lot of attention is being paid to them.

 This is why you should not just ignore the concerns that your friends and family may have about your partner, as their perceptions may not be made biased by strong romantic feelings towards that person.

 You should use your common sense and take into account what you are told in order to make sure that you do not waste your time being in a toxic relationship.


 Another reason that must be addressed is desperation, often people that have not seen a lot of success in the dating scene due to a variety of reasons such as low confidence will be more likely to fall in love harder with the first person who shows them attention and interest. Although this is not always the case, it is still a big factor that affects many vulnerable people.

A man in love gives his girlfriend a gift

 Also, if someone has not been in a serious relationship before they may not know what to exactly look for, you may therefore find yourself in a subpar relationship with an individual that does not treat you well, but you will remain happy as you will not know that you are being mistreated.

     Fulfilling Our Desires.

 Many people are impulsive, they will feel urges and develop desires that they will want to act upon. Not everyone has the confidence to do this every time, but once they are given the opportunity people are likely to fall head over hills for someone, as the saying goes. When a person tries to fulfill their desires, they are likely not thinking straight and considering the negative effects of their decisions and actions.

 This is a big reason why the majority of relationships tend to fizzle out after a few years because after we have got what we wanted we are no longer satisfied or motivated. And more importantly, we are no longer taken over by our blinding lust over that person, and we are more likely to notice and take note of their bad features and behaviors.

     Chemical Effect.

 So, why is love blind? The scientific explanation to these questions is the chemical reactions that occur when we fall in love with someone. These chemicals also known as hormones are produced by glands in our bodies due to signals sent by our brains.

 For example, when we fall in love our body produces the dopamine hormone that makes us feel happy and also the more famous hormone called adrenaline that makes us excited and provides our body with an artificial boost of energy.

 These positives feelings that are associated when you fall in love make people happy, and it means that people are likely to continue chasing this good feeling, although it does not mean that they are chasing the right person for them.

 Love is complicated; it may take a few tries to find the right person for you. You should not act like an emotionless cyborg, but instead use your common sense and give things a go-to see if they will work out or not.

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