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Is There Love at First Sight? Yes or No. Find Out The Truth.

Beautiful girl looks with a loving look

 We often hear people say it was love at first sight when they are asked about the love of their life. What they actually mean is they fell in love with the person upon meeting them for the first time, and not exactly at the moment they saw them. When we find someone physically (or sexually) appealing, we instantly jump to the conclusion that what we feel for them is love. But more often than not, it is just an infatuation.

 So, people usually ask is there love at first sight? Yes or no – find out the truth in this article.

 Studies have shown that people who claim that they fell in love at first sight; it usually involves beauty and attractiveness. A less attractive person would have to form an impression using something else other than beauty; may be an achievement in life or something else with which they may impress the other person.

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 But doesn’t it all sound fake? Well, we need to find out.

     Is There Love at First Sight? Yes or No – Find Out the Truth.

 Everyone has a different definition of love. Some people might say that when you haven’t really met someone or talked to them, but you still feel attracted towards them, it’s not love. But the truth is, love can be one-sided and sometimes someone can love another person even if they have never talked to them. It’s all in our head; our subconscious mind plays a lot of tricks with us and at times makes us believe some really stupid things.

 We have formed a picture of an ideal person in our head and when someone who looks or appears to be very close to that picture, we think that we have fallen in love with them. But the phrase “love at first sight” refers to a condition in which both the man and the woman feel the same way about each other.

Cheerful couple in love

 Falling in love at first sight is often depicted in movies and novels. In real life, when we face disappointments and heart breaks in relationships quite often, we find this notion very appealing.

 Admit it, we all want to fall in love at first sight to save ourselves the hassle of having to look for that special someone and date people unnecessarily.

 And it also happens when a person deliberately makes himself or herself available and ready to marry and then sees every person from that angle, sometimes they could actually find their true love at their first meeting!

 Some people argue that love has nothing to do with being attractive. Again, everyone perceives beauty differently. At times when we are very desperate to find the love of our life, we tend to jump to conclusions.

 This indicates a condition of unsatisfied needs, a time when we are at a low point in our life we would actually be attracted to just about anyone who extends a hand or lends a shoulder to cry on. So, could it really be love at first sight? Not really.

 If you think someone you recently met might be “the one”, you need to find out if they feel the same way about you. Even if you haven’t given love a thought but someone you have just met might be showing a real interest in you, you could very easily call it love at first sight. But that happens only when you’re available and single.

 If you’re already committed, the other person might have to find out the truth for themselves. Initial attractions can lead to strong relationships afterwards. It has been seen and observed all over the world. But that initial attraction cannot be given the name of love because it might as well fade away. If that feeling remains even after years have passed, then we can safely conclude that yes, it was love at first sight.

 It is a common belief that men fall in love with their eyes and women fall in love with their ears. So, basically men have a tendency to fall for superficial beauty, but they may find out after many years that it wasn’t really love.

 This actually happens a lot. When you’re not really sure that it’s love, and you still call it love, there’s a huge chance that you have simply misinterpreted what we call infatuation. So, if you want to know if you have ever experienced love at first sight, you will have to wait for a few years and then find out the truth. Most of the time, it’s just a short-term attraction and not love.

A man is in love with a girl and shows her a photo from his life

 Two people may be head over heels in love with each other, but this is no “magic” that happens within a few seconds. They might already be fancying each other for a long time and when they got a chance to express their feelings, that particular moment could be there “love at first sight”.


 Love at first sight is often linked with beauty because when you don’t know someone how can you fall in love with them? When people ask, is there love at first sight? Yes or no – find out the truth, they probably want to ask if they like someone outwardly, can it be called love? Most of the time, the answer is no. And why do we fall in love with certain people?

 The word “love” has a very deep meaning. It develops over time when someone cares for you, looks after you, make sacrifices for you and stays calm when you throw tantrums. Love also happens when you spend time with someone, get to know them, and find out that the two of you have many things in common.

 That cannot be included in the instances of “love at first sight”. Because the attraction we are talking about is not usually mutual. In fact, it is most of the time just one-sided. So, we can conclude that love at first sight is not really love. It is simply an attraction that may lead to love later on in life, but not at the moment. Love is a feeling that grows with the passage of time, and it has to be nurtured either in our mind or literally.

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