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Why and Where Does Love Go?

A man gives a beautiful flower to a woman in love

 Love is always formless, but when we are experiencing it, we conceive it as one of the most strongest emotions that overcomes us. However, many of us also experience loss of love at some time during our life. And when this happens, we often wonder where it might have gone.

 In reality, it is still there, but it just becomes invisible; something that we cannot see or feel. Couples often see that their relationship is not what it used to be anymore. And the most prominent reason behind it is lack of communication and romance that is lackluster.

 Some couples do manage to come out of this phase and rekindle the romance in their life. But others simply have no option left but to part ways.

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 In this post, we are going to explore why and where does love go to help couples who might be experiencing problems in their relationship right now. So, let’s get started.

     Why and Where Does Love Go?

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 In order to understand where love goes when a relationship encounters a sharp turn, we will have to look at some of the signs that tell us that our relationship is about to be over. So, let’s have a look at these signs.

  1. Your Relationship Has Become Monotonous.

 Any relationship remains alive as long as the people involved in it keep contributing to it positively. Even if one of the persons is not interested anymore to keep it alive, it gets boring and monotonous in no time. The couple may not have time to spend with each other, or they simply don’t enjoy each other’s company. If this happens, you should know that the ingredient of love in your relationship is no longer there.

  1. You Are Too Preoccupied With Other Work.

 A relationship takes a bitter shape when the couple finds other work to be more important than spending time together. They either spend too much time on their cell phones or don’t make any effort to get back home after work early. As a result of this preoccupation, they don’t get to express affection more frequently. Eventually, the couple starts to think that the love they once had for each other is gone.

  1. You Start Keeping Secrets.

 It’s one of the sure signs of a failing relationship when the couple starts keeping things to themselves. There might have been a time when they used to share everything with each other, from little things like what they did all day long to their deepest of secrets.

 However, things might not be the same anymore. You either have no interest in your partner’s conversation or you really have “secrets” now to keep from them. Either way, it takes a toll on the relationship and more importantly on the love they once felt.

  1. You Are Irritated By The Behavior Of Your Partner.

 Sometimes we get angry or show frustration when we are stressed out. Although it has nothing to do with the relationship, if your partner shows no patience for your tantrums, your relationship might already be in shatters. A loving relationship involves not only unconditional love, but also patience and understanding. If patience and tolerance are no longer there, it gets really difficult to accept the other person as they are.

Image of a worried woman and a sleeping man

  1. You No Longer Feel Happy When Your Partner Gets Home.

 Again quite a prominent sign when love is no longer there, you feel no sense of happiness or excitement to see your partner when they get home. In fact, you start feeling relieved if your partner works extra hours or arrives late.

 Maybe it is because of their changing behavior or your own guilt about something, either way it eventually leads to loss of love and a failed relationship. If the behavior gets abusive at some stage, love is definitely going to suffer. And once it does, it is very difficult, almost impossible, to get things back to normal.

  1. You Are Attracted By Someone Else.

 It is possible to love two people at the same time; in fact, many men would confess this, although they can only live with one of them at a time. When love starts to fade away in a relationship, you start getting attracted to other people. And when this happens, you need to consult your partner and tell them right away that the relationship is over.

 It is simply not acceptable to continue a relationship in which either of the partners is being unfaithful. The best way is to be honest with your partner and accept the fact that love is no longer there in your relationship.

 Some people might be of the opinion that love doesn’t go anywhere even if a relationship has to end. It’s still there, but the couple simply failed to recognize it or connect with it.

 At times other people get involved in a relationship and this is when it becomes a love triangle. Love revolves around the triangle in an unexpected manner, but sooner or later, it finds its true destination.

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 It is often said that, you don’t have to live physically with the person you love to keep loving them.

 However, when love dies or fades away in an established relationship, the liaison is no longer enjoyable. And this is when couples start asking, why and where does love go? It’s true that relationships change and adapt to new circumstances with time.

 Sometimes they survive, sometimes they don’t. If a relationship is getting toxic or making you unhappy, it has to end. And it doesn’t mean that there was something wrong with one of them.

 It’s just that the couple doesn’t experience love as they used to. And sometimes it is either of the partners that is to be blamed for a failed relationship in which love spills out little by little until a time comes that it completely vanishes.

 Couples that experience temporary glitches in their relationship often manage to get out of this bitter and unhappy phase and start living normally again. But those who have no love left in their hearts have to part ways sooner or later.

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