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How Does Love Affect a Girl?

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 Love is a beautiful and complicated thing and when it hits someone it can provide them with a large amount of happiness as well as the possibility of eventual heartbreak. Girls love different to boys, as they are more emotional creatures that care more about the emotional and romantic elements of the relationship, compared to men who care a larger part about the looks of their partner.

 In this relationship article, we are going to be answering the question of how does love affects a girl in order to give you a deeper understanding of how to treat her in order to make her happy.


 You will start to see your girlfriend becoming protective of you which there is nothing wrong when it is in small amounts, and it is a great sign that she cares about you. Some signs of this can be that she always talks good about you in front of her friends and family, with the possibility in certain cases of lying about you, as she wants the best for you.

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Image of a happy and loving couple

 However, you also need to look out for other signs that may hint that she is becoming too protective of you such as wanting to know where you are going and who you are communicating with in real life and online, if that happens to be the case with the girl you are in a relationship then you should speak to her and see if things happen to improve.

     She Cares About.

 You when a girl cares about you, it is not without a reason, but it shows that she values you, and additionally it is a natural instinct for most women to show as every man prefers a girl who can help him around the house with typical chores such as cooking, cleaning, and organizing.

 Similarly, she does not just care about doing work around the house in order to make you happen but also tries her best to act in a way that you approve of and to make sure that you are both happy with your decisions.

 Additionally, if a girl loves you, she will also go out of her way to please you romantically even if she doesn’t necessarily enjoy it herself.

     Letting Things Slide.

 Furthermore, a big sign of how love affects a girl is that she will let you off even when you treat her in a way that she will not let other people treat her in.

 This can be a lot of things such as you interrupting her or being late on your dates, although this is admissible in the short term you should not take advantage of your girlfriend like this and instead should identify if she is constantly compromising on you by observing or just talking to her if there are any problems with the relationship.

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 Everything has an end, and in majority of cases, people will get fed up of things and this why a lot of relationships end because of simple issues such as you not cleaning your dishes and cutlery after you have used them or not making any effort with people that are important to her life such as her friends and family.

     Views You as an Entity.

 When answering the question of how does love affects a girl it is not just the obvious signs that you need to look out for, one of the most obvious signs that a girl has got the ‘love bug’ is that she has started to referring to you guys as ‘we’ when talking about what you guys are doing currently as when as in the future.

 Girls are romantic beings that start to plan for the future when they fall in love, although a lot of them will not like to admit they will start to imagine doing things with their current partners such as getting married, having children and everything else that is part of getting married and being in a long-term relationship with someone.

 Obviously, you are not able to know what your girl is thinking or daydreaming about however what you can do is see how she talks about you guys together and also the questions that she asks you.

 Some of the questions that you should look out for are questions concerned with having children and getting married.

     Wants to Spend Time With You.

 When a girl has fallen in love with you wanting to spend time will not be a chore, but it will be something that she wants to do and enjoys doing. Although, it is great to go out to different restaurants and other interesting attractions such as theme parks and ice skating rinks.

Image of a company of girls in sunglasses

 However, it does not have to be anything that is expensive or even costs any money because if a girl is in love with you, it will be more important for her to be spending time with you over how she happens to be spending that time.

 It is important to keep in mind that relationships start to fizzle out and get boring after you have been with someone for a very long amount of time. Therefore, it is important that you make sure to spice things up and keep things interesting by finding activities that do not get boring to do and both of you really enjoy doing.

 For example, you do not have to do something new every week if both of you really enjoy watching television shows together or going for long walks in your local park.

     Can Easily Get Jealous.

 Finally, one of the most telling ways to answer the question of how does love affects a girl is jealousy, in society and media jealousy is often scrutinized and see as something negative however a bit of jealousy is not bad a thing and can be healthy for a relationship.

Image of a girl and her boyfriend sitting on the veranda

 Again as with everything you should not exploit it anyway, often when a relationship is not going the way it was supposed to some people will decide to play with the emotions of their partner as a form of revenge but all this does is put the final nail in the table of that relationship.

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